Under His Spell (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 57,406
5 Ratings (3.4)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Interracial Paranormal Romance, werewolves]

Lynn Calloway has been living a quiet, routine life—that is, until she meets a gorgeous stranger. Drawn in by his dark, magnetic gaze, she’s instantly intrigued. She notices something different about him from the very start, but it isn’t until they spend a passionate night together that the secrets he’s been holding begin to reveal themselves in the most unexpected of ways.

From the moment Takoda Chasing Horse lays eyes upon her, he’s certain that she’s the one. But before he can make her his own he will have to reveal the truth. A shape-shifter by birth, he has the ability to transform into a wolf.

The passionate love they develop for one another is unbreakable, but a tragic past presents obstacles that neither is prepared for.

Under His Spell is the story of two wounded souls coming together and the battles they must face to save their love.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Under His Spell (MF)
5 Ratings (3.4)

Under His Spell (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 57,406
5 Ratings (3.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Awww, this is so sweet - I want a Takoda of my very own!
if this is Liz's first book..I would say that it was one of thee best IR shape-shifting romance novel ever..Lots of hot and steamy scenes with the hero and heroine..couldnt put it down for a second..It will captivate your mind from the title to the end.Very much worth the money spent on it.This is a "MUST READ" and hopefully we all will be hearing more from this author.
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "From the moment Lynn lays eyes on Takoda in a coffee shop, sparks fly. Their playful stare down leads to him giving her his phone number; but the shy beauty hesitates to call. Luckily for her, fate steps in and he shows up at her house to do a paint job she ordered weeks earlier. It turns out tall, dark, and handsome is the co-owner of the company. The fire between them rekindles and after a night of the best sex she's ever had, Lynn wakes up alone. Disappointed and angry, Lynn drags herself into work heartbroken. She thought they had a real connection, but instead he turned out to be a con artist. Desperate to get back in her good graces Takoda leaves numerous messages on her cell phone, pleading with her to let him explain what happened. The handsome Native American has a secret. He's a shape shifter. The emotions she stirred in him brought his wolf to the forefront and he had no choice but to flee before he shifted. His escape wasn't soon enough. He marked her and now she's linked to him for life, whether she likes it or not. I was totally engrossed in UNDER HIS SPELL from the very first paragraph! Ms. Davis knows how to write three-dimensional characters you can really relate to. The spark between Lynn and Takoda felt genuine, and the sexual energy between them was like a volcanic explosion. I'm not sure how Ms. Davis managed to cram so much action and depth in under two hundred pages, but I'm glad she did. This is a read I'd recommend to anyone." -- SColt, The Romance Reviews

4 NYMPHS: "When she spots a stranger with long black hair in a coffeehouse, Lynn Calloway can’t stop staring. She’s not the kind of woman to engage in conversation with a total stranger and flirt, but something about the man is hard to resist. Fate brings the man to Lynn’s house and they spend an amazing night in bed together. Lynn’s happiness is quickly squashed upon discovering that her American Indian lover left without even saying goodbye. Takoda Chasing didn’t mean to bring another woman into his life, but he had no choice. Lynn was his and he couldn’t deny his feelings for her. Takoda doesn’t know how to tell her he’s a wolf and handles the situation all wrong. If Lynn is able to accept him, will she be able to handle the tragedy from his past? Lynn forgives Takoda for his unexplained absence and after some convincing, she accepts the fact that he’s a shifter. The couple’s happiness is quickly interrupted by demons from their past and interference from Lynn’s co-worker. Takoda fears he won’t be able to keep Lynn safe from harm but when it counts, he is always there for her. There are some very intense moments that seem like all hope is lost. Lynn’s co-worker definitely gave me the creeps and I would have liked to see a different outcome for him. I also enjoyed the sinister feeling when Lynn gets stranded and meets Dex. His part in the story left me with questions. Takoda is a good man, and I was glad to see him let go of some of his guilt and sadness when he met Lynn. He deserved a second chance at happiness and I’m thrilled it was with Lynn. I was shocked by the unknown danger that surrounded Lynn. It was a wonderful addition to this love story that helped cement the couple’s love. Under His Spell is a delightful love story of two people meant to be together. I know readers will be pleased if they pick up a copy because Liz Davis has given them a story that stands out." -- Amethyst Nymph, Literary Nymph Reviews

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Story Excerpt


Lynn’s eyes remained fixed upon the tall, long-haired stranger. She impatiently waited for the moment when she would see his face, and as he finally turned toward her she was far from disappointed. To say the man was gorgeous would be an understatement. Simply put, he was masculine beauty. And he was indeed American Indian.

