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More Bark Than Bite

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 26,370
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Reporter Morgan Phillips jumps on the opportunity to further her career when a killer plagues her city. Under the guise of needing assistance, she places herself along the predictable route of police officer Graham Audrick.

Knowing that Graham is attracted to her, Morgan attempts to charm information out of him. She gets in way over her head when her sly flirtation turns into a full out seduction by Graham. Not only is she now emotionally involved in the case, but she also discovers that the killer she'd desperately wanted information on is a werewolf bent on revenge against humanity.

This supernatural murderer also has an abnormal obsession with Graham. Now worried about simply staying alive another day, Morgan learns that Graham has a few secrets of his own that may be just as dark as the killer's.


The Trouble With Dating Cops…

Morgan wasn’t sure Graham would forgive the horrible thing she’d done. She’d betrayed his trust. She’d given away information that could help the murderer slip through the police’s grasp. Basically, she’d taken something that could turn into a beautiful relationship and flushed it down the toilet for fifteen minutes of fame. She felt like the crummiest person on the face of the planet.

She was so caught up in her own concerns that she jumped with a gasp when the back door to the station flew open and banged against the side of the building.

Graham stood in the doorway, his shoulders bunched in aggression. “How was I to know she’d spill to the press?” he snarled to someone just out of view.

The angered voice of the police chief came from the darkened hallway inside the building. “She is the press! You’ve jeopardized this entire investigation! I hope the sex was worth it, because you have totally screwed any secrecy we had about our operations. You’re lucky I only pulled you off this assignment. I should fire you!”

Morgan cringed at the heated words heaved in Graham’s face. This was her fault. Graham had been kicked off an assignment because of her big mouth.

“Stop thinking with your dick and start thinking with your head!” the chief yelled.

Without a response, Graham stormed from the building, slamming the door behind him.

Morgan flinched, shrinking back against her car. When Graham started toward her in an angry stalk, she rushed out an apology. “Graham, I’m so sorry. I never meant to--”

“Get in the car,” he growled, his hand gripping her elbow roughly.

With a yelp, Morgan freed her arm and climbed into her car. She held her breath anxiously, waiting to see if he was going to join her or if he was simply going to send her away. She let her breath out slowly in relief when he climbed into the passenger seat. If he got in the car, that meant he was at least going to hear her out.

“Drive,” he instructed, his eyes dark and angry.

Morgan turned over the engine and shot him a weary look. The air was thick with an uncomfortable silence that she was too afraid to break.

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