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Unexpected Taydelaan (MMF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 20,668
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Sci-Fi Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M]

Declan loves Luke.

Born on Earth, Declan spent most of his life believing he was human—and gay. Luke is Sesturian and happy to explain the mating practices of their people. But learning they have another mate out there—a woman who might one day come between them—has always overshadowed Declan’s happiness.

Until they meet Keira.

Keira thinks she’s falling in love with a gay couple. She knows it’s silly but can’t seem to pull back the emotional attachment to the two men. Obviously it’s her fevered imagination playing tricks on her. She cannot possibly be developing a mental link with Luke’s thoughts and emotions—no matter how many times Luke explains his alien status. But even if that were true, what about Declan?

What happens if he learns of the intimate mating link he doesn’t share?

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
I love this alien race and am so looking forward to reading more about these hot matings. Theres nothing hotter than a threesome.

- Barefoot Okie

I really like this series , I just wish they were longer

- CheriBlue

Professional Reviews

4 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "I was immediately intrigued by Unexpected Taydelaan by Ms. Rachel Clark. It appealed to both my naughty side and the little girl in me who loves science fiction. While this book is set on good old Earth, there is just enough differences in Luke and Declan to be very tempting. But what really struck me about this book is the emotional upheaval that all three characters go through – including Luke who seems to be the most torn. Ms. Clark has crafted a well played emotional triangle in Unexpected Taydelaan and I, the softy that I am, cried several times during this compelling story. With that being said, I will also not discount the steamy love scenes that Ms. Clark has penned. As a reviewer who happens to love triads where the men love on each other as much as they do on the heroine, Unexpected Taydelaan definitely fulfilled my need. I will have to say the only thing that brought my score down a bit was the fact that this reviewer thought that the way the author overcame the characters’ struggles was a bit too neat and tidy. I honestly think it was a bit too easy. However, I will say that Unexpected Taydelaan is well worth the read and I look forward to reading more from Ms. Clark." -- Dakota, Dark Divas Reviews

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Story Excerpt


Five years ago…


Luke glared at the steam rising from under the hood of his truck. The vehicle had been in perfect working order before he’d left home, but of course that had been nearly fifteen hundred miles ago. The worst part was that Luke wasn’t even certain why he was traveling. Something inside him said “go west,” and so he did.

It wasn’t like him to do something on a whim, but his father had slapped him on the back and told him to bring his woman home once he’d found her. Having lived on Earth most of his life, the instincts and mating rituals of his own people were vague fairy tales rather than solid fact in his mind, so Luke still felt kind of silly driving aimlessly across the country.

But considering that he was sitting on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere with his truck overheating and probably ready to fall apart, he wasn’t feeling so confident that his Sesturian mating instinct had been correct in the first place.

The nearest town was about an hour’s drive back the way he’d come, and he had no idea how far it was to the next one. He didn’t fancy walking sixty miles in this heat, so he levered the seat back and settled in to wait. Finally a vehicle came into view, and he stepped out of the truck to wave them down. It irked him to ask for help from a stranger, but it was pretty much his only choice.

The vehicle slowed and came to a stop not far from where Luke stood. The man who climbed out wore a friendly smile, a battered cowboy hat, and dusty work clothes. He was quite good-looking, and Luke stared at him so long that the man was practically standing in front of him before Luke realized he was being rude.

“Do you need some help?” the man asked with a grin.

Luke nodded and reached over to shake hands with the handsome stranger, but the moment their hands touched sensation forked through him like lightning. The other man seemed shocked by the contact and tried to pull away, but Luke dragged the man into his embrace and held on tight.

“Who are you?” the man asked, his voice filled with wonder as he gave up trying to pull away and instead snuggled into Luke’s arms.

“I’m the man you’ve been waiting for,” Luke said. Okay, it sounded really stupid when he said it like that, but he hadn’t been expecting the question. He could sense the man was Sesturian, so the confusion he was displaying seemed quite strange. “What’s your name?”

“Declan,” the man answered, sounding content, even if he was unsure why he was cuddling a stranger.

“I’m Luke.” He ran his hand up and down Declan’s spine and tried to decide how to proceed. He wasn’t sure what he’d expected when he found his mates, but he was fairly certain this wasn’t it. If Declan had been human Luke could understand why he’d be confused, but Luke knew for certain that the man he held in his arms was most definitely Sesturian.

Was Declan unaware of his heritage? Had he lived on Earth so long he’d forgotten? Or maybe he thought he was human. Hell, considering Luke’s own nontraditional upbringing, he supposed anything was possible.

But then the realization that he’d really found one of his mates washed through him, and suddenly none of his questions or Declan’s confusion meant anything important. They’d found each other, and they had a lifetime to work out the details.

Now they just needed to find their Taydelaan.




Oh wow.

Luke dragged her underwear down to her knees, his fingers making her squirm and moan with needy little sounds.

Keira still hadn’t discarded the idea that she was living some sort of delusion, but if the way she was imagining the feel of Luke’s passion combining with her own to make them both hotter, both needier, both incredibly aroused, then she really didn’t care. If this was insanity, give her more.

She heard a telepathic chuckle in her head, and she smiled around the cock in her mouth as thick fingers drove into her pussy, fucking her hard and fast. She groaned as Luke changed the angle and caressed something inside her that had her gasping for air.

Declan threaded his fingers through her hair, not really controlling her movements but definitely stopping any thought of retreat. She sucked him harder, sliding lower on his cock as she ran her tongue over the soft flesh. He groaned, lifting slightly, obviously controlling the urge to slam into her mouth.

Keira squeaked with surprise when the door behind Luke opened and the cool night air hit her exposed ass. But Luke just grabbed her hips and dragged her closer to the edge of the seat. She suctioned her mouth tighter around Declan, and he shuffled across the seat with her.

Luke stood behind her, caressing her ass, her thighs, the sensitive flesh of her pussy. “So beautiful,” he whispered a moment before his tongue touched her labia. She gasped in surprise, the movement forcing Declan’s cock further down her throat. She tried to pull away, panicked for a moment, but Declan’s hands tangled in her hair, massaging her head but holding her in place.

“Swallow, Keira. Just relax and swallow.” She tried to force herself to relax, but only managed the opposite. Luke touched her with his tongue again, bathing her labia with warmth as he slowly explored her slippery flesh.

“Good girl,” Declan groaned as she finally managed to swallow around his cock. Luke thrust his tongue deep into her pussy, the excitement it created rocketing around her body. She could feel Luke’s reaction to her arousal, and they both groaned in unison as the need to join together was almost irresistible. But even as she thought it, Keira could feel Luke’s worry for Declan. Neither of them wanted to do anything that would leave Declan feeling left out, but for them to make him center of attention may create even more problems.

She felt Luke pull away, his hands gently caressing her ass as she continued to suck on Declan. “Are you okay, baby?” he asked into her mind.

“Of course.”

He patted her thigh gently. “Come on, you two. Let’s take this somewhere more comfortable.”

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