Three of Hearts (MMM)


Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 30,724
0 Ratings (0.0)

Noah likes people watching, so when he notices a cute gay couple who don't seem to have a reflection, he's fascinated. They can't actually be vampires, can they?

As he learns more about the enthralling pair, he soon discovers his wild suspicion is more than correct. But Noah is hiding a secret of his own, and how could two men from decades or even centuries in the past possibly care, possibly understand, when they discover Noah wasn't always Noah?

That first hurdle is only the beginning, though. But Jack and Gabe are immortal vampires, so it's hardly surprising Noah isn't the only one who has a troublesome past.

Three of Hearts (MMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Three of Hearts (MMM)


Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 30,724
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

"You keep looking at me like that, I might do something about it," said Jack, leaning in a little bit closer.

Noah felt himself blushing. "Uh ... sorry?" Oh real smooth.

"You into guys, I take it?"

Noah blushed more. "Yeah? But ... You have a boyfriend, don't you?"

"He doesn't mind. He's right there, isn't he?" Jack put his hand on Noah's arm, his fingers cool, and yet the touch seemed to burn. Noah licked his lips and glanced over at Gabe, who was reclining in the chair, his eyes coolly surveying the room. He caught Noah's look and smiled a tiny, fractional smile.

"Hey, let's go check out the rest of the party, shall we?" Jack took Noah's hand, and Noah was hyper-aware of his cold fingers. It could be merely normal, plenty of ordinary people tended to have cold hands. But he was sure it wasn't, and a shiver went through him.

The dining room and living room were one big space, with the kitchen a kind of alcove off of it, and most of the party was happening there, but the music was coming from the hall that led to the bedrooms, and Jack towed Noah in that direction. There were two rooms, just as in Noah's apartment on the next floor up. One seemed to have been turned into a bar, the remains of the tray of Jell-O shots was sitting beside a rank of bottles on the desk there, and people were sprawled all over the bed with cups, while a guy Noah vaguely recalled from his cookie-gifting expedition was playing bartender.

The other bedroom had the bed pushed into a corner and the desk actually stacked atop it to make more floor space, and music was blasting from somebody's computer speakers, filling the tiny space with an unbearable racket. The lights there were off, and the room was full of dancers. Somebody seemed to be handing out glow-sticks, so there was something like a tiny rave going on.

Jack glanced in both doorways frowning faintly, but didn't go into either room. Two more doors were in the hall, one, closed, led to the bathroom which seemed to be occupied. The other, at the very end of the hall, merely covered a linen closet.

With a sudden grin Jack reached out and flipped the light switch, plunging the hall into darkness. Or at least into dimness, since the "bar" and main room still had their lights on. Next thing Noah knew he'd been towed all the way to the end of the hall and pushed up against the closet door. Jack ran his hands up Noah's chest lightly, standing very, very close.

Noah found his heart pounding, and when Jack leaned that tiny bit closer, Noah moved in and kissed him, tentatively at first but with increasing force and passion when Jack didn't pull back. Indeed Jack leaned into the kiss, and deepened it by pushing his tongue into Noah's mouth. His hands came to rest on Noah's shoulders, pinning him back against the closet door. His obvious strength was thrilling. Noah moaned softly into the kiss and slid his own hands around Jack's waist.

He was dimly aware of people occasionally passing through the hall, but nobody flipped the light back on, and nobody seemed to be paying them any real attention.

Jack broke off the kiss and nuzzled his way to Noah's ear, nipping there lightly. Noah shuddered. He was sure he'd felt the touch of fangs in that bite.

He got surer still when Jack nibbled down the side of his neck, a series of light nips that nevertheless pricked sharply. Noah's arms tightened around him, his hands fisting in Jack's shirt. His heart was racing and he could hardly believe what seemed to be happening. He was about to be bitten by a vampire, just as he'd fantasized. Oh, God.

Then Jack bit down, driving his fangs in hard, all at once. Noah let out a soft, gasping cry that was almost orgasmic, his hands clutching at Jack, his whole body arching. Jack held him tightly as he started to drink, sucking hard at his neck, his body pressed against Noah's. Noah moaned, his eyes sliding closed, his hands relaxing as he gave himself over to the wonderful sensation that filled him. He didn't know if it was some effect of Jack's vampirism, or because he had such a thing for vampires, but he felt his entire body on fire with pleasure as Jack drank his blood.

When Jack was finally done and lifted his head, Noah leaned back against the wall, his knees weak not from blood loss, but from the aftershock of the intense experience.

"You like that?" Jack murmured in his ear.

"God, yes," breathed Noah.

Jack sighed softly. "It's a shame you won't remember it ..."

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