Ticket to Ride (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 22,119
0 Ratings (0.0)

Chad Storm's longtime boyfriend has a Ticket to Ride on a plane out of Chad's life. But someone decides on a more permanent end to their relationship.

Former lead singer of the rock band Lightning, Chad is working on his come-back album when he finds the body of his ex floating in his swimming pool.

Lieutenant Jack Reeves has never heard of Lightning, but now he has a gruesome murder to solve. The more he learns of Chad, the more intrigued he is, and his protective instincts kick in when Chad begins to get strange phone calls from the dead man.

Jack knows someone is trying to mess with Chad, leading him to think someone close to Chad could have murderous intentions. But his attraction to Chad takes him off the investigation.

Drawn to each other, Chad and Jack begin an affair, but that only brings the killer out into the open.

Ticket to Ride (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Ticket to Ride (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 22,119
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

Jack’s face was so close to Chad’s he could feel his breath when he spoke. “You fainted.”

Chad’s mouth made an O and Jack’s gaze fell to the lush plump lips. As though he willed it or maybe God just wanted to torture him, Chad’s tongue darted out to run along his bottom lip. Jack’s cock sure appreciated it, rising and pressed against his briefs. He stifled a groan with effort.

“Sorry,” Chad said, very softly. “I have a tendency to have sort of panic attacks. I’ve hyperventilated before.” He smiled then, just a slight curving of the lips. “Not in a while though.”

“No doubt the stress.” Jack continued to stare, fascinated by those lips. Wanting to taste them as though they were a raspberry on a fruit tart. He swallowed, trying desperately to get the lust back under control. But damn it was hard with this man on a bed and Jack’s hands all over him.

Chad nodded. “Yeah, you have no idea.”

Jack lowered his lips until they were only one, maybe two inches from Chad’s. It still seemed too far. He could smell spearmint as though Chad had recently chewed a stick of gum. It turned him on more for some unfathomable reason.

The man’s lids lowered, and his lips puckered just a bit. An invitation if ever Jack saw one. He’d been a cop long enough to know that it was the baddest of bad ideas. His gut told him Chad hadn’t killed Mark Walters, but any involvement with even a potential suspect was taboo.

Still he grazed his lips over Chad’s in a light touch, a mere tease. A whisper of flesh against flesh. Definitely not enough. The second kiss lasted longer, but he didn’t apply much more pressure. It was like he was testing the waters. He couldn’t decide if he was drowning or dying of thirst.

Chad’s eyes opened, revealing the crystal blue. “Jack?”

His mouth slid over Chad’s. The man’s lips were soft, warm, moist. Incredible. His hand cupped Chad’s jaw, bringing their lips together firmly. A moan escaped Jack’s lips and he slipped his tongue inside Chad’s mouth. Somehow, and Jack was pretty sure it was his fault, his body ended up draped over Chad’s, crushing the slighter man into the mattress. He also knew the hard object pressing into Chad was not Jack’s gun and Jack was indeed glad to see him.

Chad barely allowed the intrusion of Jack’s tongue and he decided to take more. His thumb feathered along the man’s lower lip before going in to force Chad’s mouth open wider. Success! He sucked Chad’s elusive tongue into his own mouth. If anyone’s tongue had ever tasted so good, Jack hadn’t found them. He could easily become addicted.

The man he crushed into the bed whimpered and for just a breathless second Jack thought Chad would push at him to dislodge Jack from his body. Of course he would acquiesce. He was not a mindless brute, after all. Well, most of the time.

But to Jack’s happy delight, Chad’s long, pale fingers slid under Jack’s buttoned down shirt to caress the bare skin of his abdomen. His cock jumped so intensely Jack was surprised he hadn’t come right then.

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