Wyatt's Laughter (MM)

Paranormal Wars: Juarez 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,555
22 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA] 
Wyatt Klaegar was tired of trying to keep the peace between his friends’ constant bickering and childish antics. The older he got, the less he found humor in their jokes, wishing they would just take life more seriously.
Basil Riddick had little joy in his life while growing up, yet he still managed to find a way to laugh. From the time he was little, he was pushed by his parents into being the best, including graduating at the age of eighteen with a medical degree. When he finally got away from his domineering parents, Basil swore to have as much fun as possible. Too bad when he found his mate, the man wouldn’t know fun if it had hit him in the head.
As the saying goes, opposites attract, and Wyatt was pretty sure Basil was his complete opposite when it came to being mature. But Basil was determined to show Wyatt how to lighten up and laugh.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Wyatt's Laughter (MM)
22 Ratings (4.6)

Wyatt's Laughter (MM)

Paranormal Wars: Juarez 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,555
22 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Guys, I’d like you to meet Dr. Basil Riddick.” Talon’s voice forced Basil back to the rest of the room. “Basil, this is Blade, my second.” The man he pointed to was nearly as tall as Talon.

“His mate, Forest.”

Both Blade and Forest came forward to shake Basil’s hand. Thankfully Basil had an eidetic memory, or there was no way he’d remember all these names as his focus was still on the big sexy man on the other side of the room.

“Kai, is my enforcer.” A man who looked like he could mete out any punishment the Alpha gave out stepped forward to shake Basil’s hand.

“Paytah is our hand-to-hand combat specialist.” The lithe man that stepped forward appeared to be studying Basil closely.

It was a little unnerving.

When Paytah continued to stare, even though Basil had his hand held out, Basil had enough. “If you want I can have a poster made up for you to stare at.”

The entire room went silent.

“As cute as you are, you aren’t my type, short stuff.” Paytah grinned, finally shaking Basil’s hand.

“Short? I’m a couple of inches taller than you.” Basil was just under six feet but Paytah looked like he was five-feet-nine.

The man gave him a wink. “Yeah but with my good looks, no one notices my height. You on the other hand.” Paytah waved his hand in the air up and down indicating Basil’s body. “Well, let’s just say you end up looking short.”

“Paytah,” Talon warned.

But Basil didn’t pay any attention to the warning as he said, “So why were you looking me up and down?”

Paytah just laughed. “Because we were just taking bets on how long you’d last before we chased you away.”

Okay, Basil hadn’t expected that, normally he was the one in trouble, not the other way around. “Put a hundred on “not in your lifetime” for me.”

“A challenge.” Paytah’s grin got even bigger as a ball of fire suddenly appeared in the man’s hand. “I do love a challenge.”

Basil watched as the man before him, rolled the ball of flames around in his hand. At first, he couldn’t deny being nervous that the man felt the need to show Basil his ability, but as he studied Paytah, he realized the man didn’t do it consciously. The ball of flame was more of a nervous tic, like tapping one’s foot, or clicking a pen.

Now that he knew Paytah wasn’t a threat he smiled back. “Glad I can provide you some entertainment.”

A low growl from the back of the room rolled through the room, washing over Basil until it settled in his balls. Basil’s gaze went to Mr. Big and Sexy. He hadn’t been prepared for the anger that burned in those dark brown eyes. Afraid, he took a step back.

A wicked looking grin flashed across Paytah’s features. “Don’t you think you’re a little young to be a doctor?”


Paytah barked out a laugh. “Of what?”

“They say smart is the new sexy. What does that make you?”

The room erupted in laughter, well except for Wyatt, but Basil hoped that didn’t mean anything.

These weren’t his best lines but Basil had only wanted to test the waters. He was glad when he saw Paytah laughing along with the rest of the group, even patting him on the back. “Welcome to the team. I have a feeling we’re going to be great friends.”

Another growl erupted from the back of the room, this time causing Basil’s dick to go rock hard at the sexy sound. His gaze immediately went to the man who made it.

“Wyatt, want to come meet Basil?” Paytah teased.

Finally knowing the man’s name, Basil couldn’t help but say it over and over in his head, loving the way it sounded. He couldn’t wait to hear his own name on the man’s lips.

But Wyatt didn’t move. “I’m good.”

I’m good? What the hell did that even mean? He was crushed when Wyatt did come over to him. He’d been sure the man was his mate, not that anyone knew for sure how to tell, but all the indicators had been there - the irresistible scent and the undeniable attraction. Not only was Basil’s dick thick and throbbing in his pants but he also couldn’t stop staring at the man.

