Xihirah (MF)

Xihirian Shifters 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 69,263
15 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance]

Communication specialist Saleeya Stayvel was hired to ensure proper communication during the critical meetings on Xihirah meant to stop a war with The Realmist terrorist faction. With the universe hovering on war and at the mercy of those who are targeting non-earthen humanoids, more than just her linguistic skills will be put to the test.

The Xihirian Prince, Admoncor Kael Braeden, is the head of Xihirian Military Elite Force. Fierce, dangerous, and intuitive, he demands the respect of those around him. Unmated, his dark moods affect those around him until he finds himself in the presence of his mate. But in the midst of danger, deceit, and treachery, how can Kael and Saleeya’s romance blossom?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Xihirah (MF)
15 Ratings (4.3)

Xihirah (MF)

Xihirian Shifters 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 69,263
15 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
This is the first book i have read by Ciara Lake. I loved the characters and the sci-fi setting. The different take on foreign species and their cross cultural loves was very refreashing. :) def suggest it! xoxo--FunkyD.
Professional Reviews

"Saleeya Stayvel is a communication specialist on a mission for the Council and her home planet. Her job is to make sure none of the people attending the upcoming meetings does something that will offend any other beings there. With so many different cultures attending, Saleeya has her hands full. Especially when you consider the first round of meetings is being held on the Xihirian world – world of fierce shifters. Admoncor Kael Braeden is the head of the Mihirian Military Elite Forces and he is also a crown prince for his world. He has very little hope for success in the focus of these meetings as you just can’t deal rationally with terrorists, and that is what the Council is hoping to do. However Kael quickly focuses on a new mission when he meets Saleeya for the first time. Kael knows she is his mate and his mission now is make sure she can handle loving a Xihirian – a fierce group of shifters who see protecting their females as a must under all circumstances. Saleeya is definitely overwhelmed when Kael immediately starts showing her his interest. While she knew that Xihirians could instantly know their mates, she never expected it to happen to her. Overshadowing Saleeya and Kael’s romance is the danger that is the Realmist terrorists, who think the only humanoids that should be allowed to exist are earthen like ones. When the danger targets Saleeya and the Royal House, someone is going to pay in blood if Kael has anything to say about it. With so much espionage and terror going on, will Saleeya and Kael ever make it to their wedding day? When a inexperienced communications specialist and a prince meet eyes, fireworks were just the beginning of things to come. Saleeya and Kael have an erotic and suspense filled adventure in Xihirah. It came as a shock on just how fast Kael tumbled in love when he met Saleeya. I had to laugh a few times as he tried to show Saleeya just what he wanted her to do. Part of that was because Saleeya might have been inexperienced in several things, but she knew her mind when it came to love and her job. I loved watching as each of them tried to out circle the other during their unique courtship. The suspense was a great counter to the romance and kept me very interested in what would be happening next. Xihirah is full of humor, passion and danger – perfectly balanced to keep it nice and spicy. I have my hopes on who the next book in this series will focus on and I will be watching for it." -- Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

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Story excerpt


After about a ten-minute walk through the endless corridors of the ship and two glass tube rides, they arrived at the ship’s exit. Out of the ship’s windows next to the exit, Saleeya could see four impressive-looking men waiting at the bottom of the exit ramp. None of the four was shorter than six and a half feet. They had dark, swarthy good looks, and they oozed sexual appeal. Heavily corded muscles rippled beneath their tight uniforms. Legs braced apart, arms crossed over their chests, they looked as though they weren’t going to be moved. Off to the left of the four uniformed males, another male leaned against the ramp’s railing. “Oh my Deity, that’s the biggest, most impressive male I’ve ever seen,” Saleeya exclaimed in amazement.

“Let me see.” Mia leaned past Saleeya to get closer to the window. “That, my dear, is the Admoncor. I recognize him from his pictures. He’s hard to forget.” Saleeya gazed out the window, astonished by what she saw. The extraordinary male made her pulse quicken from the mere sight of him. Tall with broad shoulders, his massive arms and legs looked exceptionally powerful. All muscle, no softness filled out his uniform. He looked good in his black military uniform. The jumper-style uniform fit snugly all over; he wore it like a second skin. He wore his skin wonderfully. Saleeya nearly choked when it seemed his eyes focused directly back at her through the window. Saleeya sucked in a quick breath. Her heart was beating in her ears, and it fluttered when his stare swept up to where she stood, sheltered by the one-way glass of the window.

“Can they see us?” Saleeya licked her suddenly dry lips, her body leaning toward the window and the man on the other side of it.

“No, the windows are one-way. What’s wrong, Saleeya?” Mia gently placed her hand on Saleeya’s upper back in a soothing motion. “You look really flushed.”

“I feel flushed. Did you get a good look at the Admoncor?”


“I know you told me Xihirian males were big and good-looking. I just never expected that a man could be as big as Admoncor Braeden.”

His bright amber eyes seemed to look right back at Saleeya as if he could see her through the one-way window. His intense eyes were set in a masculine, tanned face. Black, silky hair hung slightly down on his forehead. Saleeya watched him push it back out of his face. The movement indicated restlessness. The hairstyle he wore wasn’t the traditional short haircut of most military officers. It hung somewhat longer. His hard, striking face was impassive. Saleeya could see how people could easily fear this man. Now she clearly understood the Minister’s apprehension. The Admoncor personified a beautiful, deadly predator. Saleeya moaned, turned to face Mia. “Well, so much for easing the Minister into this. The Xihirian Sovereign has sent his second, his most intimidating son to greet Vitalion. After seeing him for myself, I can certainly appreciate Vitalion’s anxiety.” Saleeya brushed her hair back out of her face, mimicking the Admoncor’s motions. “Sending him would be the most appropriate thing for their King to do.”

