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Unlucky (MF)

Lucky, Montana 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 36,109
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Cowboy Romance, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Piper Andrews is a secret romance author who has had nothing but bad luck all her life. Making a decision she hopes is the best, she moves in with her friend Sam, who lives in the small town of Lucky, Montana. Picking up what is left of her life, Piper is determined to finally get the luck in life she craves. However when a secret crush reappears, Piper is overcome with desire and for once in her life unsure what to do next.

Just out of the Marine Corps, Milo decides to make a new start with family and friends in his hometown of Lucky. Trying to keep his past in his past, he ends up running face to face with a fiery redhead who turns his world upside down. The downfall is that she is his sister’s best friend. Will Milo put away his fears to finally give in to the desires he now has for her?

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
I love the story line and the fact that it is a series story/book. But the main issue I have is the editing or lack thereof. What is wrong with publishers/authors that they do not read the story befor...

- yankee207

I had read the first book in this series and loved it. When Unlucky came out, I was first in line to grab my copy. Beverly Price has delivered a book that you can sink into and escape reality. I thi...

- Shae Shannon

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Milo was still lost at having woken up in bed with Piper. Sam had filled in the gaps as to her staying with her now. He was happy that Sam had someone to help her with the store. “So, Milo, why are you really here? You were due to get out, but I thought you were going to stay in. What the hell happened over there?” Sam was pouring the cup of coffee for him while getting the sugar from the cupboard. He could not stand sugar in his coffee. It just messed up the taste of it. However, Sam had a giant sweet tooth.

“Well, okay, so my unit and I were securing a house that was supposed to have housed some terrorists. We had split into teams. I took the outside with three Marines while the others went inside. Everything was going fine until the last person called out, and it was a damn trap, and the fuckin’ house was wired. Everyone inside died. My team got hurt. I took some shrapnel in the arm and leg. The fuckers used nails and other metal in their bombs for maximum damage. I just couldn’t see going back in with a whole new team,” Milo stated as he took a drink of coffee. He watched as the look of horror flitted across Sam’s face, right before it turned into anger. “Don’t look at me like that, Sam. No one knew. I knew after I got hit I was done, but I don’t need a damn handout from anyone trying to feel sorry for me. I am fine now, and going to start working as sheriff. Things are bound to get better.” Just as he finished his story and knew Sam would be okay with everything, he saw Piper walk into the hall.

She sure had changed since the last time her had seen her. She had always looked like a kid sister to him. She’d had big glasses that covered most of her face, her hair short and wild, and she was slightly on the small side. Right now though, she had her hair pulled up in a way that framed her tiny face. She still wore her glasses, but even those seemed to fit her better as well. She was now taller and a lot fuller than he remembered. She was almost flat chested when he last saw her, but now she was all woman and filled out her perfectly fitted top right. Her breasts were on the large size for her now smaller frame, but he had big hands and loved it when a woman fit into them. Damn, she had grown up. He felt the slight twinge as his cock started to stand up and take notice as well. Fuck, this can’t be happening. It’s Piper, for Christ’s sake.

“Morning,” Piper stated. He took notice of her as she walked into the kitchen while he and Sam talked about what his plans were now that he was in town for good. She went over to the stove and started a kettle of water. Milo watched as she reached up into the cabinet above the stove to grab a box of tea bags. Tea, who the hell drinks tea? As she reached, her shirt lifted slightly from the back of her pants, and the sight of her tight, plump ass came into view, and her lush, cream-colored skin peeked right above her jeans. She had a great ass. He had always been a breast man, but he could admire a perfect ass if it was right in front of him. She continued with her morning activities.

Sam kept talking about Cooper and Cash’s wedding to Riley. It was set for tomorrow, and she needed to finish getting last-minute things. “So I am taking Piper with me to town. Do you want to come with us? Piper needs a new dress, and I have to pick up my wedding gift.”

Milo told her no and that he would catch up with them later. Sam agreed and left him and Piper sitting at the table. Piper was dunking her tea bag in the cup before taking a sip.

Piper could feel the tension in the air. She tried to play it off and went about her business as Sam left the room, leaving her and Milo sitting at the table in complete silence.

“I’m sorry about this morning. I’m going to look for a place this afternoon and stay in the hotel so you can have your room,” said Piper as she lowered her eyes. She knew she needed to get out on her own and put her own two feet down and stop relying on Sam for help. Sam had always been there to pick up the pieces when her life went to shit. She went to speak again when Milo cut her off.