So why didn’t Wyatt feel the same?

“Really?” Paytah asked in disbelief with his eyes wide enough they looked like they were about to pop out of the man’s head.

Wyatt just nodded before turning his gaze back to the papers in front of him.

Humiliated at the obvious dismissal, Basil tried not show how hurt he was. How bad was he that his own mate didn’t want him? Wasn’t the fact that his family pushed him off onto others enough?

Desperate to get the attention off the fact that Wyatt couldn’t even be bothered to meet his own mate, Basil tried to be blasé.




Wyatt sat there under the onslaught of soft, gently hands touching his chest while Basil listened to his heart. The cold metal of the stethoscope was hardly felt as Basil’s fingers seemed to caress his skin.

There was no way to stop his body’s reaction to his mate’s touch. Every movement the man made was more erotic than the last. The moment Basil’s tongue darted out to swipe along his lips captivated Wyatt. It was all he could do not to lean forward and get a taste for himself.

His thick shaft hardened further when Basil’s fingers stroked over his skin looking for injuries. He knew the instant when Basil’s gaze lowered to his groin. The soft inhale of breath a dead giveaway. Desperate to know how his mate would react, Wyatt lifted Basil’s chin forcing the man to look at him.

Lust darkened eyes started into Wyatt’s. For the first moment since meeting his mate, Wyatt felt he could breathe. The knot that had been a permanent fixture in his stomach suddenly released as he realized his mate wasn’t running.

In anything, Basil was trying to get closer.

Heat stroked his chest as his mate slid his hand down the contours of his chest, continuing down his abdomen until fingers brushed a hairsbreadth from the tip of prick. His cock surged up past the waistband as it desperately tried to get closer to those fingers, the red engorged head peaking up from the top his pants.

Wyatt grabbed Basil’s hand before his mate made contact. He was barely able to stop from blowing his load as it was. If Basil touched him, Wyatt just knew he wouldn’t be able to hold back. “Don’t,” he bit out harshly.

Basil’s eyes went from Wyatt’s face, to his groin, to his face again - a dawning realization forcing those blue orbs wider. “Is that why you wouldn’t get up this morning?”

This wasn’t where he’d wanted to have this conversation but it wasn’t like he was being given an option. Still, his friends had the hearing of shifters, there was no way he was going to verbally confirm anything. Instead he gave Basil a barely discernible nod.

He just hoped Basil wouldn’t run like so many others had.


* * * *


Minutes later they arrived back at the manor. The team filed out but Wyatt stayed in the pretense of helping his mate clean up. In reality he needed to know Basil forgave him for earlier. It had been eating at him all day, distracting him, when he should have been more focused on the fighting.

Taking Basil’s hand in his he whispered, “Can you forgive me?”

For a moment he was afraid his mate was going to refuse. Then Basil said, “Stand up.”

Wyatt did as asked, his prick pushing obscenely against his pants, the red tipped head peeking out over the top of the waistband, dribbling a steady stream of fluid.

If he wasn’t holding his breath waiting for his mate’s reaction he would have laughed at the way Basil’s eyes widened so big, they looked like saucers. “Damn.”

His stomach dropped as he heard his mate’s whispered word. If his own mate couldn’t handle his size, what hope did Wyatt have?

A tentative hand reached out to the top of Wyatt’s pants. “Can I…” Blue eyes filled with fascination, not fear, looked up at him. “Can I look?”

Wyatt nearly came at his mate’s sweet request. “Uh, sure.” What else was he supposed to say?

Fingers brushed against the tip as Basil unsnapped his pants. A groaned ripped from Wyatt’s throat as the most intense feelings washed through him and the softest hands Wyatt had ever known touched him.

His mate’s firm hand reached in and covered Wyatt’s engorged penis as he pulled the zipper down. Basil parted the material and his cock sprang free of its confines.

Basil wrapped two hands around Wyatt’s thick stalk, pushing him to the edge of control. The silky feel of his mate’s hands was sublime. Head reeling, Wyatt fought for control before he embarrassed himself any further in front of his mate.

So consumed with fighting off his orgasm he hadn’t seen Basil sink to his knees. It wasn’t until the most exquisite wet heat wrapped around the tip that Wyatt looked down to see lust shining up from him from the bluest eyes he’d ever seen.

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