Waiting to Breathe

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 70,927
1 Ratings (5.0)

It seems as if everyone surrounding Mark Antonious Richfield is waiting. Waiting for love, waiting for success, waiting to be married.

Steven Jay Miller, Mark’s ex-husband is waiting for a sign. One he may never get, from the top model. The fabulous blond Swedish twink, Tadzio Andresen is waiting…for Steve to make a decision.

Chief of Police Billy Sharpe, is once again in trouble, waiting for a break from the chaos, and Alexander Mark Richfield appears to be losing the battle for sanity while he waits for his father and Steve to reconcile.

Life in Los Angeles with the men of the Action! Series can be challenging. Yet, hopefully, worthwhile.

In reality, Mark is just waiting for the chance…to breathe.

Waiting…sometimes the things we want most in life are worth that wait. With the men of the Action! Series, only time will tell.

Waiting to Breathe
1 Ratings (5.0)

Waiting to Breathe

The G.A. Hauser Collection, LLC

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 70,927
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Chapter 1

Stan Charles adjusted the helmet on his head. Standing in full riot gear, Stan posed in front of a green screen. Parsons and Company had created a new ad campaign for his cologne line, Dangereux Obsession.
It was boiling hot under the spotlights and heavy gear, but he loved it. Loved the work, loved modeling, and adored the new man in his life.
The Nation’s Top Male Model….Mark Antonious Richfield.
“Yes. That’s fab.” Mark stood behind Armand LeGrand, the photographer.
Armand, holding his camera higher, said, “Okay, Stan, raise the face shield and give me a sexy smile.”
While Mark looked on behind Armand, Stan stood three-quarters to the camera, and used his index finger to raise the shield. Seeing Mark right behind Armand, Stan couldn’t help but smile…and when he thought of the sex he and Mark shared, that smile broadened.
“Oh, my.” Mark caught the heat instantly.
“Yes.” Armand kept moving around Stan. “Nice.”
Stan licked his top lip and felt his cock thicken under the uniform. I want to fuck you, Richfield.
Watching his gorgeous young lover giving him a look that melted Mark’s boots to the floor, Mark knew he was the luckiest man alive. He had Stan Charles as his partner.
“Nice!” Armand scrolled through the photos he’d just taken.
Mark approached Stan, loving the way Stan looked in SWAT gear. He was so big and dreamy, Mark was going a little mad for him.
They had already shot the television commercial. A thirty second spot with Stan removing the helmet to a backdrop of flames.
This photo shoot was for the print ads, the billboards.
“Okay.” Armand waved his hand to his crew. “It’s a wrap.”
Mark slid his fingers over Stan’s shoulders, wanting to kiss him while he wore the helmet. Stan drew Mark into his arms as they kissed, hard cocks rubbing against each other.
While the crew dismantled the spotlighting behind them, Mark lost himself on Stan’s kiss. It’s what lured him into the sexy man’s arms in the first place.
That kiss.
Alexander Mark Richfield wasn’t one-hundred percent well yet, but, after a week of bed rest, he was getting there.
Dealing with a bout with pneumonia, which had knocked him for a loop and sent him to the hospital, Alex managed to get back to work. And work meant, filming sexy scenes with his costar, Jeremy Runner.
Inside a studio in Burbank, Alex and Jeremy read through lines before they had their love scenes.
“Okay,” Jeremy nodded to him, “Let’s go.”
Alex cleared his throat and said his line, “You’re like one of the heroes in my novels.”
“Shut up.” Jeremy smiled. “This is where I start kissing you,” Jeremy said as a side note.
Alex knew that as well. He stood closer to Jeremy, digging his hands into the handsome movie star’s hair as he said his next scripted line, “You’re the kind of main character that makes women swoon and men come.”
“You wanna come?” Jeremy drew Alex against his body.
“Looking at you already has me on the edge.”
Jeremy brushed his mouth over Alex’s. “I make you hot, huh?”
“Yes.” Alex moaned.
Their director clapped his hands and said, “Okay! Let’s go. Ready for the sex scenes. Closed set, people! Limited crew!”
Alex backed up from Jeremy, already hot and bothered. Now that he was feeling better, he couldn’t wait to dig into these love scenes.
And the best part? This was his last contracted film with this studio, and his talent agent, Adam Lewis, had already lined up another audition for a feature film…with Stan Charles.
Steven Jay Miller sat in the backyard near the built-in pool, a view behind it of the Getty Museum. He had his laptop on the glass table top of their patio set, and was working on both, Parsons and Company advertising, finishing up what he and Mark had left hanging over their heads, while also, working on pushing Richfield-Miller International into the future.
While he typed, the Chief of Police, Billy Sharpe, rapped the hanging punching bag in a comforting rhythm.
Tadzio Andresen opened the slider to the house, bringing Steve iced lemonade.
Steve paused in his work and drew the gorgeous Swedish blond runway model into his arms.
Tadzio made sure he placed the iced glass down on the table, then sat on Steve’s lap.
