Theseus (MM)

Twelve Labors 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,032
10 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, gods, HEA]
Hera and Aries have taken over Olympus. The other Gods have one chance to free Zeus and take his rightful place. However, in order to do so the other Gods must be willing to sacrifice their freedom for his. Theseus's labor is to capture the bull…but this is just crazy. 
Taurus is thrown for a loop when he is told he is the mate to a Greek God. Theseus is amazing and keeping his hands off the man is next to impossible. However, finding out that there are rules to mating with a constellation comes as a shock to everyone.
They have three days to find Taurus's replacement or he returns to the sky and Theseus will cease to exist.  Can they do this while Phobos is hot on their tails, wreaking terror, to stop them from succeeding on their journey? Or will he succeed where others have failed and Taurus and Theseus be doomed?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Theseus (MM)
10 Ratings (4.5)

Theseus (MM)

Twelve Labors 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,032
10 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Another wonderful story to a wonderful series.......I couldn't help but enjoy this book as it gave me a sweet, wonderful story with some facts any Mythology Fan would enjoy. This goes on the Reread pile.
Love this series. Can't wait for more!




His mouth was dry and his lungs were burning, but Theseus had to know, “What…What the hell was that?”

“I don’t…I don’t know.” Taurus grunted as he also tried to bring air into his lungs.

Theseus rolled off of Taurus but still snuggled on his side as he smiled and said, “So how was your first time?”

Taurus actually giggled, which made Theseus smile.

“I’ll take that as a good sign,” Theseus snickered.

Rubbing his hand up and down Theseus’s arm and pulling the man closer, Taurus said, “It is a great sign. I loved every minute of it and I can’t wait until I can show you all that I have learned.”

To Theseus’s shock, he felt his cock trying to twitch back to life.

“You know, I have been around since the beginning of Earth’s birth. I don’t remember how or where I came from. Just that one day I was,” Taurus whispered softly in the dark-filled room.

“Wow, so you know what the dinosaurs were like and everything?” Theseus said just as softly.

Laughing softly, Taurus said, “Yes, I know what the dinosaurs were like. However, my point is, I have watched this world from a distance my entire existence. I watched the formation of humans, shifters, Gods…all of it. I just watched. It was not until the day I met the King of the Griffins, Wyatt and Timmy’s father, that I even actually spoke to anyone.”

“Is it true that you and Persephone are close friends?” Theseus asked hesitantly.

Theseus pulled back a little and looked at his mate. “Theseus, she and I are friends, yes, but there has never been anything between us.”

Snickering, Theseus said, “Well since you are or should I say were a virgin, I would have to say that was a stupid question.”

Taurus’s cheeks reddened as he said, “Well I do have to say if I had known that sex could be like that, I may not have waited so long to try it out.”

Theseus smacked Taurus on the chest lightly as he said, “Talk about having sex with another man while your mate is lying next to you is not in good form.”

Taurus laughed and then gasped. Theseus sat up as his mate began to squirm and grab at his chest. “What the fuck!”

“Taurus…Taurus…What’s wrong?” Theseus yelled as he tried to move Taurus’s hand.

“Burns…Oh by the Gods, it burns!” Taurus yelled.

Theseus remembered when Hephaestus had mated Timmy and gasped, “It’s the mating mark, Taurus. It’s going to be…Oh fuck!” Theseus screamed as an unbelievable pain shot through Theseus’s euphoric feelings of having his mate.

Both men were gasping and rolling back and forth until finally the pain began to ebb.

Sitting up on their hands and knees, Taurus finally panted, “Are you all right Theseus.”

Panting just as hard, Theseus responded, “Yeah…I…I think so.”

Each man turned to look at the other and then slowly brought their fingers to the others chest, just above the heart. There for anyone to see were the Greek words, αδελφή ψυχή, pronounced adelfí̱ psychí̱, meaning soul mates, and the letters TT under them.

“That is beautiful,” Theseus said in an awed whisper.

Before Taurus could respond, a shimmering light floated in the room and a beautiful woman with long black hair and swirling rainbow colored eyes appeared saying, “As beautiful as this moment is, if you do not work fast, your mating will be for naught.”

Theseus sat up and his jaw dropped. “Atropos, what is it? What’s wrong? Is Atlantis in trouble? Or is Zeus in more danger?”

Smiling sadly, Atropos said, “No my dear Theseus, all is as it should be there. However, you and Taurus have done the unimaginable and mated. This is going to be problematic.”

“Problematic? What are you talking about?” Taurus asked as he made sure he and Theseus were covered properly.

Atropos nodded towards Taurus, shocking them both when she said, “It is a great honor and privilege to meet you, Taurus. I just wish that it was under better circumstances.”

Theseus sat at the end of the bed making sure the covers were hiding his bits and pieces as he began to get a knot in his stomach and asked, “Atropos, please what are you talking about? If Zeus and Atlantis are as they were when I left, then what is the problem now?”

Atropos turned apologetic eyes to Theseus as she said, “It is in the scrolls. If you and Taurus do not find someone to take his place in the skies at night, in three days’ time, he will be banished to the skies forever and you, Theseus, will cease to exist. The time started from the moment Taurus’s shimmer left his soul and entered into your own.”

