[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, HFN]
Trevor Whitney left his family’s dairy for fun and adventure. Winding up in the middle of a love triangle never crossed his mind. Who knew he would meet a gorgeous, blue-eyed cowboy that would spur his libido within hours of arriving at the XYZ Ranch?
A late night rendezvous with Jensen in the barn was supposed to be nothing more than a good time. Their relationship started to grow until Trevor learned that Jensen was in love with Marcus, a rough cowboy with a bad disposition.
Not wanting to lose Jensen, Trevor sets out to uncover the reason behind Marcus and Jensen’s breakup. Trevor learns one very important lesson. Never tease and call a man’s bluff. Caught in a love triangle, Trevor can’t handle the secrecy. Together with Jensen, the two are determined to find a way they can all be together. There is only one obstacle… secrets. What they learn from Marcus will change their lives forever.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Trevor's Story (MMM)
8 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Nothing better than hot sexy cowboys!!!! I loved this story, 3 men coming together to make a family with a special bonus
Loved this story love this series
donna b buccella




No one could ever accuse Trevor of being devious, because it wasn’t his nature. He spent a long, sleepless night, tossing and turning, worrying about the relationship Jensen had with Marcus. There was no denying that the two cared for each other. The way they looked at each other was an open book, easily readable to anyone who noticed. Marcus’s eyes lately seemed to be filled with hurt. A passive look toward Jensen showed Trevor everything he needed to know, and that’s what bothered Trevor the most.

At some point in time Jensen and Marcus would reconcile. Where would that leave him? Trevor knew where he’d end up, and that was shut out in the cold with a broken heart. Today, Trevor planned to volunteer for fence duty with Marcus, hoping like hell the guy would allow him. Somehow he hoped to get the information he wanted from Marcus without seeming too obvious. He wasn’t sure how he’d do that just yet.

“All right, everyone gather around and let’s get this show on the road,” John hollered above the chatter.

Zander had his clipboard, always the organized one. “The fence project is coming along well. Marcus and his group covered a lot of ground the past couple of days. They’re up to the Northwest corner and the old fence runs directly through the timber, most of it wrapped around trees, or grown up with brush. We’ll need a few hands to begin cutting down the trees in the way, and someone to pull them out with the tractor. Save the good timber for firewood or building projects. There’s no sense burning up our resources.”

Marcus nodded. “A few of us volunteer to cut down trees. We’ll need someone to drive the tractor though.”

Trevor’s hand shot up. “I’ll do it.”

Marcus frowned and rolled his eyes. “I guess you believe you can efficiently operate a tractor? We don’t have time for an amateur.”

Trevor straightened his posture and stared at Marcus. “I’d drive circles around you.”

A few low “ooohs” erupted from the crowd of men, as if Trevor had just thrown his gauntlet down.

“Is that so?” Marcus asked as he stepped forward. The man’s arms alone could make men scurry away with fear.

“It’s a fact,” Trevor replied, and didn’t allow his fear to be seen.

“We’ll see about that.” Marcus turned to the two men with him. “Let’s load up the chainsaws and gear we’ll need. Hopefully the new guy isn’t bullshitting us. I’m not in the mood to do extra work today. It’s too fucking hot.”

“What are you doing?” Jensen asked, and he pulled Trevor back. “Marcus isn’t someone you want to fuck with. Normally he’s an easygoing guy, but like I’ve already told you, he’s going through something big right now, and he doesn’t have his usual sense of humor.”

“Hey, I can do the work. No problem.” Even though he could make good on his promise, he was anything but sure he should. Marcus had made it abundantly clear that he wasn’t open to any type of friendship with him at all. Why was he doing this again?

“Man, I think you’re crazy,” Jensen whispered. “If you’re doing this because of me, don’t. I told you I like what we have together. Don’t give Marcus another thought.”

“Pfft.” Trevor acted indifferent to the statement. “I’m just trying to put my skills to the best use around here. I want to do a good job and earn my keep.”

“I hope that’s the only reason.”

Trevor smiled and acted innocent. “It is. Promise. I’m a paid laborer for the ranch. I don’t want Zander to have any reason to let me go. This is where I want to be and I need to work hard in order to earn my wages. It will take a while, but I plan on becoming a partner in the future.”

Jensen nodded, seeming to buy Trevor’s act. “Later a few of us are grilling out at the bunkhouse. Stop by for dinner when you get back. Oh, how do you like your steak?”

“Medium and thank you,” Trevor said, wanting to kiss Jensen, but not wanting to stir the pot. Instead he reached around and quickly patted Jensen on the butt. “See ya this evening.”




