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Tobin & Sam

Storming Love Volcano Series #2

ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 15,000
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When Tobin vacations in Naples and meets a handsome tour guide Sam in Pompeii, he thinks nothing can go wrong. Then Vesuvius explodes.

Things usually go wrong for Tobin while he's on vacation, lost luggage, emergency landings, but when he visits Naples it seems like nothing bad will happen. While touring Pompeii, Tobin meets a handsome tour guide. Sam is funny and flirty and shows Tobin a great time. They have an immediate connection. On their second date, Vesuvius erupts. Will Tobin and Sam's new bond be able withstand the chaos and tragedy of a volcanic eruption?

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Chapter One

Tobin usually had bad luck on vacations. In Los Angeles he'd lost his bags, he had an emergency landing on the way to Florida, and his wallet and passport were stolen in London. Now, having landed on time and with all his luggage in Naples, Tobin was ecstatic. This vacation was already better than several others and he wasn't even at his hotel.

He was determined not to lose anything this time. And if anything bad happened? Well? Well, he'd deal with it. He was in Italy, in Naples, one of the oldest cities in the world, and he was going to enjoy it no matter what.

Tobin tipped the taxi driver and got his bags out of the trunk. He was staying at the Chiaja Hotel de Charme, and it was exactly as charming as it sounded. The foyer was elegant but small. It had a fireplace and a congregation of chairs around it. The colors were bright and playful, yellow and pine-tree green. There were chandeliers above and sconces on the walls. Tobin felt at home in the warm atmosphere. He checked in at the desk and found the staff helpful and kind. He couldn't help but second-guess his luck. Something was bound to turn awful, but when he got to his room, it was more beautiful than he expected. And the view was magnificent. His room looked down onto the streets of Naples, and there was a small fountain in the square nearby that he could see, already lit up for the evening.

He flopped back on his plush, king-sized bed and sighed. He'd dreamed of visiting Italy since high school, and now, ten years after graduation, he'd made it. The only thing missing was someone special to share it with. Tobin rolled onto his stomach and grabbed the hotel guide. He wouldn't think about that. He didn't need another person to be happy.

There were several nice restaurants and cafes nearby, so Tobin pushed himself off the bed and decided to shower before finding something to eat. He had to stay up despite the jet lag, and he figured washing the travel-weary feeling away might help.

The bathroom was palatial. He gasped when he walked through the door. The bathtub could easily fit three men his size. Tobin was tempted to forget going out. It would be the first time he'd fit in a bathtub since puberty. It was hard for a six-foot-one guy with some bulky muscles to fit in normal bathtubs.

Half-afraid that the water wouldn't work or something -- it would be just his luck -- he turned the spout and found that everything worked fine. Tobin rubbed a hand over his stubble and shook his head. He had to go exploring. After promising himself to soak another day, Tobin turned the water to shower and stepped in.

He didn't let himself luxuriate under the spray for long. He got dressed and went out on the town. The twilight made Naples magical, made him feel like he was in a romance movie, just about to bump into the love of his life.

He went to a cafe, feeling refreshed and hopeful. Tobin sat outside and ate a dinner of fish and pasta, with a heavenly tiramisu to finish. Naples was beautiful, the architecture and ambiance. Tobin could have wandered all night and never gotten sick of the views. He felt like he was in a movie, and at any moment a handsome Italian man would bump into him, and they'd have a meet-cute. The longer he wandered, the more disheartened he became. No one hit on him. Maybe he was too tall? Intimidating? Tobin found that hard to believe; despite his height, people often compared him to a golden retriever, sweet, helpful, and easily excitable.

The jet lag caught up with Tobin just before midnight. He shuffled back to the hotel. Twice he needed to ask for directions. He'd gotten turned around and confused during his walking. The locals were more than willing to point him the right way, and still there was no flirting.

Tobin went to bed feeling disappointed in himself. He was in a beautiful city, full of possibilities, full of adventure and beautiful things to see, and all he could think about was his lack of a love life.

He was determined to do better tomorrow. He would go see Pompeii and enjoy the history of Italy without trying to find someone to share his bed. That wasn't what he was here for.

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