Steve closed his eyes for a moment, nuzzling into Tadzio’s neck.
“Tired, Steven?” Tadzio massaged Steve’s shoulders affectionately.
“A little.” Steve nibbled Tadzio’s earlobe.
The rattling of the punching bag stopped. Steve noticed Billy, dripping wet with sweat, taking a break. The big police chief walked over to them, catching his breath.
Steve offered him his glass of lemonade.
Billy accepted it, and drank it down to the ice.
Steve thought the chief appeared more preoccupied than normal this last week. The stoic cop rarely voiced his feelings. Billy wasn’t the type to share his load or his thoughts.
Billy had expressed a desire for Steve to move out.
Mark had given Steve the house in the divorce.
But, Mark still lived there with Stan at the moment.
So…they went on as they were, for now.
Billy patted Tadzio’s blond hair and entered the kitchen, with the glass.
Tadzio sighed and pressed his lips against Steve’s cheek.
“When’s Alex going to be done filming?” Steve asked.
“I don’t know.”
Steve gave Tadzio a hug. “Let me just do another hour’s worth of work, then I’ll be done.”
“Okay.” Tadzio kissed him and entered the house.
Steve returned his focus to the computer, and went back to work.
His eyeglasses on, Jack Charles Larsen worked in his and his husband Adam Lewis’ home office in their house in Malibu. Adam was also working, his laptop on his legs while on the patio behind the house.
Jack was finishing up the last few contracts he had been working on for Mark; his official partner/ownership with Steve for Mark’s father’s textile business, the deed of the house in Bel Air’s transfer to Steve as the sole owner…and…
The final divorce decree.
Mark had finally signed it.
Jack tossed his glasses on the desk and held the paperwork in his hands. Even though it had been a few weeks since their decision to divorce, Jack still couldn’t believe it.
Tomorrow morning, he’d file it with the court…then Steve could be free to marry Tadzio, helping the sweet man stay in the country, and Mark could…
Jack rubbed his face at the thought of Mark marrying Stan.
It just seemed so bizarre to him.
He stood from the desk, taking a break, and looked for his husband. Adam, his feet propped up on a second chair, his laptop on his legs, stared at the ocean.
Jack stepped outside onto the patio, feeling the fresh sea air.
Adam snapped out of his daydream and looked up at him. Jack reached for Adam’s hand and it was clasped.
He dragged over another patio chair and sat with Adam, his bare feet on the soft sand blowing over the deck.
Adam had been contacted by an executive at one of the movie studios. They had asked for Alexander and Stan to audition together for a gay-buddy-buddy drama.
Adam represented both men.
This would be the first audition he had sent Stan on since Mark asked him to represent him. It was also a major film role for Alex, this time, with a different movie studio, since he was finally free of the contract he had been tied to.
The collaboration was with a top ranked director, so Adam couldn’t exactly refuse.
The fact that Stan had become famous after his association with Mark gnawed at Adam, but, he was contracted to get Stan work.
As he and Jack decompressed, staring at the ocean waves, hearing the gulls call, and feeling the warm sun, Adam had no idea if Alex felt well enough to do both, his nighttime TV cable drama, and dive right into another film production.
The poor kid had pneumonia.
Adam placed his laptop on the patio table and drew Jack’s attention. “What would you like to do for dinner?”
Jack urged Adam out of his chair and onto his lap. He held onto Adam, resting on Adam’s shoulder.
Adam rubbed Jack’s back, and thought about Mark’s divorce being final…and…the fact that Jack Larsen had always wanted to marry his best friend, Mark Antonious Richfield.
Back in his jeans and sleeveless tee, Stan held Mark’s hand as they walked to the parking garage in the studio lot.
It was warm and sunny, with a light breeze blowing the tops of the tall palm trees.
Stan unlocked the doors of his new prized possession. A birthday gift from Mark. A Lamborghini.
Mark sat beside him in the passenger’s seat.
The new-car smell was intoxicating.
Stan started the powerful engine and it rumbled deliciously.
As he drove them back to Bel Air from downtown Los Angeles, Stan thought about something Mark had said.
Something about asking Mark to marry him…on his birthday. April 1st. That happened to be today.
And because it was his twenty-seventh birthday, his friends had arranged a party for him. The gang was scheduled to eat out and sing karaoke.
He glanced over at Mark.
Mark. He still pinched himself to believe he wasn’t dreaming. Mark was his.
Stan stopped for a traffic signal and ran his hand over Mark’s leg. The fabulous model was wearing black slacks and a V-neck black short-sleeved cotton top.
At his light caress, Mark gazed at him, looking peaceful, content.
Stan smiled.
Mark returned the sweet smile. “How are you, baby?”
“I’m good.” Stan interlaced their fingers until he had to shift gear.
“My birthday boy.” Mark gave him a sexy smile.
The light changed, so Stan shifted into first and kept driving, wondering if Mark remembered telling him…
To propose.
