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Twice Bitten Not Shy (MFM)

Vampires of Eternity

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 38,970
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, vampires, HEA]

Gwendolyn Harris has no idea what she is getting involved in when Sebastian Ashford and Christian St. John hire her event planning company, An Affair to Remember, for the grand opening of their new club.

For the last few years Gwen has done nothing but work to make her business a success. But when she looks into the haunting eyes of Christian and Sebastian, she wonders if her fantasies are about to become reality. Her ex-husband decides they are a danger to her and is determined to keep her away from them.

Sebastian and Christian had been searching for the key to their curse for hundreds of years. When they realize that danger has followed them to town, they know they don’t have a lot of time. Their hearts tell them that Gwen is their one, but can they convince her before it’s too late?

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
It was a good start for the series. The storyline was good but felt there needed to be more to the story. It was a short book but kept me interested enough to get the next in the series. Having read i...


I loved this book! The characters had major sexual chemistry and the story kept me wanting more. I couldn't put it down! I'm really enjoying this series and I'm looking forward to the next release dat...

- christyhebert

Professional Reviews

4 HEARTS: "Gwen Harris might still be friends with her ex, Roger, but he was still trying to protect her, giving her business advice. Roger's meddling included steering two new clients to her event planning company. Christian St. John and Sebastian Ashford were sexy enticing men and to Gwen's disbelief, they were vampires. Christian and Sebastian are vampires that are living under a 400-year old curse and need to find their one true love to break it. They believe Gwendolyn is the one. The curse is slowly killing them, for real this time. Now, they just have to convince her before the curse is fulfilled. I liked the character of Gwen Harris. Meeting two handsome, exciting men is great but not something she has been seeking in her life. She is a competent businesswoman with a company on the verge of success, so the decisions relating to her men are really difficult. I like that she isn't the lonely woman looking for a savior as in so many other books. The complications of the curse and its caster, aggravated by her ex, really challenge her. Sebastian and Christian are desperate to survive but more honorable than most fictional vampires and it is an interesting situation. The business the men are opening is a fetish club called Eternity. Instead of Gwen being turned off, she is interested despite what it could do to her business reputation. She's not shy at all when it comes to her fantasies, even when they turn towards the possibility of menage encounters with vampires. Twice Bitten Not Shy is the first book in Ms. St. James' new series, Vampires of Eternity.” The book is well plotted with plenty of interesting characters and room to expand it into a great series. I enjoyed the complications and how they were solved. I wish the book had gone on a little longer to get more into the feelings of the trio but I enjoyed it enough to be waiting for the sequels. I think you'll like this one." -- Kathy F., The Romance Studio

4 STARS: "I really enjoyed this book. Meeting the men in the time of her life that she was in Gwen still held her ground, and to her believes and while she had to make some hard choices, I feel that in the end it worked wonderfully for her, and her men. I loved how the issues in the book were overcome and also the secondary characters that were introduced as well. This is the first book in a series and honestly, I hope that the next one is just a bit longer. Other than that – well done!" -- Rose, The Talent Cave Reviews

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Gwen pulled up to the address Brianna had given her. What the hell? No freakin’ way. Momentarily stunned, she stared out of the car window at the imposing threshold of the old brownstone. Could it really be the same doorway she had visited in her dreams for the last few months? This must be some kind of a sick cosmic joke. She dug her phone out of her purse and called Brianna, her assistant and best friend.

“Hey, Bree, are you sure that you gave me the right address for this meeting?”

“Um, let me check. 4969 Raven Street?”

“Yeah, but I don’t recall ever seeing this building here before. It’s weird.”

“Is something wrong? You don’t sound like yourself?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Just a little off this morning. I wonder what the hell Roger has gotten me into this time. Anyway, I’ll call you when I’m done here. Thanks as always.”

“Sure, no problem, boss lady. Talk to you later.”

