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Three for Julie (MFMM)

Blissful Bets 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 40,928
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[Ménage and More: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, vampires, spanking, HEA] 

Julie Reynolds has never had an easy life. From being raised by her nanny, going through an ugly divorce, to fighting her current drinking problem. Julie only wants to start over and be happy. 

When she starts receiving threatening packages from an unknown source, her life quickly takes a turn for the worse. As a lawyer, she’s had her fair share of threats, but Julie doesn’t hesitate to go to the chief of police once her stalker shows proof that he’s been inside her home. 

Protected by her three mates, Taylor, Aston, and Londyn, the foursome try to discover who would want to harm Julie. But can they protect her from clues they can’t decipher? Or will Julie’s killer have the last laugh by causing her death? Reborn in the paranormal world, Julie’s hunt for her killer is only beginning. Will she be able put a stop to this killer’s agenda to snuff out her future, or will her past continue to come back to haunt her?

A Siren Erotic Romance

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“It’s going to be another scorcher.” Julie shut the door, trying to block out the bell that was dinging. Her head was throbbing, and it wasn’t even ten in the morning yet. Since Taylor had stayed the night, she didn’t have the time to sit and enjoy her morning glass of vodka. It wasn’t like she needed it anyway. If there was a good day to start cutting back, today was it.

“I can’t stand this place. I swear, a few more months and I’m out of here.”

Julie laughed. “You said that three months ago.”

“And I mean it. Mark my words, come this time next month, I’ll be gone. When I don’t show up to work, don’t come looking for me.”

The phone started ringing and Corinne rolled her eyes. “It’s been nonstop since I got here. Your messages are on your desk.”

Julie nodded as she headed for the end of the hallway. Her office was in the last room to the right, which made it impossible to get past her new boss. Mr. Jenkins had joined the firm a few months back, and it was a surprise when her old boss said he was retiring and handing everything over to the arrogant Mr. Asshole.

“You’re late, Jules.” The deep sound of Mr. Jenkins’s voice made Julie’s skin crawl. And who the hell did he think he was, calling her Jules? Only her closest friends did that. He’d heard it once from Evelyn, and from that moment on he’d addressed her by that name.

“It’s Julie. And, I’m not late. I’m actually,” Julie looked down at her watch. “Eight minutes early. It’s nine fifty-two.

“Your hours are nine to five, unless you’re at court. I thought we settled this last week.”

Julie clenched her jaw. “I’ve never had set hours. I thought when we had our conversation I mentioned that. I do my job, and I’m good at it. That’s probably why they say I’m the best damn family practice lawyer in this city.” She didn’t even wait for his response. Julie opened the door to her office and closed it as fast as she could. It was way too early to go rounds with Jerry, especially sober and withdrawals looming in the background of her mind.

Julie set down her purse on top of the desk and sighed when she saw the stack of messages sitting next to her phone. The job she had was never ending. If her clients weren’t bombarding the office with telephone calls, her cell phone was ringing off the hook. She had no idea how they even managed to get her number, but  they always seemed to find a way.

The miniatures of Vodka called Julie’s name. All she had to do was reach down and take one out of her purse and she would feel so much better. No one would know. The words kept going through her head.

Julie shook her head almost violently. No, she couldn’t. She had way too much work to do, and if she was ever going to break free from addiction she was going to have to be strong.

An aching deep in her gut made the all-too-common nausea return. It was one of the worst symptoms. Queasiness always appeared whenever she had a craving for alcohol. To get her mind off of it she grabbed the messages.

“Mr. Cortez, Ms. Richmond…” Julie flipped through three more papers when a knock sounded at the door.

“Come in.” She didn’t even look up as the door opened. She knew that knock. It consisted of a rhythm of three, and then a loud final bang.

Corinne cleared her throat. “A package came in for you. If you ask me it looks like the others.”

Julie slowly looked up. Her stomach did a flip-flop at the large manila envelope. “Does it say who it’s from?”

“Hmm. Let me see.” Corinne inspected the front and flipped it over. Her face was full of sarcasm as she raised both of her eyebrows. Nope. Just like the others, it was completely blank except for the large black lettering on the front that says, Julie, the Whore.

“Whore! That one’s new. I think I liked bitch better.” Julie tried not to shudder, but she couldn’t hold in the shaking all the way. Her body was trembling with anger and fear. The two emotions were completely different, yet they went together, hand in hand.

She took the envelope and stared at it. For the last few weeks she’d received multiple packages from the same anonymous source containing threats and surveillance pictures of herself. The only reason she didn’t call the cops was because of the explicit photos she didn’t want leaked to anyone. They were embarrassing, capturing moments in time when she was drunk and did things she’d rather not remember.

Julie, the Whore. The words looked as if they had been written by a professional calligrapher. They were a beautiful cursive, yet the style reminded her of a handwriting that must have been hundreds of years old. It was odd, but to Julie the lettering was almost magical. The intricate loops had the power to somehow pull her into a trance. She could stare at them forever.

“So, do you think this one has the same goodies as the last few?”

The hold the words had on Julie was hard to break. She blinked a few times and confusingly shook her head at Corinne. “What?”

