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Delilah Hunt resides in Mettmann, Germany, where the first caveman was discovered.

Originally from the Caribbean and raised in Florida, Delilah Hunt misses nothing more than the warm tropical breezes and long days of southern sunshine.

When not spending her time avoiding the bristling cold, she can be found daydreaming of sexy cowboys and alphas who want nothing more than to devote their lives to pleasing the heroine, or tapping away at the keyboard amid a chaos of toys from her two sons.

Still in disbelief that she is able to live out her dream of being a published author, Delilah hopes to bring her readers more and more interracial stories, where love and passion are the only things that matter.

Happy reading to all.


Q: How did you react when you first heard that Siren would publish your novel? 

A: As soon as I read the words, for publication, I screamed, covered my mouth to not frighten my children, then ran around the house jumping for joy. 


Q: Why did you decide to start writing? 

A: There wasn’t a choice. Ever since childhood I had way too many stories bubbling in my head. If I didn’t put them on paper I felt it would drive me up the wall. 


Q: With two little children when do you find the time to write? 

A: I write in the night when everyone in the household is asleep and I try to wake before everyone else to finish what I hadn’t the night before. 


Q: Besides reading and writing, what do you enjoy doing? 

A: Hands down, it would have to be eating cookies n cream ice cream on a hot summer’s day, or curled up under a blanket in winter with a big bowl. 


Q: What is your worst trait? 

A: I am a complete germaphobe and it drives everyone around me insane. 


Q: Is there a genre in romance you are partial to reading? 

A: Yes, I love contemporaries, but my first love will always be historical romances. I cut my teeth on bodice rippers and hope to write one of my own sometime in the future.

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