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Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,000
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A down and out club host find happiness in the arms of a stranger.

Club host Sam Mason and his lover Tony gets into a screaming match in the French Quarter. Tony wants Sam to prostitute himself to earn money to support Tony's drug habit. In a drastic effort to free himself of Tony, Sam propositions a man on the street and offers him the best blowjob he'd ever had it he takes him somewhere. The man takes one look at him and agrees.

Attorney Justin Quick can't believe his luck when a green-eyed cutie approaches him with the best offer he had in years. Ethically he's sworn to get the young man out of danger, but the man in him knows it's an offer he'd be foolish to refuse.

This story has been previously published.

0 Ratings (0.0)


ManLoveRomance Press LLC

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Chapter 1

"Get your hands off me," Sam said to Tony, as his boyfriend held him by the chin. The pressure from the larger man's fingers bore into his flesh, guaranteed to leave a mark behind.

"Don't tell me what to do, you little bitch. If I killed you right now, no one would care."

Sam tried to pull away, but Tony held tightly onto his chin. Over the last couple of months, things between them had gone bad and were steadily escalating into a terrible situation. Any feelings he'd had for the man had disappeared the moment Tony tried to sell him to some john. If he wanted to be a prostitute, he'd pick someone better than the fat slob Tony had introduced him to.

Tony relaxed his grip, and Sam walked away from him.

"Where do you think you're going? You have no family or friends."

"I'm leaving you." The fact he had no family or friends except his best friend, Caleb, was no one's business but his own--and even Caleb wasn't in a situation to help at the moment.

Tony caught up with him again, grabbed his arm, and tried to make him stop. The pain shot from Sam's elbow to his fingers. The same arm hadn't quite healed since the last time Tony had beat the hell out him.

"Let me go. You don't own me."

Their argument started to draw attention. People on the sidewalks looked at them oddly, but Sam doubted if any of them would help.

Tony screamed at him. "Where are you going to go? You're nothing more than a two-bit little hustler. No one would be interested in you."

Sam hung his head in shame. The words stung deeply. He didn't care if he had to live on the streets. He wasn't a prostitute, and he was tired of Tony's shit. He'd prove Tony wrong, even if he had to take drastic measures. Sam lifted his head to the crowd of people that continued to stare at them on the dark French Quarter street. His gaze landed on two well-dressed men standing among the sea of people. He lifted his eyes to the dark-haired one, who sported some nice muscles under an equally-dark suit. Their eyes locked and the man raised a brow once he realized he was the target. The other man, a blond, stood by him, probably watching to see how this scenario would play out.

Sam jerked away from Tony again and ran over to them. He stood before the raven-haired man and made him an offer he hoped the guy wouldn't refuse. "I'll give you the best blowjob you've ever had if you take me away from this area."

The man looked down on him and studied him for a moment, while Sam's entire life depended on a quick answer.

"Don't be a fool, Sam," Tony shouted at him. "I'll kick your scrawny little ass if you don't get back over here this instant."

The man with the cool, blue eyes gazed over at Tony, then back at him again. "What's your name?"

"Sam. Samuel Mason."

"Well, Samuel Mason. This is your lucky day." He put his arm around Sam's shoulder and began leading him away from Tony and the curious crowd.

Tony ran up to them and tried to snatch Sam from the man's arm. "Get your hands off him. He belongs to me."

Sam had seen Tony angry many times before, but never like this.

The man released him to turn and face Tony. "Not anymore, he doesn't. He just sold himself to me, and if you don't want to be publicly humiliated by me and my friend, I suggest you be on your way."

"If you leave here with these guys, don't expect me to take you back," Tony said to Sam. "It's over."

The man turned his attention back on Sam as well. "The ball's in your corner, Sam."

"Goodbye, Tony."

"Take him," Tony said. "You'll be sorry." He turned and walked away.

The man gazed down on him. "You'd better be as good as you promised."

Sam smiled weakly. He didn't expect the man to hold him to his promise since he didn't look like the type of guy who'd have to buy sex, but he found himself being led away by the two strangers. They both continued to talk as if he weren't there.

Sam walked between them, well aware of how this looked to complete strangers. He'd gotten himself out of one situation and probably into a worse one. Maybe he should run away now before he became a statistic. It was dark and they probably wouldn't put up an effort to chase him through the dark French Quarter streets.

"I'll see you later," the blond said to the dark-haired one. "You are one lucky bastard." He entered one of the jazz clubs after waving goodbye to them.

