Torso Tackle (MM)

Torso Tackle 1


Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 31,821
0 Ratings (0.0)

Twenty-three year old Sebastian Rook, a rookie physical therapist, finds himself lusting after two men -- his sexy roommate, Ben Hull, who is a model for local advertisers; and the Vanmer Vipers’ all-star quarterback, Jory Sole, who also happens to be one of Sebastian’s patients. As Sebastian attempts to bed the football player, his sexual interest in his roommate heightens. But Jory is very hard to land, let alone date, and Ben happens to be straight, even though he's interested in Sebastian.

Confused, Sebastian decides to set his sights on not one but both men. Unfortunately, when Ben learns of Sebastian’s sexual escapade with Jory, he turns sour. What transpires among the three men is sexually complex.

Ben’s girlfriend Zoe learns about the threesome and, outraged, destroys Sebastian’s relationships with both men, leaving him heartbroken. As the holidays approach, Sebastian feels lost. A decision has to be made. Who does he love more, Ben or Jory?

Torso Tackle (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Torso Tackle (MM)

Torso Tackle 1


Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 31,821
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

Jory: He melts against me in his shower with his ten inches of uncut beef pressed against my bottom. His lips and tongue meet my neck under the shower’s warm spray. His free hand wraps around my torso, slowly and gently stroking my mast up and down, sending me on a plane of erotic pleasure.

“I want you,” he whispers into my ear, nibbling its lobe. “Do you want me?”

“I do,“ I reply, sounding like I’m accepting his marriage proposal, combining our lives until the end of time.

“I knew you did,” he laughs, adding light humps to the nape of my back as the length of his rod massages its skin. Again, my neck is lathered with kisses and my joint is smoothly tugged up and down.

* * * *

A November night’s cold lingers across my bare chest. I’m inside Ben's room, motionless on his bed with my legs spread apart. He is positioned over me, between my legs. His condom-covered rock is nestled comfortably inside my core. Tenderly, he begins to move in and out of my middle, building up a heated passion between us.

“Kiss me,” I demand, pulling his head to my face, moving my lips against his lips.

He listens, lost in my skin, devouring me with all of his sexual energy.

Our bodies glide together, building up a sufficient tempo. He rocks inside me, pulls out, and rocks inside me again. My cock slides between our stomachs, shooting pre-bubbles of cream.

* * * *

Secretly, Jory and I enter the locker room under the Vipers’ stadium. He locks the door behind us, and explains, “I’ve always wanted to make love with you in here.”

Quickly, we undress by the blue-and-gold lockers, already hard. Spikes glow in the dim light. We lock faces in a fiery kiss. Nipples are pinched. Cocks are strummed. Effortlessly he pulls away from me, and whispers with a twinkle in his left eye, “Bend over the bench. I want to give you a surprise.”

The surprise is nothing less than his fingertips spreading my behind apart and the tip of his tongue dabbing at its middle. Occasionally he smacks one of my ass cheeks, causing a ripple of delight to ski through my torso.

In front of him, arched over the wooden plane, I whisper, “Deeper, Jory ... go deeper.”

* * * *

Ben finds me in my office just before noon. Unexpectedly, he locks the door behind him and grins from ear to ear like a high school boy. His tie is pulled off and dropped to the carpet as he hovers over me. He removes his shirt from his hulking torso, showing off every rippled muscle on his hairless body.

“What are you doing?” I inquire, whispering.

“Seducing you, Sebastian.”


“You wouldn’t want it any other way.”

He undoes his belt, dropping it to the floor. The buttons on his khakis are released and he pushes the material down to his ankles along with his cotton briefs. Stepping forward, holding his nine inches of tool in his right hand, Ben informs me, “I brought you lunch, pal. Get ready to eat it.”

* * * *

Jory sets up a video camera in his living room and confesses, “I’m leaving town for a few days. We’re playing El Paso and ...”

I already have my pants and shirt off, lounging on his leather sofa.

He laughs. “You don’t waste any time, do you?”

I cut to the chase. “You want this to be a solo performance, or are you going to have a guest appearance?”

“Make it a solo.”

“If you decide to change your mind, feel free and jump in at any time.”

He moves up to me, leans over my lounging body, applies a kiss to my lips before pulling away, and cheerily says, “I can’t wait to watch this. Let the fun begin.”

* * * *

In the back of The Movie Place while watching a Brad Pitt flick, Ben moves his hand to my middle, finding the zipper on my jeans. Steadily the zipper is pulled down and he discovers no boxers or briefs against my skin. He leans into me and whispers, “Commando today?”

“I came prepared.”

“For what?”

“The handjob you’re about to give me.”

“Who says I’m going to do that?”

“Both of us know you can’t resist.”

I’m right. He starts firming up the device between my legs, massaging its skin in a north and south motion, causing me to breathe heavily from his handy pleasure.

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