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Werebears and Water

Less Than Three Press LLC

Heat Rating: STEAMY
Word Count: 11,000
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On vacation at Werecon, werebears Vince and Rayce are looking forward to all the con offers. But they find an unexpected twist to their vacation when they meet Maia, a water nymph, who needs a place to stay after the hotel mixes up her reservation.

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“Hey, Rayce, wake up!”

Blinking against the bright sunlight, Rayce unfolded himself from the uncomfortable curled position he’d taken in the passenger side of the old Bug and yawned loudly. “Where are we?” he asked, pulling his black beanie down around his ears as he stared at the flat desert around them.

Vince handed him a breath mint and turned up the stereo. “We’re almost to Phoenix. We should be at the con in a little bit. Sleep good?”

Aside from the twisting he’d had to do in order to get comfortable, Rayce had slept just fine. Problem was he’d been asleep for far too long. He shot Vince a look. “You drove at least six hours straight. I thought we talked about that. You were supposed to let me take over after I got a short nap.” He took a new bottle of water out of the back and swallowed half of it before Vince answered him with a brief shrug.

“You looked tired. And cute.” He reached for Rayce, but Rayce batted away his hand. “Besides, you’re gonna need your energy for tonight.” Vince winked, and Rayce snorted.

“Horny bear. A full day without sex. Poor thing,” Rayce teased. Though, he admitted, he was missing Vince’s touch as well. He reached over and placed his palm on Vince’s jean-clad thigh. His short, painted black nails dented the thick material as his fingers dug into Vince’s muscle.

“You know, we could do something about my lack of sex,” Vince suggested.

Rayce tilted his head as he considered Vince’s offer. He made a show of cleaning the dirt out from under his nails and looking out at the desert for a few minutes while Vince squirmed next to him.

“You suck,” Vince grumbled, apparently giving up on getting anything for the moment.

Rayce stuck his tongue out at his boyfriend. “Not yet. Really think you can control this old piece-of-shit car while I do it? I don’t need my head bashed against the steering wheel again like last summer in Maine.”

Vince’s answer was to take one hand off the wheel and start undoing his jeans. “Yeah, I’ve got this.”

Smiling, Rayce undid his seatbelt and twisted around until he was kneeling on the seat. “We should have driven your dad’s SUV,” he said, trying to find places for his hands to balance on the small seat. At least there was no console to worry about.

Vince laughed. “Next time. Though I was thinking about that last night. We could’ve driven the Expedition and saved some money sleeping in the back instead of renting hotel rooms.”

“Not to mention the dark-chocolate-covered honeycomb I forgot to take out of the SUV,” Rayce said, leaning forward. “Now remember, you said you wouldn’t crush my head.”

Vince’s brown eyes were just as bright as his grin as he reached for Rayce, latched his hand against the back of Rayce’s head, and pulled him into a quick kiss. “Yeah, babe, I’ll make sure you’re safe.”

His scruffy beard tickled Rayce’s cheek as he leaned back and smiled at him. He nipped Vince’s chin before lowering his mouth to his boyfriend’s heavy cock as it bobbed proudly against his stomach. He slid one hand between Vince’s thighs, balancing himself on the worn seat. They really needed to get a new car; too bad there was so much else to save up for. He shot a puff of hot air against Vince’s tip and his boyfriend’s hand tightened on the back of his head. Vince curled his fingers in Rayce’s hair and pushed down. Rayce growled a warning low in his throat.

Rayce lifted his head up. “I’m hurrying,” he grumbled.

Though Vince’s hand relaxed in his hair, the werebear let out a high-pitched noise of need that made Rayce laugh. They were short on time and his boyfriend was notoriously impatient, so, after another moment of teasing him with warm puffs of air, he gave in to what they both wanted and swirled his tongue around the head of Vince’s cock. Vince growled, but it wasn’t a sound of anger or warning, more of possession, which was echoed in the tightening of his hand in Rayce’s long hair. Rayce gave him an answering chuff. He was Vince’s, and Vince knew that. Both of them did. He sighed at the first taste of salty fluid on his tongue and closed his eyes.

Parting his lips, he pushed his mouth over the crown of Vince’s cock before swirling his mouth around his head. Vince’s breath caught and Rayce smiled the best he could around Vince’s cock as he lowered his mouth farther down his boyfriend’s shaft. He squirmed and rubbed his thighs together, delighting in the friction the motion sent through his core as Vince’s low groans filled his ears.

He took Vince as deep as he could and moaned loudly as Vince’s cock pressed against the back of his throat. Vince didn’t last much longer after that, his warm seed spilling into Rayce’s mouth and coating his tongue. Rayce licked Vince clean and helped him get dressed again before sitting back in his seat.

“What about you?” Vince panted, his breath coming in hoarse gasps.