The dark-haired man started walking again, and Sam followed, gazing up at the man's broad shoulders, then down to his nice butt. He'd done a lot of foolish things in the scant twenty-four years he'd been on earth, but he'd never propositioned a complete stranger before.

"Where are we going?"

The man looked back at him. "Does it matter? Anywhere I take you will be better than where you've been."

Sam frowned at his arrogance, even though the words he spoke were true. One thing for sure, he wouldn't go back to Tony.

After walking a few minutes, the man stopped in front of a fancy hotel on Canal Street. Sam had passed by the place hundreds of times before, noticing the limousines and town cars dropping off passengers, but he'd never dared to step a foot inside.

"Come on," the man said. "I have a room here."

Sam looked down at his clothing. He still wore his hosting suit from the club where he worked. He hesitated.

"What's wrong?"

"I've never been inside a place like this before. I mean...I don't think they'd let me through the door."

The man ran his gaze over him. "You're a host, aren't you?"

Sam nodded.

"Don't worry what others will think about you or what you are wearing. You won't have your clothes on much longer." He opened the door and held it for Sam.

Sam's cheeks burned from embarrassment. The man really expected him to go through with the blowjob. He'd sucked a dick or two before, but never as payment for shelter. He entered the lobby, thankful only to find one or two people behind the registration desk and a couple of people cleaning. The hotel looked as elegant inside as it had from the outside, with huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, waxed floors, and expensive furnishings. The man stopped at the desk for a few minutes, leaving him standing alone.

When the man returned, he pressed the elevator button and the doors opened. He and Sam stepped inside, and he pushed the button for the thirty-fourth floor. The door closed and the elevator ascended. Sam's stomach clenched as it always did in an elevator. The elevator stopped on the top floor and the doors opened.

"This way." The man led him straight ahead to the only room on the floor. He used his key card to open the door, then stepped inside.

Sam followed him in. The beauty of the place stopped Sam in his tracks. A huge platform bed was the focal point of the room. Surrounding the bed were matching cream-colored pieces of furniture, a big entertainment center with a wide screen television, a desk and chair, and a patio view of the skyline of New Orleans. A bottle of something chilled in an ice bucket on one of the tables.

The man tossed his wallet and key card on the dresser and began removing his clothes. "Are you hungry?"

"A little." He hadn't eaten anything since breakfast and it was nearly midnight.

"Why don't you go shower while I order you something?"

Sam would do just about anything to get his mind off the situation, and he could use a shower after being in the smoky club for hours. The Hot Spot just happened to be one of the last clubs in the city where smoking was still allowed.

"Okay." He walked toward the bathroom while the man called for room service.

The bathroom took his breath away. The room had a sunken tub and a walk-in shower. Everything was done in black and white accents, and the toilet, tub, and sink had shiny silver fixtures. The shelves were filled with thick, white towels and complimentary bathrobes. The counter was stocked with every toiletry a man could use.

He turned on the shower, then stripped out of his clothes while the water heated to a comfortable temperature. Sam took the time to look at his chin in the mirror. It still hurt a little from where Tony had squeezed it. There was slight bruising, but the mark would disappear quickly, he hoped. His arm was a different story. It had a dark bruise near the elbow. One of these days he'd have to let a doctor look at it to make sure he didn't have permanent damage.

Sam gathered the toiletries he would need and stepped under the spray. The warm water drenched him from head to toe. He washed his hair first, then let the conditioner set while he bathed. After washing and rinsing his body a couple of times, Sam rinsed out the conditioner and got out the shower. Normally he used a blow dryer on his hair, but it was late and he didn't want to wake any of the people in rooms below them, so he just towel-dried his hair and allowed it to air dry the rest of the way. Sam slipped into one of the robes provided by the hotel to cover his nakedness, then walked out of the bathroom carrying his suit and shoes.

He found the dark-haired man on the telephone and food waiting on a table. He didn't even know the man's name or anything else about him, but he knew he must be someone rich to afford such luxuries.

The man got off the phone. "You can eat while I shower," he said.

He walked away, leaving Sam staring after him.

Sam sat at the table and lifted the top from the covered dish. Steak, baked potato, and a salad. He couldn't remember the last time he'd eaten a steak. He ate while he listened to the water in the shower hit against the porcelain floor.

This is so delicious. The steak had been prepared well-done, just the way he liked it, and seasoned to perfection. Sam swallowed. So tender. The potato was loaded with just the right amount of sour cream, butter, and chives. He added the French dressing to the salad and ate some of it, then moaned with sheer delight. Whoever prepared this meal deserves a raise. He planned to eat all of it.

