Vampire Whispers Bundle: Collection of Dark Vampire Erotic Stories

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 70,500
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This collection contains 4 extra steamy erotic stories that will throw you into the world of the Everett vampires. You will experience the intensity of the exclusive vampire sex club, Club Vampire. You will learn the history of the vampires and their clans from the perspective of their queen the Vampire Louisa. You will meet the charismatic Vampire Lance as he plays a deadly cat and mouse game with the hunter Gina. And finally, you will experience the passion and sensuality of being seduced by a dreamwalking vampire.

This is a must have bundle for the vampire and dark erotica lover with over 70,000 words of content!

Erotic Flash: A Vampire's Seduction

Length: 17,500 words

"Welcome to Flash Studios. At Flash Studios we specialize in erotic photos, for all occasions. So let go of your inhibitions and book an appointment for an erotically charged photo session you will not soon forget."

The studio is owned by Victor, a sexy vampire who loves his women one way only. Human, with no desire for anything more then a sizzling, passion filled night with him. Until, he meets Sabrina. For the first time in over a century Victor wants something more then a simple night of steamy sex, he wants love.

Tag, The Vampire's Game

Length: 17,000 words

For generations, the women in Gina's family have been vampire hunters sworn to exterminate all vampires, no exceptions. Until Lance. He is cocky and infuriating, but also highly charismatic and easily the sexiest man she has even met, igniting feelings within her that she'd rather keep buried. What started as a game for him and a duty for her develops into a passion with an intensity that threatens to destroy them both. Can Gina resist the sinfully sexy Lance and destroy the only man who has truly made her feel alive?

A Night At Club Vampire

Length: 12,500 words

Club Vampire is the hottest club in NYC, infamous for their strict admittance policy. Rumor has it that the owners are vampires and the club is crawling with hot, sensual vampires just dying to "hook up" with humans. Trinity and Francine are both thrilled and shocked when they gain admittance into the club, and are swept up into a world of vampires, sex, drugs, blood and quite possibly love.

Visions Of The Vampire Queen (Book 1 of the Vampire Queen Series)

Length: 23,500 words

Louisa is the Queen of the Vampires and has spent the past two centuries hidden away from the modern world. Away from vampires, violence, and what she feels if the filth of an industrializing society. Her new home is humble, but the villagers take her in with open arms. She even finds love, true and pure for the first time in her lifetime, with a human.

Her serene life is now being threatened. Her premonitions tell of a vampire revolt on the horizon, one which only she may be able to stop. She must choose between love and obligation, in this first installment of the Vampire Queen Trilogy.

BONUS - Excerpt From "A Night At Club Vampire 2: Nigel"

Vampire Whispers Bundle: Collection of Dark Vampire Erotic Stories
0 Ratings (0.0)

Vampire Whispers Bundle: Collection of Dark Vampire Erotic Stories

excessica publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 70,500
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Elixa Everett

Chapter 1

Lance eyed Gina as she examined the alleyway below him. There was no moon visible in the night sky making it an especially dark night. Due to the darkness, it nearly impossible for her to spot him perched up on the roof of the five story brick building above her. She on the other hand was in plain view thanks to the street lamps at both ends of the alleyway, and of course his keen night vision. It was one of the many benefits of being a vampire.

He had to admit there were worse things to do with his evenings than to play the game they had been playing for nearly a year now. The game was pretty simple. She was a vampire hunter and it was her job to terminate the existence of his kind, his role in the game was to simply, stay alive.

There had been a dark time in his life, not long before she first appeared to him that he would have welcomed the sweet embrace of death. He simply didn't have the courage to end it himself so he continued to live, if you could call it living. Six centuries were a long time to live alone, with no purpose other than survival. Now, however, he had Gina. The irony of it he found quite amusing.

If he had wanted to he could easily slip from her radar, never to be found again, but he enjoyed playing this game with her. Normally, he kept his distance and simply watched her following the trail he set up for her. He supposed their situation was similar to the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel.

“Follow the trail of pebbles to the candy house hunter, I have a surprise for you when you get there,” his voice echoed softly, floating on the wind, barely in her range of hearing. She did hear. She perked her head up in his direction. Her brown eyes glaring he imagined. He snickered softly to himself backing from the buildings edge, just in case. She didn't seem to share his sense of humor or attitude toward their situation.

He wouldn’t kill her, he had decided that not too long after he realized this little vixen was hot on his trail. He’d considered turning her a number of times, more frequently than not as of late. She certainly would be a fine sight to look at for the rest of eternity.

He chanced moving to the building edge again and continued to watch her intently. She had long black hair, which fell to her lower back when it was down. However, she normally wore it tied up in a ponytail high up on her head. While he found seeing her little ponytail swing back and forth when she was in hot pursuit of him adorable, it was when she wore it down that he really found her enchanting.

She was a fairly tall woman. He was 6’2 and she was almost able to meet him eye to eye, on the few rare occasions he allowed her that close. When she was all dressed up in her vampire hunting gear, hair wildly blowing in the wind she had a very exotic Amazonian look to her. She captivated him.

In truth, she was really of average looks, nice hourglass figure but he’d seen much better in his six hundred years. She had decently sized round breasts which he got to admire very often since she favoured tight fitting t-shirts and tank tops. Many nights he spent fantasizing about touching, sucking on those generous breasts.