What in the hell was he doing? Jensen grabbed Trevor and pulled their lips together before Trevor could finish his sentence. And here they were with their lips locked together, soft moans echoing throughout the barn. From the time Jensen first laid eyes on Trevor, he wanted him. The guy was spunky, young, but focused, and so damn sexy with his cute ass and lean body causing Jensen to have trouble containing his desire.

Why would someone nearly fourteen years younger desire him? Damn near forty, two years away, Jensen felt old in comparison. He had lived a very long and rough life in his mere thirty-eight years. He couldn’t rationalize with himself and kept gathering up Trevor’s tongue in an erotic dance. For someone so young, basically inexperienced, Trevor fell into the rhythm, kissing Jensen back with vigor. His hands stroked over Jensen’s chest, urging him on.

Jensen felt weak, his defenses down to zero. It had been nearly a month since he’d been engaged sexually. Marcus, Jensen’s fuck buddy as he called him, had withdrawn, sinking back into his protective little shell without explanation. Not a man to talk about his problems or feelings, Marcus just abruptly stopped being the man Jensen knew. Their relationship wasn’t exclusive and had never been. From the start Marcus made it clear he wasn’t in the market for anything serious and that was the way it had been for the last year. Each was free to see other people, but until now, neither had done so.

While Jensen joked about their relationship, Marcus as well, Jensen was deeply in love with the man, but had never admitted to it for fear Marcus would run. Jensen had been okay with the arrangement until now, now that Marcus had effectively shut him out without reason or warning.

Highly sexual in nature, Jensen wasn’t one to deny his needs for long, and Trevor was a willing participant, a very handsome participant. Deeply rooted desires to take a younger man pushed him on. Trevor fit his fantasy all the way down to his nearly hairless chest and lean body.

“I’m not a slut,” Trevor said between kisses, causing Jensen to laugh. “I just want you.”

Jensen sobered some, staring into Trevor’s expressive green eyes. The guy didn’t have a clue, but one thing was certain, Trevor wanted him so badly he was stepping out of his comfort zone. “Have you ever been with an older man?”

“No.” Trevor shook his head and allowed his hands to gently slide down Jensen’s waist. He swallowed, his throat moving with nervousness. “I, I, uh, I’ve always been attracted to older men and then I met you, wow,” he said and looked down at the ground.

Jensen put his finger under Trevor’s chin and forced him to look him in the eye. “You met me and what?”


* * * *


Trevor’s cheeks reddened as he stared directly into Jensen’s eyes. “I wanted you when I shook your hand.”

Jensen leaned down and softly brushed his lips over Trevor’s. He wanted the guy so bad his dick was throbbing. “Are you sure?”

“Yessss,” Trevor whispered and reached down to cup Jensen’s cock. “It’s all I’ve been able to think about these past couple of hours.”

Jensen kissed Trevor deeply, eliciting a soft moan that stoked his heart and cock. Of course he was prepared, always carrying a condom in his pocket. Marcus generally wanted sex at the most odd times, and while they had been together for the last year and hadn’t been with anyone else, they were always armed with protection just in case.

Trevor’s enthusiasm pushed Jensen over the edge, his rational side now nonexistent. In seconds, Trevor had unbuckled Jensen’s belt, unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans. His hands were immediately inside Jensen’s briefs, caressing his cock and working the denim from his hips.

“Please, don’t deny me and laugh,” Trevor pleaded through shaky breaths. One hand fumbled with the buttons of Jensen’s shirt, while the other generously stroked him.

“Keep that up and I’ll never deny you.”

Trevor kissed Jensen with a deep need, hands working to open Jensen’s shirt and stroke his erection at the same time. He was everywhere, moving fast, energized by the moment, and in a damn hurry. Once all the buttons were freed, Trevor pushed the fabric over Jensen’s shoulders, dipping his head down to flick his tongue over Jensen’s nipples. His tongue moved fast, caressing Jensen’s nubs, back and forth, nipping with his teeth until Jensen closed his eyes, reveling in the attention.

Slowly inching down, Trevor used his tongue with expert precision. Jensen ran his hands through Trevor’s hair, not guiding him in his descent, but as a means to show affection, or rather appreciation for what he was doing.

When Trevor took Jensen’s cock into his warm mouth it was all Jensen could do to keep standing and not buckle at his knees. Trevor’s mere enthusiasm caused Jensen’s heart to race. He couldn’t remember the last time someone made him feel so special. Was that the word he was looking for?

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