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Perfect Game (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SENSUAL
Word Count: 94,593
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[BookStrand Contemporary Romance]

When her mother dies, Jessie decides to take a chance and get to know the father she had idolized from a distance, but never really had a relationship with. In Santa Fe, she's determined to make a new start no matter what it takes.

Trevor Malone is the pitcher for the Santa Fe Devils, the team Jessie's father coaches. When a career threatening injury occurs, he is forced to get to know Jessie as the woman she is rather than the bratty child he remembers from a single visit years ago.

As the two come together in their own individual times of tragedy, they find that they can take of their masks and just be who they really are. Despite the odds, Jessie and Trevor begin a journey that changes them and those around them.

Could love really be better than chasing the high of pitching the Perfect Game?


"This story is very special to me as it reflects a character, Jessie, who is very close to me, for she is most like me. It takes several of my passions and mixes them together to make a heartwarming story that I love and I hope you will too. Please take a moment and let me know what you think of the story. I love to hear from my readers!" ~ Jordana ~

A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

Professional Reviews

4.5 Clovers: "Perfect Game is my first read by Ms. Ryan and it was an absolute pleasure. Jesse and Trevor's love is a gentle process that builds from friendship and overcomes a lot to be a force that they cannot deny. The supporting cast lends themselves to not only making them stronger people but also let them know and understand the quality of the love that they have for each other. Jordana Ryan has penned a fantastic novel with Perfect Game that drags you through the emotional battlefield of life and love with characters who have found each other at the time they need each other. You'll shed tears and fall in love all over again." -- Sandra, CK2s Kwips and Kritiques

4.5 Hearts: "This is a very emotional story with a very strong heroine that I liked from the beginning. Her relationship with Trevor is developed slowly with lots of ups and downs and a bit of trauma and tragedy thrown in. Her job at the Youth Center provides another interesting focus for the book. Malachi and his problems form a wonderful subplot as does Trevor's struggle to recover from his injuries and pitch again. The characters and plot will keep you interested and unable to put this story down." -- Maura Frankman, The Romance Studio



Jessie didn’t expect to find such a sensitive man behind the arrogant jock. People didn’t often surprise her, but when she looked at Trevor, she was shocked. She hated to admit it, but she liked him injured. It humbled him. Five years ago, he had been so cocky and full of himself while he strutted in front of cameras with a different woman every night. There had been nothing gracious about his acceptance of praise for a game well played. It was like he expected people to fall at his feet whether he played well or not. Since his injury there was a crack in the persona he portrayed. The cockiness had lessened, and she liked the man she saw beneath the surface.

Now that he was packed, Jessie started to get uncomfortable in the bedroom. Moving to the large waterbed where the suitcase sat, her eyes rested on the fluffy red comforter that laid in tangles at the foot of the bed. Unwanted thoughts of how many women he had taken to that bed crept into her mind. She didn’t know why it mattered. It wasn’t like she’d allow him to ever get close enough to her to get her into bed. His sexual exploits shouldn’t be an issue. However, when she picked up the suitcase and turned toward the door, she realized it did matter.

Eight years ago, she threw herself at him, and he’d rejected her. It wasn’t that she had expected he’d get it on with a seventeen-year-old, but it had still been a blow. A blush crept into her cheeks when she remembered it wasn’t just Trevor whom she had thrown herself at, it was any man who paid her the least little bit of attention. Ultimately, when the time came for her to go home, her father packed her up without a word and placed her on an airplane. No hugs, no kisses and no words of love, just a simple statement that had her vowing she’d never let anyone matter to her again. “Thank God you’re going back to your mamma. Maybe now my life can get back to normal.” In her naïve, seventeen-year-old mind, she had thought her daddy would be glad to have her around. She imagined he’d have tears in his eyes, hug her, and tell her how sorry he was. She dreamed he’d rescue her from the hell of living in Kansas with a mother who believed her to be an obstacle to her own happiness. That hadn’t happened. So, she went back to Kansas and accepted that this was her life. In time, she came to accept her mother, faults and all, but she never did allow anyone to get too close to her.

Unwanted tears filled her eyes, and she forced her mind to focus on something else while she descended the steps. At the bottom of the staircase, she placed the suitcase in a corner. Stepping into the living room, she gazed at the suede sofa and couldn’t resist walking toward it and running her hand over the soft fabric. A black marble table rested in front of it, and she saw a number of sports magazines stacked in a neat pile in the center. Several red candles circled the magazines. It was nice. She wondered if he decorated the place on his own.

In the corner, there was a nice stereo system and a large case of CDs sat nearby. Moving closer she inspected the CDs and noted his taste was very eclectic. He had everything from hard rock to classical. A smile turned up the corners of her mouth when she imagined the big, muscular jock vegging out to classical music.

Jessie jumped when the speakers came to life with the sounds of Aerosmith. She turned and stared up into Trevor’s humor filled blue eyes. In answer to her unasked question, he held up a remote control.

“Want to dance?”

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