Dario Navarro is a twenty-four-year-old man who has taken care of his ill mother his entire life. When his mother’s illness gets to be too much and he has to put her in a nursing home, rediscovering himself turns out to be harder than it seems. All he wants is someone to rely on, who has his back. He’d thought maybe Webb could be that person, but Webb’s issues with their age difference stand in the way.

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Cover Art by Latrisha Waters

Webb Benbow had never been so hard for so long in his entire life. He had a clear vantage point of the closed bathroom door, which was at the end of a long hallway. He sat on the couch in the living room of Creed’s house, strategically giving himself a view when Dario, Creed’s younger brother, opened the bathroom door. Dario would come out of that door after his shower. More times than not, he only wore a towel around his waist.

He pretended to read a book and sip on hot coffee. He was shameless and probably going to hell. As it was, he feared Creed would beat the shit out of him when he came back from protection duty if he found out Webb had a thing for his much younger brother. The fact that Dario was twenty-four years old and an adult might not matter to Creed, as he had raised Dario as his own son, so the brothers had more of a parent-child relationship.

The last thing he wanted to do was fight with Creed, which was why he thought about calling Creed and telling him he’d get one of the other guys from Demon Elite to stay with Dario and Maria, Creed’s mentally ill mother.

Maria was so mentally ill she had violent tendencies sometimes. Her outbursts were why Creed had asked Webb to stay a few times a week until Creed was able to come back.

As far as Webb was concerned, Creed couldn’t come back soon enough.

Maybe Creed could stay gone a bit longer, Webb thought as Dario came out of the bathroom. A towel wrapped around his waist was the only thing he had on, just as Webb had hoped. He could see the slight bulge of Dario’s cock and gritted his teeth at the sight. When Webb traveled his focus up Dario’s leanly muscled body to his face, a smile graced those pretty lips, which just went to show that Dario knew the effect he had on Webb. Dario’s brown eyes, sparkling with mischief, just confirmed it.

Dario bit his bottom lip, taking a few steps towards him, then looking around the corner to the kitchen where Maria was enthusiastically making breakfast. Once Maria was distracted enough, Dario closed the space between them.

Webb swallowed the lump in his throat and reminded himself again that Dario was way too young for him.

In an attempt to quell his lust, he looked to the kitchen, where he could hear something sizzling in a pan. He should be focused on Maria anyway, as she was the one who needed his help the most. She was the reason Creed had asked him to family sit.

Plus, the woman had yet to sleep. At some point, she’d crash, and Webb probably would have to carry her to her bedroom.

Webb had no idea how she could be so perky in the morning. She had been up all night drinking coffee. He knew, because she woke Dario up every time the pot was empty, wanting him to fill it, and she wasn’t quiet about it, which woke Webb up. Probably the neighbors three streets over heard her yelling. She honestly thought it was in the middle of the day, because she kept yelling at Dario, telling him how lazy he was to sleep the sun away.

Why her brain didn’t register the darkness outside the windows Webb had no idea. It must have something to do with the traumatic brain injury she’d sustained in the car accident. Maybe the fact that she couldn’t sleep was also due to the accident.

Webb focused on Dario, who stood just a couple feet from him. He had to be tired, and still he flirted with Webb as if his night didn’t just suck. Webb was exhausted, and he hadn’t been the one to get up and make coffee a million times last night.

That one thing alone spoke of their age difference. Webb was long past the age where he took not getting the proper amount of rest every night as nonchalantly as Dario seemed too.

Webb had done the math in his head about a million times, and the fact remain that he was too old for Dario. He was almost, but not quite, old enough to be the young man’s father.

So even though Dario obviously intended to take the flirtatious looks one step further, Webb wasn’t about to let that happen.

Webb put up a hand, which stopped Dario in his tracks. “You’re a nice-looking kid…really, really sexy…but I can’t.” Webb stood and took the few steps it would take to get to Dario. He ruffled his hair and smiled, trying to soften the rejection. “You’re brother’s a good friend to me. I can’t do that to him.”

Dario took a step back, moving his head away from Webb’s touch. “Just what do you think you’re doing to him? Did you two fuck or something? Because if you did, then I completely agree that would be weird.”

“No. We’ve never had sex.” They never even came close. “And you should watch your language.”

Dario frowned at him. “I’m twenty-four years old, not ten.” Dario turned and started down the hallway. “You’ve been giving me mixed signals since you started coming around,” he continued to say even though he turned his back to Webb.

“How? I haven’t once flirted with you.”

“Right, because sitting on that part of the couch so you can see me come down the hallway isn’t flirting at all. Hope you got a good look at my ass before I covered it with more than just a towel. You probably have the shape of it memorized.”

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