With her husband murdered and her city growing more dangerous each day, Audra Jacob struggles to build a new life for herself and her young son. Her first step is finding a perfect job at the offices of wealthy businessman Cain Maddox. Cain is hot, but Audra's sure a man like him couldn’t be interested in a nobody like her. Cain Maddox is more than a handsome CEO. He's a mysterious vigilante, the one thing that keeps the criminals from overrunning Roman Falls. Dark forces helped create the protector he’s become. His powers given by a demon inside he struggles to control. When he’s moments too late to defend Audra, the woman he’s grown to care for, he brings her to the one man he knows can save her. As a dormant creature inside of Audra awakens, so does her need for vengeance and answers.

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Cover Art by Dara England

Spinning around, Audra found herself face-to-face with the tall, masked vigilante that had been on TV and in the papers. She knew beyond a doubt who he was. How many other masked man would be running through the city stopping crime? She could have sworn his eyes were red! Her heart raced. Adrenaline pushed her to run, yet, she stayed there. She stuttered, “What...what do you want?”

His dark chuckle rolled out of his throat and sent chills down her spine. Inhumanly beautiful was the only way she could describe his voice. “A beautiful woman should never ask a man that question.”

The vigilante pushed her bag at her. He’d rescued it back from the thief. She clutched it to her chest, unsure of what to say or do. When she looked up again, he was gone. Terrified, Audra fumbled in her bag to find her keys. She shook so badly, it seemed like years before she could unlock the door. When she finally got into the car, she relocked the doors and drove away as fast as she could.

What did she do now? She didn’t want to call the police, because she believed in what he was doing, and the police wanted to arrest him. Crime fighting was as illegal as crime itself if you didn’t wear a badge. She just wanted to get out of the dark parking area and go home. She owed the vigilante a debt and didn’t want to expose him to legal troubles. She just kept driving.

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