Caleb was never going to believe this. The two of them were best friends and Caleb worked as a bartender at The Hot Spot. They had grown up together on the streets of the Seventh Ward and fought to stay alive until they got jobs. They'd lived together, and he cooked for Caleb every chance he got, but they'd never been able to afford a cut of steak like this.

He'd cooked for Tony, too, when they'd first moved in together, but the grocery money Tony gave him was never enough to afford such luxuries.

Tony had worked as a bouncer at The Hot Spot when he and Caleb started working there. Their relationship had started off slow, until they finally moved in together. They had lived together for two years when Tony started smoking pot and using drugs at the new club where he moved to after leaving The Hot Spot. Sam had put up with a lot of shit while they were together, but when Tony suggested Sam prostitute himself to get money to pay off Tony's debts and support his drug habit, Sam couldn't take it anymore--wouldn't take it anymore.

The sound of the shower ended just as Sam polished off his last bite of steak.

The bathroom door opened and the man came out, wearing one of the robes. His phone rang again and Sam slipped back into the bathroom to wash his hands. The man had ended the phone call and stood by the table with the ice bucket when Sam returned.

"Would you care for some wine?"

Sam nodded. He needed something to settle his nerves.

The man took the bottle out the ice, pulled the cork, and poured a glass for each of them.

Sam sat on the bed. "Thanks for the meal."

"Anything for a friend," the man said. "How old are you?"

Sam looked up at him. "Twenty-four."

"I would have guessed younger."

"I get that a lot. I can't help it if I have a baby face." Sam looked up at him again and the cool, blue eyes twinkled mischievously.

"Am I the first man you ever sold yourself to?"

Sam nodded nervously. "I didn't really think you'd take me up on my offer. I just had to get away from him."

He ran his fingers through Sam's dark brown hair. "Why wouldn't I? It was the best offer I've had in a long time, and I couldn't in good conscience leave you there with that buffoon."

"You mean Tony."


He removed his fingers from Sam's hair and sat next to him.

Sam sipped his wine and put the glass on the nightstand. "I guess I better make good on my offer."

The blue-eyed man finished his drink, got up, and put his glass on the nightstand. He removed his robe and stood naked in front of Sam.

Sam lifted his gaze and stared straight into the mass of black pubic hair and at the man's cock. He gulped as he rose. The man had a couple of inches on him. He prepared to go down on his knees. Before he could, the man pushed him gently back on the bed.

"What are you doing?"

The man leaned on the bed and untied Sam's robe. "I'm trying to get a good look at you." The knot gave way and the robe opened. His blue eyes twinkled. "My word, you look delicious."

The man's voice could melt butter, and he smelled like expensive cologne.

"You have such a pretty cock."

Sam tried to hide the family jewels, but the man pushed his hands away.

"You have been with a man before, haven't you?"

Sam nodded.

"I can't believe you're shy after all we've been through this evening." He put his fingers around Sam's cock and squeezed gently.

Sam moaned softly.

"Ooh, I like the way you sound."

"I don't even know your name," Sam said, as the man stroked his dick. It hardened instantly in the smooth palm of the stranger's hand.

"My name's Justin Quick, and you'll do nicely warming my bed tonight." He lowered himself and stole a kiss, catching Sam by surprise.

Justin's tongue slipped into Sam's mouth and played with Sam's. Justin tasted of minty mouthwash and wine. His tongue moved around in Sam's mouth and headed down his throat for the deepest kiss Sam had ever received. He felt dizzy with desire.

Justin moved down Sam's body, licking and kissing his chest and nipples until they hardened like two pebbles. He continued to massage Sam's cock gently as he explored.

"I thought I was supposed to be servicing you," Sam said, as Justin moved down lower.

"In time, sweet one. Right now I'm having dessert."

Hot damn, Sam thought, as Justin went down on his dick, sucking and licking like it was a stick of candy. He squirmed with delight and tried to catch his breath as Justin swept him away. A finger slithered down the crack of his behind and danced around his ass. Sam moaned loudly as the tip of the finger entered him. If Justin kept this up he was going to explode early.

Justin moved his other hand between Sam's legs and squeezed his balls gently.


Justin stopped sucking him, but continued finger-fucking him and squeezing his balls. "I can't wait to fuck you. I bet you're sizzling hot."

