Vampire Lovers Box Set

Painted Hearts Publishing

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 40,339
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THE PROFESSOR AND HER VAMPIRE Brooke Foster has spent most of her life dreaming about a man she can never be with—Lord Lysander, an English poet who mysteriously disappeared in 1825. Now a professor of literature, she publishes a scholarly study of the man whose work has become her obsession. At a book signing, she meets a mysterious admirer who claims to know the answers to the very questions that have tantalized her for years. When she hears the amazing story of what really happened to Lord Lysander two centuries ago, Brooke realizes that her lifelong fantasy of meeting the poet himself, and revealing her love to him, might not be impossible after all.

THE VAMPIRE IN THE MIRROR While attending a business conference at a refurbished Victorian home, Maddy discovers an enchanted mirror that leads her to 1885. There she meets Gideon Carmichael, the mysterious and alluring man who owned the house in that era. Night after night, she returns to the mirror and steps through it into the past, where the two share a connection that makes Maddy question everything she ever thought she knew. Soon the moment arrives when Maddy must return to the 21st century and her life in the modern world. Leaving Gideon behind in 1885 may be the most painful decision she will ever make…unless she and the man she has grown to love can come up with a solution in time.

THE VAMPIRE IN THE WOODS When a young woman is abducted from her small New Hampshire town, rumors suggest that a vampire, or at least a criminal who believes himself to be one, is at work. Desperate to save the victim, Sheriff Dana Linden finds herself baffled by the clues and turns to occult researcher Professor Jamison Brand. What she doesn't suspect is that he has deadly secrets of his own.

THE VAMPIRE IN THE CASTLE: A Christmas Tale For most of her life, historian Sarah Drew has been obsessed with the mysterious English castle that has dominated her village since medieval times. Family legends even suggest that an ancestor of hers worked there as a servant over a hundred years ago. On Christmas Eve, Sarah is helping to restore the castle for the local historical trust when a mysterious and alluring man appears out of nowhere and invites her to share the holiday with him. Despite her instant attraction to Giles, Sarah is not sure what to make of his insistence that he has been trapped in the thick stone walls for over a hundred years—or his announcement that he knew and loved her in that earlier time. Though Sarah has spent years studying every inch of Castle Merik, she is about to discover that its biggest secrets have yet to be revealed.

Vampire Lovers Box Set
0 Ratings (0.0)

Vampire Lovers Box Set

Painted Hearts Publishing

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 40,339
0 Ratings (0.0)
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In the hallway of her second-floor apartment, he took her hand.

“A pleasure,” he said. “I look forward to reading your book and learning from your insights into Lord Lysander. You seem to understand him better than anyone I have ever met.”

“I hope so,” Brooke said. He seemed to be waiting for her to say something, but she hesitated before inviting him in. Something about doing so struck her as reckless, maybe even dangerous. Still, he’d just escorted her home through a blizzard, and he had to be cold. “Would you…um…like to step in for a moment? I can’t just send you back out into that mess.”

“I would not wish to impose.”

“No, really. It’s all right. Come in.”

“Very well.” He followed her in. Brooke took off her coat, shook off the snow, and turned to look at him. His eyes burned against her as if she had stripped off much more than her coat. Then he took two decisive steps toward her, opened his arms, and swept her against him.

She looked up into his face, feeling as though she were drowning in his gaze, or possibly drunk. A startling thought occurred to her: could he have slipped some kind of drug into her coffee? What were his true intentions?

Before she had a chance to ask, he leaned down to kissed her forehead, her lips, and finally her neck. His hand roved over her breast, pushing her blazer aside and sliding past the buttons of her shirt, which had somehow come undone. She felt herself respond to him fully. No, she decided, she wasn’t drugged. She was just powerfully attracted to him. And why not run with that emotion? She was a single, modern woman, past the age of thirty, without any hang-ups about sex or baggage about relationships in general. What was wrong with a hookup involving a gorgeous stranger who shared her interest in 19th-century metaphysical poetry?

His kiss deepened, his tongue sliding up and down the curve of her throat. Then she felt a brief, sharp sensation. She couldn’t really call it pain, though she knew instinctively that she’d have a mark there tomorrow. Thank goodness she had another two weeks before she returned to teaching, or her students would have plenty to gossip about when their professor walked in sporting a huge hickey. There was just something so deliciously kinky about it all!

They moved to the sofa, and Brooke realized that her body felt very heavy, her limbs hard to move. She longed to lie down. He settled on top of her, finally removing his lips from her neck. He licked the spot a few times, making her shiver with lust.
He moved to her breasts next, baring both of them and tracing the outlines of her nipples with his tongue. Again, she caught the glance of sharp teeth, though he didn’t bite her this time. His hand moved to the top of her skirt, sliding along the waistband. She wanted him to take her right there. But to her disappointment and bewilderment, he stopped and stood.
“I must go. I’m afraid things…or I…might spin out of control.”

“I was hoping they would.”

He bent down and kissed her on the mouth. She felt dizzy again, and the need for sleep tugged at her powerfully. Yes, she knew, he had to go. She desperately needed to rest.

“I will call on you again,” he promised. “In fact, I have something to show you. You will find it most interesting.”

Playfully she ran her hand across the front of his pants. “Yes, I’m sure I will,” she teased.

He smiled—a dark, wicked smile that got her heart pounding all over again. “I didn’t mean that,” he said. “But we’ll talk more later. Tomorrow night, in fact.”

Then he was gone. She fell asleep right there on the couch with her shirt wide open.

Later, when she woke up, she wondered if she had dreamed the whole thing. But in the pocket of her blazer she found his gold pen.

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