His eyes searched for an empty table, and, spotting one across the way from her, he sat down at it. Lynn felt her heart leap in her chest from the mere presence of him.

 Calm down and don’t get so excited. He probably won’t even notice that I’m here. There isn’t a chance I’m even his type, anyhow.

She figured he must have noticed her looking because his eyes met hers in a lingering gaze. She tried to smile, yet found that she couldn’t. She was shy, and being in the presence of this man, who happened to be the epitome of her ultimate fantasy, was nearly overwhelming.

As he picked up his coffee mug, she noticed his hands. They were large, and his fingers were long and slim. He wore rings which were made of turquoise and silver, and as she studied his fingers, she found herself wondering what it would feel like to have them slide across her body. She imagined them moving up her thighs until they reached that place between her legs. Then they would travel further inward until...oh gosh, she had to stop. She couldn’t think of that right now, not here.

As if he’d been reading her thoughts, the long-haired cutie looked up from the magazine he was reading. As his eyes met her own, she felt her stomach do little flips, which was a sure sign that she was nervous. So naturally the next step was for her to turn into an embarrassing, awkward mess.

Oh greatthat’s just what I need, to turn into a klutzy fool in front of this gorgeous man.

His gaze was intense and unwavering. She allowed her eyes to lock into his for a few short moments but eventually found herself directing her attention elsewhere. She was too shy to keep eye contact and had always been terrible at flirting.

Taking a bite of her muffin, she gazed up from under her lashes every so often to see if he was still looking. He was. Picking up the mug of coffee, she took a large sip. It had grown a bit cold, but she didn’t care. All she needed right now was to create a diversion. Unfortunately she ended up miscalculating the sip she was taking and some of it dribbled onto her white tank top.

 Lynn’s cheeks instantly grew hot from embarrassment, and as she set the coffee mug down she could still feel his eyes glued upon her. Grabbing a napkin from the table, she began patting the stain on her shirt, but it didn’t seem to be doing any good, so she gave up and tossed the napkin aside.

Unable to avoid his stare any longer, Lynn found her gaze being pulled back to his. Those dark, intense eyes of his were still fixated upon her, gazing so intently that it almost seemed as if he were searching for secrets inside of her. The pull he had upon her was magnetizing.

It wasn’t a creepy feeling, but it was rather unusual. He was a complete stranger to Lynn, so why did it seem as if he could view things that were buried deep inside of her? Those eyes of his seemed to penetrate her very being. She couldn’t help feeling intimidated, and yet there was also something very erotic about the way his eyes were watching her.

She still felt incredibly nervous, but she was willing herself to not look away. She’d had stare-downs before, but this was beyond that. There was no malice behind this, only curiosity. She’d never had a man look at her in such a way before, and she felt a very strong urge to know who he was. He intrigued her. She wanted to speak to him but didn’t know what to say, so she remained quiet, fixed into that hypnotizing gaze of his.

Her eyes were locked hopelessly into his, and it didn’t seem as if he was planning on releasing them anytime soon, so she just did her best to play it cool. She wasn’t doing a very good job of it though, because the napkin in her hand was being torn to shreds.

Her other hand was balled up nervously in her lap, and her nails were digging into the flesh of her palm, leaving behind little indentations of crescent moons. Lynn was beginning to wonder when and if he was ever going to speak. She kept waiting for him to grow tired of looking at her and unlock her from his gaze, but it still didn’t seem as if he had any intentions of doing so. Neither of them wanted to stop staring. She found herself captivated by his eyes, and there was a strong energy which moved between them, an intense sexual heat. She realized that if a man could do this with his eyes then he must be amazing in bed.

The look in his eyes told her that he was testing her, willing her to look away first, but she was determined not to. She’d invested her energy and willpower and was now determined not to let her nerves get the best of her.

All around her, people were drinking coffee and clattering dishes and talking and laughing, but Lynn barely noticed of any of it. All of that was secondary now. The heated energy between them threatened to consume her, and his dark, sensuous eyes dared her to look away.




