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To Love and Obey (MF)

The Doms of Club Mystique 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 81,172
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[Siren Allure: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, voyeurism, public exhibition, spanking, flogging, sex toys, HEA]

Addison Mathews is the only daughter of a famous mother and a billionaire father. She learned at an early age to be wary of people until she met and claimed Cade Ramsey when she was too young to understand what love was all about. Since then Cade has been her protector and he is one of the few people she trusts as well as the only man she’s ever loved.

Cade is a former Green Beret who works for a global security company. He’s also a Dom who believes that love can’t be trusted. He and his four brothers co-own Club Mystique, an expensive and exclusive BDSM club. When Cade decides to give up the Dom lifestyle and settle down he chooses Addison as the perfect woman to be his wife and the mother of his children.  

Things begin to go wrong when Addison discovers Cade’s secrets. Intrigued by the D/s lifestyle she decides to prove to him that she would be the perfect sub as well as the perfect wife. Addison and Cade are two strong willed people, each with their own ideas of what their future should be. Just as it looks like things are working out for them an enemy of Cade's decides to take his revenge by going after Addison. Cade finds himself fighting to save her and their future together. 

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
Oh Cade, I loved you and then I hated you, but then I loved you again. I'm glad that Addy made you work to get her back and I'm glad you realized how much you really loved her. This whole series ROCKS...

- rhondavb

Great Book. Loved the story even know I wanted to punch Cade sometimes but he finally came around. Thanks

- homehair

Professional Reviews

4.5 HEARTS: "Addison Maxwell has been in love with Cade Ramsey since she was fourteen. She claimed him as hers the same day she rode and claimed the spirited and temperamental stallion no one on his father’s ranch could control or ride. Over the years, Cade had protected her from anything or anyone who might bring her harm. Then a year ago, he decided it was time to make her his wife and walk away from his secret life as a Dom. Unfortunately, Addie walks in on him and two of his brothers sharing a sub. Heartbroken that he would be with another when he constantly refused her, Addie runs away in tears. While he is away on a security assignment a vicious tongued, vindictive reject of Cade’s is more than happy to fill Addie on Cade’s secret life and the Mystique Club, an exclusive BDSM club owned and operated by the Ramsey brothers. Addie decides to find out more about the lifestyle that Cade is a part of and why everyone in town helped him hide it from her. Cade wants Addie for a wife not a sub. How will he react when he finds out she wants to be both? What will he do to protect her when his security work endangers Addie? Can he let himself lose control enough let himself claim his heart’s desire? Or will he lose her forever? Mardi Maxwell has written a story that is full of alpha men who know what they want and are not afraid to go after it. The males may be dominant, but she has also given them a gentleness as well. The women are feisty, intelligent and independent and just as capable of taking their alpha male in hand. You are going to love Club Mystique and looking for and invitation to one of their parties in your mail. Don’t think you have the villain figured out too soon either as Ms. Maxwell will keep you on your toes until the moment she wants you to know who it is. There are so many things going on in this story, romance, suspense, drama, betrayal and despair. Your emotions will go through the gauntlet. The best thing about this book is that it is only the first of a series. Book two Jackson’s Sub is already out and available to read. We, as the readers, are lucky to have a talented writer share her creativity with us and her delicious series to devour." -- DelAnne, The Romance Studio

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Eager anticipation glowed in Addison Matthew’s periwinkle-blue eyes as she waited for the ornate wrought iron gates to open. Beyond the guarded entrance stood the house Cade shared with his four brothers His latest assignment for the Dallas security company he worked for had kept him away for three weeks. The weeks had crept by, each day seeming to last forever and now she could hardly wait to see him. His call last night telling her that he was on his way home had sent her into a frenzy of elaborate Valentine’s Day plans. His call today letting her know he had just arrived home and was too tired to see her had been devastating.