“This can’t be,” she whispered to herself while stepping out of her cherry-red Mustang. You have entered the Twilight Zone. Gwen almost giggled at the thought of her favorite old TV show. She could hear Rod Serling’s voice in her head as she approached the doorway, her steps not quite as steady as usual. It’s just a coincidence. You really need to get over yourself already.

As Gwen reached out to knock on the ornately carved door, it swung open. Her fingers hadn’t even touched the surface. Holy shit. The most gorgeous man she’d ever seen was standing in front of her. Tall, dark, and handsome did not do him justice. Her gaze wandered from his black leather slip-ons to his strong chiseled face. She took in every gorgeous inch of him.

He regarded her intently with eyes the color of brilliant blue sapphires. The tight fit of his black T-shirt accentuated his broad chest. It was tucked into black jeans, which hugged his body like they were painted on and left very little to the imagination. She felt her cheeks color when she realized she was staring.

“Gwendolyn Harris?


“Welcome to Eternity. I’m Sebastian Ashford.”

Snapping out of her reverie at the sound of her name, Gwen was back in business mode.

“Good morning. Umm…eternity?” She held out her hand in greeting. Instead of shaking it as she had expected, Sebastian lifted it to his mouth. His lips gently grazed the back of her hand. Heat spread throughout her body while an eerie sense of déjà vu caused her to shiver slightly. Eternity? What the fuck?

“Yes, it’s the name of our club. Won’t you come in?”

“Of course.”

“My business partner, Christian St. John, is waiting for us in the office. And please, call me Sebastian. No need to be formal.”

“I agree. You can call me Gwen.” With a deep breath, Gwen put one navy pump in front of the other and stepped across the entry. She looked around and released the breath she had been holding. It looks like every other brownstone. Why did I get myself so worked up? Damn dreams.

Sebastian led her over to the elevator and pushed the button. The doors glided open, and they stepped in. Gwen almost snorted when the first strains of Aerosmith’s “Love in an Elevator” seeped into her consciousness.

“Christian and I have been best friends for longer than we can remember. It made perfect sense to go into business together as well,” Sebastian explained as he led her down the emerald-green carpeted hallway. The walls were painted a light taupe color and decorated with what looked like Monet paintings. These are some great reproductions. She wanted to take a closer look, but she was already struggling to keep up with Sebastian’s long strides. They passed several doors along the hallway, but all of them were closed. This could be any office building in the city, and yet I’ve still got that weird feeling.

As he continued to speak, Gwen wondered where he was from. She could detect the hint of an accent, but it wasn’t pronounced enough to determine the origin. His English was just too precise to be his first language.

“I’m sure you’re wondering why we didn’t give your assistant much information prior to this meeting.”

It took Gwen a few seconds to realize that he had asked her a question. She had been too busy absorbing her surroundings.

“Yes, I had. I like to have more information before a first meeting, usually. It makes for a much more constructive meeting. But since that is not the case this time, I guess we’ll just have to work our way through the details today.”

“I do apologize. Roger said that you would be discreet, but Christian and I wanted to meet you first. Since we haven’t unveiled any information to the public, we are keeping a very tight cap on all the details.”

“I understand completely. But if we are to make your deadline, we have a lot of work to get done in a short period of time.”

“Yes, Gwendolyn, that is very true.” She loved the sound of her name as he said it. He made it sound so sensual as it poured from his perfect lips.




They stripped out of their clothing, the flames of passion licked at their skin. Sebastian knew he should slow it down, but the pull was too great. They wanted all of her and had waited too long to have her.

Sebastian’s and Christian’s eyes were almost glowing as they caressed, licked, and kissed Gwen. As Sebastian nibbled on her lips, Christian’s mouth found her nipple. He licked and sucked on her hard little bud before moving to the other breast, not wanting to neglect one inch of her. His hands roamed down her body, making their way to her shaved pussy.

They could feel how Gwen’s body yearned for more. She writhed against them and strained to feel more. Their hands and mouths were everywhere at once, and her moans of pleasure only stoked the fire.