“No, Red, you don’t have to. I have already spoken with Cooper and taken the position of sheriff for a while. I have a house I am buying. It should be done anytime now. Until then I can stay with Wes and Grady. So don’t worry about it. I didn’t call Sam and let her know I was coming, so it was my fault this morning. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” He smiled at her, and Piper could hear the sadness in his voice. She smiled at him and reached for his hand. He called her Red. It had been a nickname he gave her when he first met her because of her red hair, and it had stuck since.

“Okay, if you’re sure. I’m really glad you’re back okay. Sam was really worried about you. She may act bitchy at times, but it’s just because she is covering how scared she was when you were over there. She will calm down some now that you are staying here. I am apparently going dress shopping with Sam, even though I hate shopping, for the wedding tomorrow.” She let go of his hand, stood, and walked out of the room to get her shoes on.

Once she was in the closure of the room, she released her breath that she was not aware she was holding. Why the hell did Milo have to be so fucking hot? She was on edge as it was, and now he was going to be staying in Lucky as well. It looked like her little family was growing by one.




“Did I say you could look up at me, Red? So far your punishments are adding up. Do you know what I am going to do to you, my sweet little toy? Do you know why I am going to punish you?” asked Milo.

“Yes, sir. Because I looked at you?” Piper was hoping that was the reason, but the way he said she had it coming made her think that maybe she did something prior. That doesn’t count, does it?

“That will only get you five, toy. No, I am talking about the way you dismissed me when you were hurt at the wedding. Not even a second look. I was so fuckin’ pissed, and you sent my ass packing. I wanted so bad to take you over my knee then and there. Instead, I walked away. But listen to me good, Red. No more, do you understand me? I will not be something or someone you dismiss. You are my toy until I say otherwise. Are we clear?” Milo’s voice resonated to every fiber in her body, and her pussy was singing with anticipation of what this delicious man was going to do to her body. It was not fear, but the desire to want more from this man that sent her reeling. She had sent him away only because she was embarrassed by what happened. She did not want Milo to see her weak. He was such a strong man within his own right that she, too, wanted to be strong to be with him.

“Yes, sir,” she said again. She felt Milo walk over to her this time and pet her head like a small animal. The feeling was odd but comforting to her. She stayed as still as possible so as not to disappoint him. Her juices were starting to run down her leg, and she feared she would have created a puddle on the floor before she stood up. Piper heard him pulling something from his pocket as he started to take off his belt that held all his items and set it on the chair next to the door. His radio sputtered quietly in the background, and she could see the shiny black of his gun next to it. Suddenly she felt a piece of fabric being bound along her lower arm and wrists. It felt like it was her robe tie that was sitting right next to his belt now. He was binding her hands behind her back. With a swift move, he lifted her to a standing position.

“Keep your eyes down, toy, and I promise you will be rewarded for listening to me. I want a closer look of what is mine.” Piper felt his hands on her naked shoulders, skimming the tips of his fingers along her collarbone to her center. From there, his touch continued downward toward her breasts. Slowly, too slow for Piper, he traced the outside of her nipple before grasping her breast with both hands, holding them in place and giving them a gentle squeeze.

Piper felt him lean into her as she was able to smell his bodywash tickle her nose. He smelled clean, and a hint of coffee lingered within his scent. “Who do these belong to, toy?” he whispered into her ear.

“You, sir,” replied Piper.

“Good answer, Red. Now tell me, who does this belong to?” he asked as he released his hold on her breasts and slid down to her belly.

“You, sir,” she acknowledged.

“Right again, toy. Now how about this?” His nimble fingers slid around to her ass and grabbed her cheeks, massaging them as his breathing increased along her ear.

Piper hesitated only for a moment as her breath hitched. “You, sir.”

“Correct. Now tell me, Red, has anyone claimed your ass?”

What could she tell him? No she didn’t because she was scared, or because no one ever tried to? Piper realized he must have felt her hesitation, as before she could reply to his question, a smack came across her cheek. “No, sir,” she said hurriedly.

“I’m glad to hear that, Red. However, do not hesitate again when I ask you a question. I do not like to be kept waiting. Just so you know, I will take your sweet little ass, but I want it to be enjoyable for you, so we will just play first.” He loosened his hold on her ass and moved his fingers to her aching sex. She was panting as he skimmed his fingers through the small smattering of hair that covered her mound. “I do not want anything in the way when I play with my toy. Tonight I want you to shave this off. Now once again, Red, who does this belong to?” One of his fingers ran through her lips and started to slowly play with her throbbing clit.

Piper gasped at the feeling. “You, sir,” she panted out as his magical fingers played with her. Then before she would get her bearings, a finger was slipped inside her. Piper inhaled at the invasion.

“My sweet little toy, how many men have played with what is mine?”



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