When he really took the time to consider what made her so attractive to him he supposed it was her drive and determination. She was stubborn and ambitious enough to stick with the game of his that she was unwittingly a party too. He often found himself getting hard just thinking about what it would be like to have a woman like that fucking him.

"Damn it!" she cursed kicking a metal garbage can and sending it flying several feet down the alley.

She looked up the length of the building again to the rooftop.

Hmmm, should I call to her? Yes!

He peered over the edge of the building again, looking straight at her.

"Ginnnnnaaa," he called his voice deep and mocking. It especially pissed her off when he did that.

Her head jerked in his direction. She saw him, and in one swift motion she produced and arrow, loaded it into the bow, raised it to him and shot!

Lance jerked back just in time to feel the rush of the arrow as it shot past his face. Damn. She was an amazing shot, he'd give her that. She'd actually gotten him a couple of times over the past year, lucky for him despite her skill he was incredibly fast and the wounds healed quickly. They still hurt like a bitch though.

She didn't wait to see if she hit him, she bolted for the steel door that led into the building. It was her lucky night. The door was unlocked so she disappeared inside.

He thought back to the first time she'd gotten him with an arrow. He had gotten way too cocky and let her get to close for too long. He hadn't even noticed when she grabbed for an arrow, it wasn't until she hit him just an inch below his heart that he had realized what happened. He hadn't wasted time getting out of there and he kept his distance from her some several weeks afterward.


The second time he had been sleeping. She had somehow found out where he was taking up residence, snuck in during the day while he was sleeping and attempted to stake him in his sleep. He had woken just to see the stake barreling towards his heart. He moved from harms way, but not so fast that he missed being stabbed entirely. She drove the stake through his left arm that time.

It was during that second time, in his bedroom, with her standing over him, rage and determination in flickering in her eyes that he realized just how attracted he was to her. He had grabbed her with her good arm, and used it to throw her to the mattress beside him. In the blink of an eye he was straddling her, with his one good arm he pinned both of hers over her head. He had grunted from the pain as he used his injured, bleeding arm to snatch the stake from her pinned hand and toss it across the room.

She had fought for a minute before realizing that fighting was useless. Even injured he was far too strong to be overpowered. They stayed like that, both glaring into each others eyes for several minutes, blood seeping from the stab wound in his arm.

That was when he had kissed her for the first time, he couldn't restrain himself. She was just too sexy laying there under him, chest heaving, eyes on fire, with rage evident in them. Her blood pulsing rapidly through her veins, no mortal or immortal man would have been able to restrain themselves, in that situation.

His lips came crashing down on hers, his tongue demanding entrance between her moist, soft lips. She gave in to him, her lips parted slightly and her tongue fought for dominance over his. While she may have denied it then and would deny it even now, he knew she felt the spark between them as much as he had.

He had done many horrible, heinous things in his life, but forcing himself on a woman was not one of them and he did not intend to start then. Reluctantly he ended the kiss as quickly as it began. To his surprise, as he began to pull away she moved with him, her chest heaving, muscles straining against his grasp and captured his lips once more. He allowed himself be to lead back down to the mattress, to the taste of her mouth. She tasted of cinnamon, sweet cinnamon. No woman, human or vampire had tasted so good to him.

When he released her hands, she moved them to the back of his head, one holding the nape of his neck, while the other found its way into his short blond hair. He moaned as she deepened their kiss pulling his head down closer, forcing more from him. His lips left her mouth and he began placing small kisses over her chin, across her jaw and found their way to her neck. He kissed and nipped her neck, causing her to moan under his lips.

She froze under him then. The body that was writhing under him moments earlier, had stopped moving as she went completely still. With all the force she could muster, she threw him off her. He landed on the floor beside the bed with a thud. A little dazed from the sudden change in attitude he had looked across at her over the bed, his blue eyes meeting her dark ones.

"You will not turn me!" she snarled before she turned and fled from the bedroom. Moments later, he heard the front door open and slam shut.

Turn her? He had thought once she left. Turning her wasn't even close to what was on his mind at the time. Even now, six months later he felt a stir in his pants just thinking about what he wanted to do to her that night and turning her hadn't been it.

Since the incident at his home he was forced to up and move. The last thing he needed was a stake in the heart while he slept. She had been so enraged that day it wouldn't have surprised him to see her come back. Next time, he may not have been so lucky. He had been correct in his assumption, after that incident she had been out for his blood, with a vengeance, which actually made the game more dangerous, and hence much more fun.

For him anyhow.

He was so distracted reliving their moment together that he didn't hear the door to the roof open. It wasn't until he felt the breeze of an arrow graze his neck that the reality of the situation came back to the forefront of his mind. As he turned toward the direction of the arrow a second one came sailing toward him. He wasn't fast enough this time, the impact of the arrow in his chest sent him tumbling over the side of the building and to the pavement five stories below.

Gina ran full sprint to the side of the building and leaned over the side, where the Vampire Lance had fallen. He laid on the pavement, spread eagle with the arrow protruding from his heart. She paused for a moment, still not believing that she had finally gotten him. She had been chasing him for a year now and there he was dead on the asphalt below her.

She knew she should be feeling joy and perhaps a sense of accomplishment, but that wasn't the case. She was feeling something entirely different, sadness. Perhaps even regret?

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