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To the Ta-Tas

The Wild Rose Press

Heat Rating: SENSUAL
Word Count: 65,615
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Jillian’s enchanting smile captures the attention of anyone who meets her, yet it hides her shyness. The one person who knows exactly what she feels is her best friend since college, Tara. They have always been there for each other. Always. Even when Jillian had to hear the news every woman hopes never to receive--breast cancer.

Handsome Dr. David Rainier was Jillian’s first true love. His drive to perfection and success ultimately drove a wedge between him and the woman he has always cherished. The hammer that drove in the wedge was Cathy Barone.

Years later, a car accident reunites the two lovers. Slowly they reconnect, though conflicts abound. Is it only the memory of what they once had, or is the spark still alive? Life’s experiences have taught them both to fight for what is important.

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“You want to tell me what happened to put you in such a mood?”

Reluctantly, she told him what had transpired earlier that afternoon. She confided that sometimes she hated that people couldn’t see past her exterior to what was on the inside. She hated how people thought she didn’t have a brain. “I’m going to surprise all of them. Not only will I be a great teacher, but I’m going to be a principal.”

She stopped suddenly, noticing David hadn’t uttered a single word. Still twirling her hair, she bit her bottom lip before popping the question, “Are you ever going to ask me out on a date?”

The look on his face told her he was as shocked by her query as she was for asking it. He remained silent, his eyes searching hers for answers she didn’t have.

She continued, “Ever since we met, I’ve tried to flirt with you. But you seem to avoid me like the plague. I’ve come up with several possible reasons for this.” Jillian lifted her fingers to count. “Number one, you’re already seeing someone—probably that really beautiful girl with the hideous glasses who is always at your side. Number two, you’re gay. Or three, you’re not interested because I’m not your type.”

She stopped and looked at her fingers and then back at him. “Wait, there is a fourth. You’re also training to be a priest and have taken an oath of celibacy. That’s it, isn’t it?”

Leaning close to her, he whispered, “Nope.”

She matched his gesture and moving toward him so their noses were almost touching, whispered back, “What is it, then?”

She stared at his slightly-parted lips. Her breathing became shallow and uneven. Before she knew it, he put his hands on the sides of her face and pressed his warm lips, ever so gently, to hers. Every hair on her body tingled, and goose bumps ran down her back.

He pulled away slightly from her, their noses still touching.

Looking into his intense blue eyes, she felt herself being drawn into their pools.

He wrapped his hand behind her neck and pulled her back to him. Now, he kissed her hard until she opened her mouth. When their tongues touched, there was an explosion inside her. She could feel the blood rushing through and pounding in her ears. Their tongues moved together. She put her hands to his face and ran them through his thick hair.

She loved the taste of him and couldn’t let go. Her body was responding to him. Her heart was beating loud, and she was sure everyone in the library could hear it.