“He’s the head of their Elite Military Force,” Mia replied.

“He’s something else.” Saleeya smiled widely. “Look at the size of his legs and arms. One of his thighs is bigger around than my waist. How tall do you think he is? He’s much taller than anyone I’ve ever seen.

“He’s impressive.” Mia nodded. “Just don’t dwell on it and it’ll be just fine.”

“I feel like he keeps looking right at me through this one-way window. It’s the oddest thing.”

“Trust me, it’s your imagination. I’m sure they can’t see us or hear us in here. They’re talented but not that talented. Saleeya, you still look flushed. Are you feeling okay?” Mia asked in a concerned voice.

“I’m good. I only wish it was cooler in here.” Saleeya fanned herself nervously.

“It’s cool in here, Saleeya. In fact, it’s cold to me.”

“I’ve arrived,” Vitalion loudly announced from behind them. “Now that I’m here, we can leave and meet the Xihirians.” Vitalion’s expression was arrogant. He glided over to the exit door. “Crewmember, prepare to open the ship’s access. Are both of you women ready?”

“Yes, Minister Vitalion,” Saleeya answered for the both of them.

Vitalion glanced out the access window before the crewmember was able to comply with his order. “Oh dear, is that Admoncor Braeden waiting for us?” Vitalion’s face drained of all color.

“Yes,” both women answered in unison.

“Well, he looks as bestial and menacing as ever,” Vitalion squeaked.

The crewmember pressed in a numeric code and the ship’s large access door opened. It opened so silently that Saleeya didn’t even realize it had opened until the warmer air touched her already hot face. A huge ramp was attached to the ship at the entrance and led down to the Space Station’s platform. The ramp gleamed silver like the ship, and it looked daunting. There were slight railings on both sides of the ramp. It stretched high above the Space Station platform by at least sixty feet. It slanted down at a slight angle to where they would step off onto the permanent platform. The silver bridge covered the gap between the ship and the platform, and there was a drop of a great and undetermined amount below. Saleeya did not know what was more frightening, walking across the bridge-ramp or the five men waiting at the bottom. The five huge Xihirian males casually moved closer to the edge of the ramp to wait. “Let’s disembark,” Vitalion ordered. Surprisingly, he started bravely toward the Xihirians at a swift pace. Saleeya forced her feet to move. She followed close behind Vitalion’s assistant. When Vitalion reached the midsection of the ramp, he suddenly stopped. Saleeya nearly panicked at the thought of stopping in the middle of the terrifyingly high ramp.




“I don’t want to argue either. We’ll talk about this later,” Saleeya agreed, kissing him again. Kael rolled out of bed pulling her into his arms. He carried her into the cleaning chamber shower. They took their clothes off in silence. Kael’s bright, feral eyes watched her undress.

“You’re lovely, sweet, and innocent.” Kael admired her. “I desire you as nothing else or no one else before.”

He guided her into the shower area. He motioned her to sit on the bench against the mirrored wall. With expertise, he instructed the water streams to a perfect temperature to flow from both showerheads. Standing in front of her, his cock proudly stood against his stomach near to her face. Every time Saleeya saw his cock, she was amazed at the size. This male was huge and intimidating from head to toe. To be his enemy would be terrifying, and she hadn’t even seen him shift yet.

Boldly, Saleeya reached out to take hold of his impressive cock. She leaned forward and placed a tentative kiss on the cock’s head. She licked the bulbous tip. The tip of his penis tasted spicy. Trembling, Kael ran his hands through her hair. He groaned as she touched, kissing him intimately. A pulsing sensation ran through her hand as she gripped him. Kael growled deep in his chest and reached down to help her stand in front of him.

With soap on his hands, he proceeded to soap her. He massaged her breasts, her thighs, and her buttocks. The warm water rinsed her. After he was all finished, he turned her and sat on the bench.

“Saleeya, turn around,” he softly requested next to her ear. She complied. He grabbed her by her hips and pulled her back into his lap. She could feel his cock pressed against her buttocks and back. “Saleeya, you make me pleased. You satisfy me like no other.”

He stroked her lower back. Moving her long, curling, wet hair over her shoulder, he kissed her neck, back, and shoulders. A sort of electricity shot through her system. The feel of his kisses and the warmth of the water beating down on her were indescribably joyful. Once more, she felt like she could faint from the attack of sensations that rolled through her body from her brain down to her feet.

Putty in his hands, she surrendered herself completely. Kael picked her up, moving her above his lap. He positioned the head of his cock to enter her tender, throbbing pussy. Still tender from their earlier intercourse, Saleeya groaned in anticipation.

“Sit back on me, love.”  Saleeya lowered herself onto his stiff member. “Easy, Saleeya, take your time.”

Saleeya carefully worked her way down. Her pussy fully enveloped him. They both stilled to relish the glorious experience. In appreciation, Kael groaned into her ear and kissed the side of her face as she leaned back into him. His hands cupped her breasts, kneading them. Saleeya’s pussy pulsed around his cock, gripping and releasing, gripping and releasing, making her feel faint with the awesome sensation.

“Move up and down slowly,” Kael encouraged in his seductive tone. Saleeya began to bounce up and down on his lap. His cock moved in and out of her. She bent her head down to watch where their bodies joined. It was thrilling to see his enormous penis moving in and out of her body. Encouraged by what she saw, she bounced more enthusiastically. Kael’s chest rumbled against her back.

“Oh, Kael, it’s beautiful,” Saleeya moaned.

“Look in the mirror across the room. See what I’m watching,” Kael suggested. Saleeya looked up into the mirror. A beautiful couple was copulating. “That’s us. You’re gorgeous.”

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