Two Dude Ranchers for Dawn (MMF)

Cowboy City 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,660
8 Ratings (4.4)
[Ménage and More: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, sex toys, HFN]
The cruel irony of being single and surrounded by gorgeous, but totally gay, cowboys at a dude ranch in Arizona isn't lost on Dawn. Maybe Cowboy City wasn't the best choice for her friend's bachelorette holiday?
Two handsome cowboys introduce themselves just after she arrives and Dawn is flustered by the attention, until she remembers they can't really be interested in her. But when she dances with the men at a party later that night, she is stunned to discover that the attraction is mutual.
Ben is initially rattled by his lover Garrett's obvious attraction to the woman but soon finds himself just as fascinated by her. Garrett resists at first but eventually agrees that they should ask her out on a date.
The intense sexual chemistry between her and the men scares Dawn and she refuses their offer, but when she finds herself alone with them later beneath a breathtaking sunset, she can fight the attraction no longer.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Two Dude Ranchers for Dawn (MMF)
8 Ratings (4.4)

Two Dude Ranchers for Dawn (MMF)

Cowboy City 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,660
8 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Love this book, just wish it had been a little longer. Can't wait for the next book in the series. I hope Jen comes back and finds love.
A great book




Dawn Jeffries dragged her large pink suitcase across the uneven ground leading to the door of the log cabin, wincing as the wheels scraped across the jagged boulders and rocks studding the dry, dusty earth. A couple of the cowboys she could see dotted around the area watched her struggling with her cases, all of them either leaning against or sitting on the wooden railings at the entrance to the ranch. She sent Jeanette another mental poke for bringing her here.

The idea of a bachelorette party in a dude ranch in Pinal County, Arizona, had seemed like a wildly exciting idea at first, but Dawn was beginning to have doubts as her group left the Phoenix airport and the urban streets and buildings had given way to miles and miles of nothing but gray dust and thousands of cacti. She felt a bit better when the relentless open space gave way to a valley where the desert met the mountains and the landscape turned a little more green and lush.

“I thought cowboys were supposed to be gentlemen,” she muttered toward the group of friends a few feet away who were also struggling with their luggage, swallowing a groan as she twisted her ankle when the heel of her shoe caught on a stone.

“Most of us are, ma’am.”

Dawn span toward the source of the voice, squinting against the bright afternoon sun as she bent her neck back as far as it would go to look up at the tall man who had suddenly appeared beside her.

“Can we help you with those?” another voice behind her asked. Dawn got a little dizzy when she had to turn around again and look up at yet another cowboy, almost as tall as the first, who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.


She felt her cheeks grow even hotter than they already were. New York got warm in the summer at times, but nothing like this. Dawn hoped the handsome men staring down at her with wide, friendly smiles splitting their broad, tanned faces couldn’t see the sheen of sweat she could feel tingling on her skin.

Dawn followed the pair as they each grabbed one of her bags and strode over in the direction of the cabin she’d pointed out to them. She smoothed down her dress and fluffed up her highlighted brown hair, embarrassed that she’d been caught looking so unkempt by two of the hottest men she’d ever laid eyes on, but then she remembered that it probably didn’t matter.

Cowboy City was the number one venue for bachelorette parties and mixed groups of people who wanted to experience life on a dude ranch with a little bit of fantasy thrown in. It offered not only the usual activities like horseback riding, hayrides, and nature trails, but other events such as theme nights at the onsite nightclub and male strip shows at some of the small town’s bars. The men Dawn had seen in the pages of the glossy brochure Jeanette had shown her a few months ago were the stuff fantasies were made of. All of them were handsome and very, very rugged, and all of them were most likely gay. The brochure had gone to great lengths to make it clear that Cowboy City was a LGBT-friendly ranch in an easygoing town that welcomed adult visitors and groups from all over the world, gay or straight. A quick glance at some of the rave reviews for the ranch on the internet from the hordes of women and gay men who’d visited in recent years made it clear that the majority of the ranch hands working at the venue were totally hot, endlessly charming, and almost exclusively gay.

The cruel irony of being a thirty-year-old single woman attending her best friend’s bachelorette party in a place filled with beautiful men she would never be able to have wasn’t lost on Dawn.

Her attention locked on to the long, loose stride of the taller of the cowboys carrying her bags. His jeans were well-worn and dusty and hung low on his hips, emphasizing the sway of his firm ass as he crossed the yard. Dawn swallowed hard, resisting the urge to let out a groan of frustrated appreciation.


Dawn’s gaze flicked upward to lock with a pair of dark green eyes filled with humor. Yep, he caught me looking at his butt. There was no doubt about it. His face gave nothing away as he took her other bag from his friend and briefly stepped inside her cabin to place the luggage on the floor. He moved away and gestured for her to enter, quickly tipping his hat to her and revealing a mass of fine dark hair.