Alex finished the last sexy scene for the film with his hunky costar. As he sat in his car, checking his phone before he drove home, Alex knew Adam had sent him a movie script to read, as well as an offer to audition.
Since his TV show had resumed from its break, Alex was going to be working on that now as well. But, movies were his passion. The TV show was in addition to it, and steady work.
He headed home, thinking of working with Stan in a feature film. Since his father had been so busy the past week, tying up loose ends for Parsons and Company as well as flying back and forth to Sacramento for Richfield-Miller International, Alex hadn’t spent much time with him.
Even though the cast and crew were going to have a ‘wrap’ party for Snapped, Alex didn’t go. He was still taking antibiotics for the pneumonia he’d contracted, and was already pushing his luck by being back at the studio full time.
When he drove onto his street, Alex ended up behind a green Lamborghini. It didn’t have license plates, and was brand new. He grew curious, since he hadn’t seen it before in their neighborhood.
Alex slowed down as the car pulled into his father’s driveway, and the double garage doors opened for it.
“No way.” Alex hadn’t heard about this one. He pulled up in front of his father’s home, one his dad had given to Steve, but still occupied with his boy-toy.
Alex climbed out of his car and would have been annoyed at his dad even more, if…if his father hadn’t already paid him back for the three million dollar loan. A loan Alex had given his dad, in order to pay off the man his grandmother had married and left the company to.
Stan climbed out of the low slung sports car and noticed Alex making his way closer. Stan smiled in reflex but when he read the look on Alex’s face, his smile fell.
“When did you get this?” Alex asked, gesturing to the car.
Stan’s 1970 Mustang was on the driveway, and he had intentions of selling it. Hopefully to a friend.
Mark approached his son, brushing his shoulder-length hair out of his eyes and moving his sunglasses to the top of his head. He ignored his son’s question and caressed Alex’s cheek. “How are you feeling?”
“Okay.” Alex shrugged. “I still have a few more days of the antibiotics.”
Stan caught Alex’s gaze. The young man was the spitting image of his dad.
“Did you model?” Alex asked, checking out the car.
“Stan did. I had the pleasure of watching him.” Mark pulled Stan into his arms.
“How much did the car cost?” Alex opened the driver’s door to inspect the interior.
Stan wasn’t sure he wanted to know. He had an idea what they went for but—
“Dad?” Alex ran his hand over the glossy paint’s finish. “Not telling me?”
“Why do you care?” Mark held Stan around his waist.
“That much, huh?” Alex shut the driver’s door and shook his head. “Stan? Did you read the script Adam sent you yet?”
“No. I was going to today, after modeling. Have you?”
“No. I finally wrapped Snapped.” Alex walked closer to them. “I have to go to the TV studio tomorrow.”
“You poor thing.” Mark tugged on Alex’s long hair. “My busy young man.”
Stan felt Mark’s arm slipping away as Mark headed to the connecting door of the kitchen.
Alex lingered, as if waiting for Mark to leave.
Stan faced Alex.
“Did you ask him to buy you a car?”
“No. I would never ask him for something like that.”
“What did he spend on it?” Alex persisted, crossing his arms.
“I didn’t think it was polite to ask.” Stan tried to slip away. He’d seen Alex rip Mark apart. He was no match for the young superstar.
Alex moved right into Stan’s personal space. “If you’re using him…”
Stan held up his right hand. “Alex. I’m not. Come on.”
“What does he see in you?” Alex’s lip curled.
Stan felt the jab like a slap to his face. Happy Birthday to me. He thumbed to the house. “I’ve got to go.”
He got another sneer from Alexander, and the young man walked back to his car.
Stan lowered the garage door, watching Alex’s car continue down the street.
When he entered the house, he heard Mark talking. He found him in the home office on his cell-phone.
“Yes, Steven…I’m home now.” Mark glanced at Stan and smiled, then as if he sensed something, he appeared concerned.
Stan booted up the computer, needing to read the script Adam had sent, since it was the first audition Adam had offered him.
“Yes.” Mark touched Stan while he spoke to Steve. “Well, I assume one of us should go to Sac, whilst the other finishes the work at Parsons.”
Stan opened his email box, found the message from Adam, and downloaded the attached file. He printed the script.
While Mark spoke to Steve, Stan made sure the printer had enough paper, and then waited as it spit out pages.
“All right. Yes…” Mark stood beside Stan as the printer made noise. “I’ll go to Parsons…I would think we’re just about finished there, Steven.”
Stan removed paper and tapped it to straighten it, seeing the title of the movie on the final page as well as the heading. Lover Boy.
“Tonight?” Mark said, rubbing Stan’s arm. “Tonight I am going out with my birthday boy.” Mark gave Stan a sexy grin.
Stan waited as the printer stopped, then he collected all of the pages and held them, dying to read it. He kissed Mark and took the stack with him out of the office.

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