A secret grin curved her lips as she wondered when Cade would realize that she was a woman who always had a backup plan. Missing him and determined to see him the decision to make the hour long drive to Rendezvous had been an easy one to make. Tapping her bright red fingernails on the steering wheel, Addison impatiently eased her car forward as she hummed along with the love song on the radio, her voice off-key. She waited another moment then sped through the gates and increased her speed until she reached the circular drive in front of the house. At the last moment, she slammed her foot on the brake and her car screeched to a sudden stop inches from the back bumper of an expensive bronze sports car.

After releasing her seat belt she flipped the visor down and checked her makeup in the lighted mirror.  She had spent the morning being buffed and oiled until her skin was smoother than a rose petal. Her reddish-gold hair hung down her back in soft shiny curls. Her makeup so expertly applied that she couldn’t tell she was wearing any until she looked at the rosy-red gloss on her lips. It exactly matched the dress and shoes she wore. As she moved the expensive silk of her dress slid over her legs and she giggled, still slightly embarrassed after experiencing her first Brazilian wax yesterday.

Smoothing her hands over her breasts, making sure the low neckline was still in place, she enjoyed the sensuous feel of her nipples tightening and pressing against the cloth. What would Cade think of the figure-hugging dress, she wondered, especially when he saw the bow that rested on the low-cut back just above the curve of her butt. It made her feel like a gift she hoped he would unwrap tonight. She’d waited years for this night, ever since she had met him and developed a wild crush on him when she was still a kid. When he’d finally asked her out a year ago, she’d known her dream of being with him was going to come true. A happy grin kicked up the outer corners of her lips as she decided tonight was going to be the best Valentine’s Day celebration ever. 

Cade was the most masculine, sexually appealing man she’d ever known. At six foot four he towered over her and she loved the feel of his sleekly muscled body rippling and flexing beneath her hands. His emerald green eyes, surrounded by straight black eyelashes, often sent her a come-to-me-baby demand or a-you-better-run-now warning. They glowed when he was happy, glared an intense green when he was angry, and became absolutely mesmerizing when he was aroused.

The sound of his deep, gravelly voice whispering to her on the phone last night as he had told her in shockingly explicit detail what he wanted to do to her had made her come. The unexpected suddenness of the orgasm had her crying out in pleasure, the sounds echoing into the phone. Cade had growled her name, his voice sounding tortured, as she had panted and tried to catch her breath. In tears from the intensity of the orgasm, she’d been almost mute after that. He’d spoken to her for a few more minutes then said he’d see her today and hung up.

His behavior puzzled her. They had been dating for a year and they still hadn’t gone to bed together. He would kiss and caress her for hours while playing with her pussy, fingering her, whispering obscene exciting things to her, but when she begged him to fuck her he would cover her mouth with his then rush her towards an explosive orgasm. Anytime she reached for his cock, desperately wanting to pleasure him, he would move her hand away then take her home, his cock still hard.

Hoping to change that tonight, she grabbed the small basket of goodies she had packed for this evening and stepped out onto the gravel drive. Walking toward the house, she thought about her plans to wreck his formidable self-control tonight. He loved to hold her on his lap while he touched her. Tonight she was going to straddle his lap while she fed him the chocolate-covered strawberries and other bite-sized nibbles in the basket. The position would push her dress up to her thighs and possibly even expose her bare mound to him. It would definitely give him free access to her pussy. She loved him and she wanted him and she believed he loved and wanted her too. She just didn’t know why he was holding back.




He ran his hands over her ass cheeks then stroked a finger down her crack and circled then pressed on her anus. When she pulled away he growled a warning and she froze in place then leaned back against his finger and felt him circle her rosette again. His fingers slid to her pussy, his thumbs pressing into her, opening her to his view. When she tried to clench her pussy lips together he pressed his removed his thumbs and slid his index finger into her. Her hot cream leaked onto his hand and her thighs.

“Clench on my finger, pet.”

Addison clenched, using the Kegel exercise she knew, and felt him give a little tug on his finger. She tightened even more on him trying to keep his finger inside her then fluttered the muscles in her pussy on his finger. Satisfaction curved the corners of her lips when she heard him groan and tug on his finger again.

