Two Old Flames (MFM Menage Erotic Romance)

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 11,500
1 Ratings (4.0)


Dawn is exhausted after working a full day representing her gaming company at ComicCon, accosted by eighteen versions of Zelda and more Star Wars characters than you can shake a light sabre at. But when she spots Stephen, one of her high school flames, in the crowd, soon her exhaustion turns to exhilaration.

Stephen invites her back to his place, and an old flame turns into white-hot passion as the two rekindle their romance. When an unexpected visitor, Brian, appears, the three may resume their triad, but will Dawn be able to handle *two* old flames at once?

If you liked Meghan's other MFM menage erotica in Double Entry at the Office or the Double Entry Collection, you will love Two Old Flames.

For readers 18 and older.

**Includes a free bonus story!**

Two Old Flames (MFM Menage Erotic Romance)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Two Old Flames (MFM Menage Erotic Romance)

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 11,500
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Yet another Trekker walked by, dressed as Uhura. A tip of the hat to the cross-dresser; he looked more like the character than any woman she'd seen yet. Boba Fett walked by, then Link, followed by a whining Zelda and some guy who looked like a medieval Bigfoot.

Oh. No. He wasn't actually in costume. He just looked like that. And – ugh! – she grabbed for her mint lip balm to mask his odor. Geez, buddy – if you can afford the entry fee here, can't you buy a bar of soap and take a shower? Gross.

She was bored out of her mind at ComicCon, here in this fancy convention center just outside San Diego, California. She had no choice but to be here as part of her job, marketing new products for a gaming company, but was utterly exhausted. Her day had sucked and she wanted to run away.

Could she be dreaming, she mused, as she tried not to stare across the convention floor, covered with people in cosplay, Princess Leia walking by about nineteen times with Chewbacca hot and heavy on her trail. A human caught her attention. No costume, no fakery – just a hot guy in Levis, a tight t-shirt and...Holy SHIT! Was that really him? Her high school crush? She hadn't seen Stephen in two years, yet there he was, the last place she expected to see the guy who broke her heart.

His head turned and he widened his eyes, making her hot with desire with one simple look, damn it. She hadn't seen him since high school, in that distant past, but now he was here, making her heart race.

Wimp, she thought. But she couldn't deny what he was doing to her.

She knew, too, that she was a hell of a lot sexier than just a few years ago. Filling out nicely and dying her hair from sad brown to a golden blonde meant she was more of an eyeful.

"Is that Dawn?" he asked, storming over, that gorgeous mouth and those hands nearly stripping her naked. Well, not really. He just hugged her, but in her mind he stripped her naked. What was that Vulcan mindmeld thing? If she focused hard enough, could she get him to ravage her right here, right now?

Dear God. Still sultry, he was, and she nearly jumped him right there. The embrace deepened, his hips digging into hers, that tight t-shirt revealing strong pecs and abs that narrowed down to.
Oh, dear. It took everything in her to hold back.

But, apparently, he had other ideas.

To her great surprise, he took the lead, hands on her waist, his lips devouring hers and shooing all rational thought. Her head swooned and he chuckled. She knew she had changed in two years – filled out and definitely more experienced. But still – Stephen had been her first.
Her simultaneous first. She, Stephen and Brian had been each others firsts, all the summer before they went away to college.

No threesomes since, but GOD she needed a twosome right now.

"You still have the same effect on me, even now," his voice trailed off. She tried to answer, but his body was on her, his hands on her ass and her mind just told her to rub her chest against his and press her hips against his. He cupped her chin in his hand and a burst of electricity shot through her. Suddenly, coming to ComicCon was the BEST idea ever, and she would be eternally grateful to her boss for making her attend.

“What are you talking about?” she finally asked, confused as hell.

“You took off and never wrote, never called after you went away to college.”

“I was a scared idiot,” he answered, hands roaming. “I am not about to pass up this chance. I may have been stupid then, but not now.”

His laser gaze made her melt, and she sensed a sincerity there. Warmth filled her; the sad, lonely life she led now, just out of college and shilling for the man, suddenly seemed in the distant past.
A new chapter was opening.

Her legs, too.

"It sounds crazy, but my place is close," he suggested.

“Hell, yes,” she said, jumping at the chance. Back in high school she had been too mousy, but no way would coyness ruin her chances again. She had waited until she was nineteen to lose her virginity to Stephen and Brian, always a bit heavy, shy and embarrassed after years of teasing. They had put her at ease, in love with who she was, loving her curvy body, a body that had matured, that she had matured into.

She was more than ready, and more than comfortable in her own skin.

His lips twitched with amusement, and passion. "You first,” he said, extending an arm toward the door.

"We'll see who goes first," she mocked, and his laugh went dark and intense.

"Oh, I'll make sure it's you," he growled, his arms warm and seeking flesh. Happy, she felt her breasts swell with anticipation as they rushed to his apartment.

He lived in one of those huge, sprawling apartment complexes, but getting in was quick, as he had an end townhome. They were barely in the door before he was all over her.

Buzzing, she ached, clit swollen with craving to be fucked on both of their terms. She tore off his pants, lips twitching to go down on him. A flash of memory of oral sex with Brian caught her off guard, and she found herself wishing he were here, too. Sex with both had seemed so complete. Fulfilling. She had never experienced anything like it since.

But Stephen would be more than enough.

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