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Tied In Knots

Immortals, Book 7

The Wild Rose Press

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 113,759
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Absu, god of sweet water, was afraid for the first time since he’d been accused of destroying an entire village and then exiled from the Overworld to an Immortal compound on the East Coast for his crimes centuries ago. The tempting sister of his brother-in-arms is clearly his mate but, in his mind, she’s a complete innocent. His dominant side roars to be unleashed, but the consequences could be devastating if he loses control again. His primal self craves her as his Chosen, but marking her now could scare her away forever. Losing her to his inner beast or an ill-fated prophesy is not an option.

Charlene Dunsky is anything but meek. Most days, however, this young chef prefers to remain submissive to the strong alpha male she believes she’s found in the handsome hulk who has befriended her brother and shares her love of food. Charlie never thought she’d find the perfect Dom after her failed marriage, but Absu shows all the signs of a proper caveman, if he will just stop treating her like fine porcelain and claim her as the prophesy threatening the group in the Blue Hills demands.

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She is anything but the innocent he believes… Which one will be tied in knots before it’s over?

“Yikes!” Charlie tripped over the corner of a rug.

Absu caught her easily before she fell, hauling her back against him, one arm around her waist. “Watch your step, my lady,” he admonished.

Did he hold on to her a little longer than necessary?

Oh my god. He smelled like vanilla and cloves, and yup, she’d been right. His body felt smoking hard in all the right places.

As he loosened his grip, Charlie bent to fix her shoe and nestled her hips into the V of his legs, a move far bolder than she would normally try. Her girl parts were all of a sudden tingly, and she couldn’t help herself.

As she stood, Absu, instead of pulling away, lowered his chin to rest on the top of her head, his arm tightening under her chest. “You flirt with serious jeopardy.” His voice remained steady.

So… Did he mean the rug or the location of her ass?

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