“The contents. Do I get to see you dancing topless again in the bed of someone’s truck or—”

Julie glared. “That only happened once, and we were parked at the end of beach. No one was there but me and Taylor.”

“Well someone was watching you.”

“Obviously.” Julie opened the package and pulled out a picture and a note. The photo was nothing more than a close up of her sleeping. But that was enough. The pillow she was lying on was a pink zebra print. Her heart nearly stopped. The only person she knew that had that bedding was her. It could only have meant one thing. This stranger was in her house, while she was sleeping.




“Aston, do you have a problem with being told what to do?” Taylor held her arms lifted with just one of his hands. The other gripped around her hip and pulled her against the warmth of his body.

He laughed. “Not concerning this. What do you have in mind?”

“I want you to lick her pussy.” He looked over at Londyn. “What about you?”

“I’m down.” Londyn came forward.

“Good. Aston is going to lie on his back and Julie is going to straddle his face. I want her to suck your cock.” Taylor pointed behind Aston. “So I need you right there.”

“What do you think, Julie? Sound like something you would like?” Hot breath trailed her neck. Julie shivered in his grasp.

“You know I’d like it, but bring my hands down real quick.” He lowered them and she dragged her wrist along her fang. “While my hands are behind my back, you have to drink.”

Taylor grabbed her hands and held them behind her back. His lips enclosed over the wound and Julie moaned as Aston lifted her and placed her directly over his face. The fangs retracted and she lowered herself, taking Londyn’s cock deep into her mouth.

The combination of so many sensations was overwhelming to her still-sensitive body. Julie rocked her hips as Aston’s tongue teased her clit, and then slid inside her entrance. “Fuck, yeah.” She pulled against Taylor’s hold and felt the suction of his mouth tighten against her wrist. A cry of pleasure burst from her mouth.

As her hair fell into her face, Londyn laced his fingers throughout, keeping it from getting in the way. She immediately took in more of his length. At the need taking over, Julie increased her speed.

Taylor came up gasping for air. “Tighten your grip on her hair, Londyn, and guide her to you. Don’t let Jules take control. You lead.” Taylor let go of her wrist and Julie brought it to her mouth, closing the wound. The hold tightened just as Taylor commanded. A stinging took over the left side of her ass. “You knew that was coming, didn’t you?” Taylor asked.

Londyn pulled back gently on her hair and removed his cock from her mouth. She swallowed and smiled as she turned to look back at Taylor. Another slap had her clenching her teeth. Julie faced the front. “Yes. You told me it was.”

Aston sucked Julie’s clit into his mouth and she reached out to grab at Londyn as her orgasm exploded. Pressure gripped her hips tight, keeping her immobile as his tongue slid back inside of her pussy. The waves were coming back fast and Julie could feel her nails biting into Londyn’s shoulder.

“Good job, Aston. Make her come again,” Taylor said.

Julie could feel her eyes widen at his command. On instinct she wanted to turn to Taylor, but stopped herself just in time. “Londyn, kiss me.” Julie grabbed his cock and began stroking it. If she was going to come again so soon, she wanted someone to come with her.

Londyn’s lips crushed into hers and she met his tongue eagerly. A tightening gripped her core and Julie tried to fight off the tremors that were rushing down her legs. She moaned and tightened her grip around Londyn’s thickness.

“Jules.” Taylor walked around the bed to face her. “What are you doing?”

The waves were coming faster, and Julie couldn’t think straight. She stroked his cock faster and sucked onto his tongue. Londyn bucked his hips and she felt his cock swell. It put her over the top and spasms hit her hard. She could hear Taylor talking, but none of the words he spoke were audible. Julie pulled back from the kiss and felt her fangs come down. She grabbed Londyn’s hair and positioned his neck. In a flash Julie pierced his skin and felt his moan throughout her body. Warmth began making its way down her throat and nothing had ever felt more perfect.


* * * *


Taylor was lost for words at seeing Julie bite Londyn. It was the last thing he’d expected as he watched the passion fill her face, and yet seeing her bare her fangs and move at lightning speed to feed from Londyn was so erotic that Taylor almost came on the spot. Londyn sure did.

She slowly lifted, and her face was flushed to a beautiful pink. The healthy glow on her flawless skin was breathtaking. Their eyes connected and he motioned with his finger for her to come. “You ignored me.”

She smiled and bit her lip. “Not intentionally.”

“Aston.” Taylor nodded for him to follow. He crawled on the bed and rested his back against the headboard. He lifted Julie onto his cock and groaned as her wetness encircled him. “You’re going to bite me next. That was amazing to watch.”

“It felt amazing.” Londyn chimed in. “I was unsure about it at first, but holy shit, it blows anything I’ve ever experienced out of the water.”

Aston came up from behind Julie, and Taylor spread his legs wider to give him room. Londyn threw over some lube and Aston was quick to catch it.

“Julie, I’m going to play with your ass. If I hurt you, let me know. I’ll stop.”

“No, please do. I want you both inside of me.” Julie rolled her hips sending Taylor yearning to have her closer.

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