“Welcome to Cowboy City. Enjoy your stay.”




He groaned at the contact and she tried to pull away but his arms locked around her torso, holding her close. Dawn jerked her head back and looked up into his face, scared and excited at the same time by the naked hunger she saw in his eyes.

“Jesus, Dawn. Do you have any idea how badly I want to kiss you?”

Her gaze dropped to his mouth and she saw rather than heard the gentle curse that escaped from his lips as he lowered his head. She felt his warm breath caress her face as he drew nearer, and then he was kissing her. The second their lips met, Dawn sagged against him, sinking into his strength while pressing her body closer. Garrett’s hand moved up to the nape of her neck, and he slid his fingers into her hair, grabbing a handful and tilting her head to one side so he could deepen the kiss. His tongue surged into her mouth and she sucked on it eagerly, moaning as a hard pulse of desire tore through her body.

A hand on her shoulder began to rub deep, soothing circles on her flesh, and she groaned in pleasure. It took Dawn a second to realize that, unless Garrett had sprouted another hand to go along with the one that was in her hair and the other that was pressing into the small of her back, it wasn’t his. Her insides convulsed at the thought of Ben touching her in the same way, and she pulled away from Garrett and turned around in his arms to face the other man, but he didn’t move.

“Ben?” His hesitation confused her, and a niggle of doubt wormed its way into her brain.

He stared down at her, a question lingering in his eyes, and Dawn knew he wouldn’t make a move until he knew it was okay. She reached up to him, feeling his bristle tickle her palm as she cupped his face in her hands and dragged his mouth down to meet hers. Any breath or willpower she had left disappeared when his lips met hers. What Garrett had in raw sex appeal, Ben equaled with technique. He sucked her bottom lip into his mouth and grazed his teeth over it gently, leaving her trembling with need, desperate for him to kiss her properly. Ben didn’t keep her waiting and covered her mouth as his hands latched onto her hips and he pulled her roughly against him. Dawn felt the hard ridge of his erection press against her and she ground against it, reveling in the guttural groan she forced out of him.

Garrett’s hands began to move from where they rested at her waist, sliding up her torso to cup her breasts. She could feel the heat of his skin through the cotton of the shift dress she’d thrown on after her shower earlier, and she tore her mouth from Ben’s to lean back against Garrett and allow him greater access.

Dawn felt Ben lean closer, and she opened her eyes, expecting to find him ready to kiss her again, but it wasn’t her he wanted to kiss. It was Garrett. Dawn tilted her head to watch as the two men kissed each other with a ferocious hunger she was envious of. They were as hot for each other as they were for her, and Dawn had never seen anything so erotic.

The desire to be part of the sizzling connection between them made her reach back and cup Garrett’s rock-hard bulge just at the very moment she pressed her palm against Ben’s erection. Their reactions were instant and very satisfying. Garrett threw his head back and let out a grunt of pleasure, while Ben cupped her face in his hands again and kissed her as he thrust into her palm.

Dawn felt a breeze caress her heated flesh, and she looked down to find Garrett unbuttoning her dress. He nipped the skin at the side of her torso as he reached down to undo the last button at her mid-thigh and thrust the fabric aside, sliding his palms over her flesh as he stood again. His fingers nudged under the band of her bra, and he yanked it over her breasts, freeing her aching nipples.

Ben stopped kissing her and let his eyes roam over her half-naked body, smiling to himself as if it made him happy to look at her. His gaze met hers again, and she fought to keep her eyes open as she felt him trail a fingertip inside the lace trim of her panties. Ben bit on his lip as he burrowed deeper into her underwear, and she felt his knuckles brush her mound before he turned his hand over and slid his fingertips over her hot, throbbing clit.

Her knees gave way and she began to sink to the ground until Garrett’s grip on her tightened. She felt his bristled jaw brush over the tender skin of her shoulder and then his mouth latched onto her neck, adding a new and dizzying aspect to the sensations already assaulting her.

The fingers teasing and pulling at her bud slid further between her legs and Dawn felt a gentle nudge at the entrance to her pussy. She spread her thighs wider, aware she’d never been so hot for anyone or so desperate to be touched. Ben thrust his fingers inside her, and she clutched at his hand, urging him deeper. Her clit made contact with the base of his thumb and Dawn thrust against it, jerking forward again and again, unable to control herself. She felt Ben’s hair trail over the skin on her upper chest and then his face replaced Garrett’s hand on one of her breasts as he sucked a nipple into his mouth.

She wasn’t aware of Garrett until she felt him yank her panties away from her butt and thrust his hand between the cheeks of her ass.

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