Trusted by the Unicorn

Into the land of Unicorns 3

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sensual
Word Count: 4,997
0 Ratings (0.0)

Back on Earth, Sayer is healthy again, but unicorns don’t do well in the city. He’s miserable and Todd wants to help him. He and his brothers have a cabin upstate that might work for them but it needs a lot of repair. Thankfully, it’s just the kind of place for three unicorns to call home.

Trusted by the Unicorn
0 Ratings (0.0)

Trusted by the Unicorn

Into the land of Unicorns 3

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sensual
Word Count: 4,997
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Carmen Waters

Todd froze in bed as he heard a noise downstairs. A quick glance at his phone told him it was almost three in the morning. He called his brother, Jacob, first, because Jacob was much easier to wake up and always had his phone on him, unlike Seth.

But the person who picked up his call was not his brother. It was Calix. “Hey, Todd. What’s going on with you this morning? You’re up early,” he said, sounding happy and incredibly awake, despite the hour.

“There’s someone in my house,” Todd hissed into the phone.

“Really? That’s exciting.” Actually, Calix sounded pretty bored overall. “When do people generally wake up? Jacob has been sleeping for hours.”

“I have someone in my house and you’re worried about how long my brother has been asleep? What’s wrong with you?”

Calix sighed. “It’s probably just Sayer. He said he was going to come visit you. Go down and check.”

Todd glared at his phone then hung up on Calix. The unicorn really annoyed him sometimes. He hadn’t even known Calix and his brother, Xavier, that long, but they could be seriously annoying.

He crept quietly downstairs, ready to fend off anyone who dared to come at him. He wasn’t big, and he wasn’t strong, but he was determined to do some damage to someone if he had to.

The light was on in his kitchen. He came closer, listening to the sounds of someone rifling through his lower cabinets. It wasn’t until he was practically on top of whoever it was that Todd saw a shirtless man with bright white hair, the same kind of hair that Calix and Xavier had.

“Hello?” he asked cautiously.

The man looked up and smiled at him. “Hey. You must be Todd. I’m Sayer. Did Calix tell you I was planning to come over?”

Todd shook his head. “Not really.”

Sayer pursed his lips. “I’ll talk to him. He said coming over wasn’t going to be a big deal, but by judging on how fast your heart is racing I’d say he was wrong. Right?”


Sayer remained crouched on the ground, but now he seemed far less sure of himself. “Do you want me to go? You need your sleep, and I can get a cup of tea from Calix or Xavier tomorrow.”

Todd minded being woken up in the middle of the night, especially for something as small as a cup of tea, but if he sent Sayer away he’d have to go outside, and it was chilly with the wind coming in.

“You can stay here.”

Sayer instantly smiled up at him. “Thanks.”

“But only for a little bit. You’re not moving in. Calix and Xavier moved in with my brothers, but that’s definitely not what’s happening here.”

Sayer shrugged. “That’s fine. Will you help me make tea? Your kitchen seems to be quite a bit different than the ones I’m used to.”

“When was the last time you were on Earth?” Todd knew it had been a few years, but he couldn’t remember exactly what Calix had said. Xavier was pretty tight lipped about all of it.

“Four hundred years. I know what electricity is, but not how to use it. I’d still really like a cup of tea though, if you can help me with that.”

Todd couldn’t help staring at him. He’d known that Sayer and his brothers were old, just not how old. He shook his head and silently got to work making Sayer a cup of tea, despite how late it was. When he was done and the tea bag was steeping in the hot water, he looked around for Sayer and found him sitting on the floor with his back against the cabinets, quietly watching him too.

“You’d be more comfortable on the couch,” Todd said as he handed him the steaming cup.

Sayer shrugged and held it close to his chest. “I lack the energy right now to do much more than sit here. Given time I’ll be better, but right now I’m barely functioning back here on Earth. It’s a strange thing to be asleep for so long and then find myself awake again on Earth. But this Earth looks nothing like the one we left, so I’m not entirely sure what’s worse, staying in the bubble of a world we created and slowly dying there, or being here and feeling completely out of place. Which would you choose?”

“Here. I don’t want to die,” Todd answered him automatically.

Sayer softly smiled at his tea. “No, I suppose a human wouldn’t. But I’m hundreds of years old. I’m bored out of my mind and terrified of what lies in wait for me and my brothers out there in the world as it exists now.”

Todd wished he had an easy answer for him. He also wished it wasn’t the middle of the night. At least he could help Sayer in one way. “You can stay here for a little while longer than I said before. If you need to. Just until you figure out something else.”

Sayer leaned back and rested his head on the cabinet behind him. “Something else? Like what? Xavier has told me of these papers you humans use now. Identification documents, he’s called them. We can’t get them. Your movies make it seem easy to get them, but you must have money for these things, and we don’t have that either. He’s told me all about what your movies say about your society. I don’t think they’re a very good representation of what one can expect living here.”

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