Sebastian moved to lean against the headboard and pulled her back against him. His hands fondled her breasts and tweaked her nipples, and his sharp teeth nibbled on her neck. He knew that Gwendolyn could feel his hard cock pressing against her ass and lower back. It was throbbing as he strained against her, his cock aching to be inside her hot pussy.

He knew that it had been a long time since she’d had sex. No one since her husband had touched her lovely body, and no one would ever again if they had their way. Sebastian’s hands trailed up and down her arms and across to her breasts. He could feel her pushing back against his chest and her ass pushing against his cock. It felt so right, and he could tell from the sexual tension radiating from Christian that he was feeling the same. They had shared many women in the past, but none had felt so right and so perfect. The pleasure was almost pain, it was so amazing.

Gwen moaned, and her skin was on fire. They could feel the arousal pouring from her. No coherent thoughts were in her head, which was a very good thing. Sebastian didn’t want her questioning what she was feeling.

His thumbs rolled over her hard nipples again and again, while Christian was working his way up her thighs, licking, nibbling, and kissing. Gwen tasted like spring rain, fresh and pure. The men groaned their approval as all three were whisked into a passionate frenzy.

Sebastian moved from behind her and began kissing her lips, nibbling and sucking her bottom lip between his sharp teeth. He moved down her neck, and she reached for him. Gwen dug her nails into his back, and he felt them pierce his skin, the scent of his blood filled his nostrils.

“Oh, goddess, what have you done to me?” Gwen sighed as she continued to strain against him. Neither man answered her and just continued to pleasure her.

Sebastian felt Christian in his head. She is amazing. I can’t get enough of her.

I agree, the more I touch her the more I crave her.

Sebastian wasn’t ready to stop either, and even for all his reticence, he didn’t want to waste one more second of her. He whispered in her ear, “My darling, we want to make love to you.”

Gwen barely made a sound as she murmured her agreement. If they hadn’t been vampires they wouldn’t have heard her at all. But with her agreement their restraint was gone. No longer holding back, they bathed her body with their tongues, mouths, and fingers. She writhed against them, practically purring her arousal.

Christian moved up next to Sebastian, and they each took one of her nipples between their lips, sucking it against their sharp fangs. Their fingers roamed until they each inserted one into her tight pussy. They rubbed against Gwen’s G-spot and clitoris as they finger-fucked her. Her legs spread wider as she pushed into their hands. They could feel her release building as clearly as they could read it in her mind.

Gwen’s body was inflamed with passion and her arousal was hovering on the precipice. As she fell into the abyss of pleasure, they bit down on her breasts just enough to break the skin and give her their mark. The taste of her blood and the flavor of immortality coursed through their veins. She screamed out in pure passion, her life force filling them with the strength they hadn’t even realized they were missing. Sebastian signaled Christian, and they moved to surround Gwen in their arms.

They silently agreed to let Sebastian have her first. Christian continued to stroke her body. Sebastian moved between her spread legs and slowly slid his throbbing cock between her swollen lips and into her hot, wet pussy. Still vibrating with the force of her orgasm, Gwen’s body welcomed him easily. He gave one final thrust and pushed all the way in, his balls slapping against her ass. He lost control and pounded away at her. He felt Gwen wrap her legs tightly around his waist while her nails scraped down his back, leaving a bloody trail.

Sebastian had Gwen on the precipice of her second orgasm. He looked up and saw Christian watching them, a question in his eyes. Sebastian nodded and flipped Gwendolyn around so that he was underneath her and she was straddling him. He wasn’t sure she even noticed the change.

Christian rubbed his hard cock against her ass. He applied a liberal amount of lube. They knew she had never been taken like this. He spread her ass cheeks and rubbed some lube against her little puckered hole. He inserted one finger to spread the lubrication more thoroughly. He wanted to take her this way, but he didn’t want to hurt her more than was necessary.

Gwen shuddered against him but didn’t deny him. Christian looked at Sebastian one more time before he slowly pushed his throbbing cock into her ass.


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