“His shimmer,” Theseus said thoughtfully then his eyes went wide as saucers. “When you bit me. Your eyes were like bright lasers.”

“That is when the clock started. You have until four thirty in the morning three days from now. You must find the other,” Atropos said as she slowly disappeared.

“Wait! The other what?” Theseus yelled, but Atropos was gone and the clock was ticking.




Gently, Taurus began to kiss on Theseus’s neck and nibble on his ear as he whispered, “I thought that maybe we could practice some of those lessons you gave me.”

“Oh, and do you think that you’re ready? I mean there was only the one lesson.” Theseus moaned as he nuzzled his neck closer to Taurus as best he could.

Soft laughter whispered across Theseus’s ear, making goose bumps form, and Theseus’s cock pushed hard against his zipper. Then it only got worse at Taurus’s seductive tone. “Oh, but Theseus, you were an excellent teacher. I believe I’m ready for my final exam.”

Turning slowly, Theseus brought his hands around Taurus’s neck and pulled his mate down, whispering, “I’ll be the judge of that.”

Taurus brought his lips to Theseus’s. The kiss started soft and smooth and gradually built until there was tongue’s dancing and teeth clicking.

Walking forward, Taurus forced Theseus to back up until he brought his mate to the side of the bed and reluctantly released him long enough to remove Theseus’s shirt, and then his own.

Lips met lips once more and Taurus leaned in until Theseus was lying across the bed and Taurus was draped over his man.

Feeling Theseus push his chest, Taurus reluctantly let Theseus breathe.

Standing up quickly, Taurus unsnapped his jeans as he kicked off his shoes.

Sitting on his elbows, Theseus watched as he licked his lips in anticipation as to what was to come next.

Naked, hard, and dripping, Taurus went to the bedside table and pulled the drawer so hard it flew out and clattered to the floor. Bending and digging, Taurus came up with a partially used bottle of cinnamon lube.

When Taurus’s eyebrow rose in question, Theseus smiled and said, “Hey, a guy has to enjoy himself with his hand once in a while and it was all I could find at the time. Besides, it heats a bit and the sensations are amazing.”

Looking back down Taurus bent once more and came up with a large dildo with a remote control. “Oh, and what is this for?”

Theseus blushed and Taurus smiled as he set the device next to his mate and proceeded to remove Theseus’s remaining clothing. “I think I may need this in a few minutes.”

Seeing the lust and need in his mate’s eyes, Theseus shivered as he watched Taurus take the lube and pop the cap.

Taurus brought Theseus’s knees back and about salivated when he saw his mate’s hole.

The sight of the pulsing pucker had Taurus taking his tongue and licking the brown orifice.

“Oh…Oh…No one has ever…Oh” Theseus moaned.

Taurus couldn’t believe the flavors that crossed his mind as he licked and nibbled his mate’s hole. It was like a musky flavor mixed with the tastiest of treats.

Hearing Theseus’s moans of pleasure and panting breaths encouraged Taurus to continue his attack.

Feeling Theseus’s anal muscles begin to relax, Taurus stiffened his tongue and pushed in.

Theseus arched his back and screamed, “Oh fuck!”

Taurus popped the cap to the lube and placed a dollop on his finger and inserted it next to his tongue. Immediately the spicy sensations assailed his tongue, but it was Theseus’s reaction that had him about ready to explode.

“For the love of…Oh, Taurus…it feels…it tingles…it…Oh more please!” Theseus begged as he whipped his head side to side.

Bringing his head back up to watch Theseus’s reactions closer, Taurus felt his mate’s ass muscles grabbing at his fingers.

“The way your ass clenches my finger, is what I am dying to feel around my cock.” Taurus hissed as he pumped his finger in and out.

Taurus was fascinated to watch Theseus’s cock bobbing forward and backward to Taurus’s movements. A string of pre-cum went from Theseus’s chest to the tip of his cock and Taurus leaned forward to swipe at it with his tongue making him and Theseus hiss together.

“Taurus!” Theseus gasped as Taurus’s tongue swiped over his tip again.

Humming in pleasure, Taurus added a second finger as he took his lips to just the purple bulbous head and suckled.

“Oh by the Gods!” Theseus moaned, making Taurus feel ten feet tall, knowing he was the one to bring his mate this pleasure.

The hint of green in his peripheral vision had him remembering something. So as he continued to gently suckle only the tip of Theseus’s cock, Theseus groaned his displeasure when Taurus removed his finger.

Adding a bit of lube to the device in his hand, Taurus popped his lips off the tip of Theseus’s cock to see as he lined up and pushed the dildo deep within his mate’s ass.

“Taurus! Taurus! Oh…Oh…” Theseus cried in pleasure as he swung is head left and then right.

Pulling out slightly and twisting his wrist slightly to the right, Taurus pushed the sex toy back into his mate’s waiting ass.

“Oh yes, mate. I want to hear your screams. Let me hear how I am bringing you pleasure,” Taurus said in a sultry tone as he then grabbed the remote and pressed the button.

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