“You’re tight, baby. I’m going to have to work to get my cock into you. Lucky for you I’m up to the job.”

“Cade, pl—”

He slapped her thigh again. “What do you call me?”

“Master. Please, Master, I ne—”

“Be quiet,” he told her as he ran his finger over her clit and felt her shiver and wiggle, silently asking for just a little more pressure where she needed it. “Stand up.” 

Standing, she began to turn to face him when he grasped her hips and pulled her back onto his lap, her back against the warmth of his chest where his vest hung open. He reached down, grasped her by the back of her knees and pulled her legs up until her feet were on the edge of the chair on either side of his legs. Pushing her knees apart, opening her to his touch, he ran his hands over her legs from her bent knees to her pussy. His fingers brushed up then down the creases where her thighs and her swollen pussy met, stroking over her clit for a moment before circling it with his fingertip and pulling the hood back exposing her completely to his touch.

Shivering, she felt his cock pressing against her bottom and wiggled against him. Her belly tightened with excitement and a cry of desperate need flew from her lips as he pushed first one then two fingers into her and twisted them as he pulled them out then slid them back in, her hot slick cream easing his way. She raised her arms and locked her hands behind his neck thrusting her breasts up and tightening her belly muscles, feeling the tingling of an orgasm begin. “Oh, oh, please, ple—”

“You’re so tight,” he told her as he twisted his fingers and ran them over the sensitive walls of her pussy then curled his fingers and stroked them over her g-spot.

Jerking, the pleasure too much to bear, she screamed then turned her face into his neck and felt his rapid pulse against her lips. “Please, Master, please.”

“Not yet. I’m going to fuck you tonight, but first you’re due some punishment,” he told her, his voice raspy and relentless. He slid his hands down her legs and snapped a padded leather cuff around her right ankle and then her left. Curving his hands beneath her ass, he lifted her to her feet then twisted her hips around before running his hands over her hips. Leaning forward he kissed then nipped her belly before sliding his lips over her bare mound and sucking on the smooth flesh. “Such a pretty pussy,” he whispered as he poked the tip of his tongue into her slit and over her clit. She squeaked with surprise and he chuckled, his breath warm against her skin. Stabbing his tongue against her clit again, then again, he drew gasps of pleasure from her.

“Oh, too much, too…” she tried to move away from his mouth and he growled another warning then wrapped his hands around her hips and held her in place as he flattened his tongue and swept it over her clit and her pussy.

Helplessly, she slid her feet further apart, rocking her hips against his mouth. Her head fell back as she threaded her fingers into his dark hair and held him to her. “Don’t stop, don’t stop,” she chanted, begging, feeling an orgasm building. Her belly tightened. A scream of need and frustration left her lips when he pulled her hands from his hair and placed them at her sides.

Blinded by need she reached for him again and he slid back away from her. Dark green eyes watched her, his face expressionless, as he lazily lounged back in the chair and stared at her for a long moment, his eyes brushing over her breasts as they rose and fell with her panting breaths and lower as her thighs became slick with arousal. 

“On your knees, eyes down, now pet.”

Aroused, panting with need, at first she didn’t understand his demand. She shifted her feet and stared into his eyes. Seeing his frown, her brain finally engaged and she dropped to her knees and moved into position, lowering her eyes and seeing her red, swollen nipples. As the silence stretched into several minutes, little uncontrollable tremors swept through her. She was just about to look up at him when he began to speak.

“The only words you will speak when we are together, at a club or wherever I choose to play with you are ‘yes Master, ’no Master’, or your safe word. You will not speak without my permission. If someone asks you a question, you will look to me for permission before you speak. I may or may not give it depending on my mood. Do you understand?”

She nibbled her bottom lip, worried now that she had made the wrong decision. Her body felt like it was going to burst into blazing flames of need, but Cade looked and sounded like he was talking to someone he didn’t like very much. Unsure of herself, she nodded, then quickly said, “Yes, Master.”

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