The way he looked at her sent shivers up her spine. She’d never had a man give her such a hungering stare before, and the attachment she felt toward him was unbelievably strong. She hadn’t known it was possible to feel emotions so deeply, and she knew she’d been blessed with the type of love which only came around once in a lifetime

As his callused hands slid across her body, she immersed herself in his touch. His warm lips scattered a few kisses along her body, and then she felt his tongue upon her skin—warm, wet, and snaking its way along her flesh.

At first she tensed beneath his touch, excited and anxious to have the feel of him between her legs, but then she realized it was more about the journey rather than the destination.

As his tongue trailed across her body, Lynn’s muscles grew taut with anticipation. His wet appendage traced small patterns along the surface of her torso, causing the muscles of her stomach to tighten and flex in response. The sound of her labored breathing filled the room, steadily growing heavier as his tongue journeyed southward.

As it slid across her thigh she struggled to keep still, not wanting to seem too eager. She knew that impatience would cause him to move even slower, and right now what she needed the most was to feel his tongue nestled in that warm place between her thighs. His tongue came dangerously close to touching the petals of her womanhood, but then suddenly it began to retreat. As he removed his head from between her legs, Lynn expelled a sound of disappointment. The way he teased her drove her crazy, and as he lay back on top of her body, Lynn curled her lips into a deep pout.

Offering her a little smile, he said, “Close your eyes.”

Feeling the tickle of his breath against her skin, she obeyed his order and eagerly anticipated his next move.

She felt the mattress give a dip as he lifted himself off of her and walked to the other side of the room. There was the sound of him rummaging around for something, and then she felt him climb back onto the mattress.

The first thing she felt was a cold sensation against her mouth. It was wet and frozen, and as he rubbed it back and forth across her lips, she realized it was an ice cube. He slipped it into her mouth, letting her suck on it a little, and then he withdrew it, trailing it over the curve of her chin and down the middle of her neck. It traveled further down over her collarbone and across her chest until it reached her breasts. As she felt the ice against her left nipple, she gasped, jutting her breasts outward as he began to rub it in circles around her areola.

The frozen cube spiraled its way slowly inward, passing up and over her stiff, delicate peak. Her nipple grew so hard it was almost painful, and finally, when she felt as if she couldn’t take anymore, he removed it. He blew a stream of hot air over the ice’s trail, causing the dual sensation of heat mixed with cold. The intensity of it had her squirming in need.

He gave the same treatment to her other nipple, stiffening it to a nearly painful peak and then blowing hot air against her chilled skin. She was hoping he would slide his tongue across her nipples to soothe them, but the only thing which he allowed to touch her was the ice cube. Popping it into his mouth, he began to slide it across her stomach, moving further down until it reached the curve of her hip bone. It continued along its journey until it reached the inside of her thigh, then traced its way up toward her womanhood.

Lynn’s breaths were shallow and quick, her chest rising and falling in anticipation of his next movement. Using his mouth to move the ice cube, Takoda ran it along the edge of her swollen pussy lips. Her body jumped a little as it made contact, tensing in response. She’d never felt a sensation like this before. It was all so new and incredibly erotic that she almost didn’t know what to do. She wanted to moan, scream, and cry out in pleasure all at once.

Having the frozen cube slide across the delicate skin there hurt, but in a good way. It was a pleasurable kind of torture which set her whole body on fire. With a sharp buck of her hips, she inhaled sharply, grasping a handful of his hair from the sudden, intense sensation.

“Ohhh!” The sound of her pleasurable cry pierced the air.

The tip of the ice cube had slipped between the lips of her pussy and was now nudging its way along the tip of her clitoris. Takoda took his time with her body, guiding the ice over and around the stiffening bud. The air became filled with the sound of her throaty moans and her body writhed desperately beneath him. Wriggling her hips, she hoped to create more friction between her skin and the ice cube.

He was so damn good at teasing her it was driving her mad, and just when she was certain she couldn’t stand it anymore, he removed the ice from her skin. She wondered what was to come next but knew that whatever he decided upon, she couldn’t take much more of this torture. She needed to feel him inside of her, to quell that desire burning right in her center. The tension between her legs had built up to unimaginable proportions, and she desperately needed release.

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