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Scared Stiff M/M

Lydian Press

Heat Rating: STEAMY
Word Count: 52,224
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Even creatures of the night need love.

Are you afraid of the dark? Maybe you just need a friendly guiding hand. Be brave and explore these lustful tales of supernatural love. Your heart will race and you’ll shiver in anticipation as you discover that sometimes very good things go bump in the night.


Gabriel Dieudonné stirred in his king-sized bed, before blearily opening his eyes. Stretching out, he relished the feel of the red satin sheets sliding against his naked skin. As he turned over, Gabriel expected to come into contact with his husband’s powerfully built form, but realized that he was alone in the bed when his hands encountered nothing but air.

Where did he get to this morning?

His body still ached in a pleasant reminder of the exquisite torture he’d received at the hands of his Lord and Master – as his husband affectionately liked to be called – the night before. His ass had taken the brunt of the punishment, being ridden for hours without mercy…not that Gabriel ever complained. Squeezing his ass muscles together, he got an agreeable reminder of a job well done. The temperature in the room was satisfyingly warm, as always, and the air felt thick with just the merest chemical hint about it – it was reassuringly familiar.

Throwing off the sheet, Gabriel looked up at his reflection in the mirrored ceiling – his husband’s decorating tastes – and was satisfied with what he saw.

Vanity, thy name is Gabriel.

In his defense, Gabriel was quite a sight to behold. His smooth body was bronzed and honed to perfection, and his tousled dirty blond hair and cornflower blue eyes made for an arresting combination. His manhood was erect and at its full eight inches, as was usually the case when he awoke of a morning. Indeed, he was in the best shape of his life and looked far younger than his true age – a closely guarded secret.

Getting out of bed, Gabriel walked over to the window and threw back the heavy black velvet curtains, which allowed a warm red light to spill into the room. It was a view he’d grown quite fond of over the years, although he knew others often found it rather unpleasant. Looking out, he could see the ochre-colored rock walls of a seemingly bottomless crevasse. Along the sides, a multitude of doors ran in a series of lines, each belonging to a cell. The number of cells increased on a daily basis, as an unending stream of new prisoners came from above. Behind each door, laid a personally-tailored, private hell. Constant cries of misery, blended together into a white noise of anguish and despair that was barely audible through the thickness of the glass.

When he’d first arrived, Gabriel was stunned by just who’d qualified for eternal damnation. Naturally, there was an over-abundance of lawyers and politicians, but far from being the domain of sodomites and whores, the place was populated with fine upstanding people with nasty secrets. All of them well-deserving of the punishment they were to receive for time without end, although the memory of their treatment was erased on a regular basis and restarted, as human minds tended to come apart after a decade or so of unrelenting suffering.

Sighing, Gabriel absentmindedly twirled his heavy platinum wedding ring about his finger.

Now, where on earth is my husband?

It wasn’t always easy being married to the Devil.

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