"Fuck me--yes, please fuck me," Sam said as Justin worked the finger in deeper.

The finger slipped out of him and Justin removed his mouth. "You don't have to beg me, baby."

The next thing he knew, Sam heard the rustle of a condom, and Justin stood over him smiling.

Sam rolled over onto his knees. "I hope you have some lube because..." He didn't get a chance to finish his sentence. Justin's wet tongue traveled down the crack of his behind, then reamed his little hole. He spread Sam's cheeks wide as he continued to lick him silly.

Ooh. Sam squirmed a bit, then gave up and let Justin have his way. He nearly jumped off the bed when Justin inserted two fingers inside him and moved them in and out to prepare him for entry. Moments later, he felt the fingers leave him, and Justin pushed his condom-covered cock up against the hole.

"Oh my God," Sam said, as Justin slowly pushed inside him. Justin's cock was much wider than his two fingers, and Sam's hole stretched to accommodate him. Sam grunted.

"Hang on, baby. I'm going to make you scream my name."

"Go for it," Sam said as Justin went to work screwing him. Justin was by far the handsomest lover he'd ever had, and certainly the most cunning.

"Roll your sweet little ass."

Sam complied, backing his behind up on Justin's cock and taking in more of him. He moved his hips in a circular motion, and heard Justin catch his breath.

"Sweet mercy, you're so tight."

Sam got comfortable with the big cock inside his ass and joined in the humping and grinding.

"You're still not screaming." He reached beneath Sam and began stroking his cock.

"Ooh, shit," Sam said. He was trying so hard to keep from coming and screaming.

Justin slipped out to the head, then slid back inside him.

Sam bit his bottom lip to stifle the moan.

Justin chuckled. "I do love a challenge." He pulled out and turned Sam onto his back. "I want to look down in your beautiful face while I fuck you." He crawled between Sam's legs, raised one of them, then entered him again.

Sam rolled his hips and met Justin stroke for stroke. He tightened his ass muscles to give Justin an added thrill.

"Oh, you do have a few skills." He rode Sam a little faster now, sending his cock in deep, then retreating.

Sex with Justin was the most incredible thing Sam had ever experienced. Sweat poured from their bodies. Sam spit on his fingers and wrapped them around his own cock. He tugged on his dick to give Justin a little show.

"You are indeed a worthy opponent."

Sam trembled from the pressure in his ass and the tight fingers around the head of his cock. He slowed his roll and concentrated on relieving his throbbing cock.

Justin watched him through lowered lashes, but slowed down some and moved in and out of Sam. "I love a man who knows his way around his own cock."

Sam smiled at him and went back to masturbating. He pumped his hand now so the head of his dick could slide through his fingers and present itself to Justin.

Justin shuddered with desire but kept on working his hips.

"I wish you could suck me and fuck me at the same time, Justin."

The muscles in Justin's neck strained as he fought to keep control. "You are quite the little tease."

"Fuck me harder and deeper."

Justin moaned loudly this time. He slid out to the head, then eased his dick back in slowly, inch by inch. He moved his hips in a circular motion.

"Oh!" Sam felt the orgasm deep in the pit of his stomach as Justin found his prostate.

"Bingo, I found it."

Sam continued to masturbate. "Don't tease me."

Justin switched from rotating his hips to deep thrusting inside of Sam's tight, little hole.

"Oh fuck, Justin. Fuck me harder."

Justin humped him harder and deeper.

Sam worked his hand faster, until he couldn't hold on any longer. He came, drenching his palms and his fingers and giving Justin quite the show.

"Oh, oh," Justin said with a groan. Every muscle in the top of his body strained as he came.

Sam felt the pulsing in his ass while watching Justin's facial expression change from fierce to serene. Damn he's so hot. Just looking at the man made him want to screw him again.

Justin sank down onto Sam and rested his head on Sam's sweaty chest. "You were amazing."

Sam didn't know how to respond to such a compliment. All Tony ever did was insult him. "Thank you," he said breathlessly, as his heart continued to pound. He ran his fingers through Justin's damp hair.

Justin moved off him and crawled to the top of the bed. He disposed of the condom and then pulled Sam into the crook of his arm.

Tony never wanted to cuddle. All he wanted to do is just fuck me and forget me.

Sam rested his head on Justin's chest this time and listened to his heartbeat. He yawned and realized he was sleepy.

"Sweet dreams," Justin said softly.

Sam closed his eyes, feeling safer than he'd ever felt in a long time.

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