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Good With His Hands

December Ink

Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 2,540
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Mandy quit smoking and Patrick started bitching. Ten little pounds and he's pronounced her ass too big. She's ready to pronounce him gone. When he takes her to a nice party held by nice people and she meets a nice man who can appreciate a nice ass--like hers, she goes for it. Because a sexy Spanish speaking woodworker who can covet a shapely womanly tush is a hotter than hell.

Reader Warning: Explicit language, sex and outdoor sex.

*originally appeared in Coming Together Under Fire edited by Will Belegon and Alessia Brio


"Feel free to walk out. Lehlo is starting the fire. You and Patrick are the first ones here."


"Ah, that would be the sidekick I referred to. We do woodworking together. And in our nonexistent spare time, we redo the inside of this house."

I took it in again. The staircase that led to a singe loft bedroom above. The swooping rafters of the great room. The carved inlay over the twelve foot windows. "So…he's good with his hands, is what you're telling me," I joked.

"The best." For whatever reason that gave me a shiver.

"I'll go check on Pat," Marc said.

"I'll go check on that fire," I said and grabbed my glass.

"Unless you need help?" I asked Babs, remembering my manners.

She waved me off with a grin, looking relieved that I was settling in. "Everything's almost done. Go see about the fire, meet Lehlo and relax. Pretty soon, I might put you to work putting a few appetizer trays out. Until then, I got nothing."

I wandered out the double doors, taking a deep breath to calm my nerves and sipping my wine to forget about my apparently fat ass.

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