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Sex on the Beach

Beach Reads

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Heat Rating: SIZZLING
Word Count: 45,500
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Harry is jilted on national television on a dating game show and all he got out of the experience is a free trip to the Garden Isle of Kauai. Gee, thanks.

He is determined to make the best of things, even if it means camping out in the wilderness with a wild, wacky local guide until Harry meets Sally on the postcard perfect beach.

Despite his guarded heart he fell hard for the smoking hot beautiful creature on the white sandy beach. As Harry and Sally explore the island together, it's near impossible to keep her insatiable appetite for sexy adventures filled. The more time they spend together, the more his heart wants her as much as his cock. Yet when her employers return unexpectedly, her job is at risk.

Everything goes wrong in Harry's desperate attempt to keep her safe and protected, but he is determined that nothing can keep them apart. Even if his life is on the line.

The order of the books in this series are:
*Sex on the Beach (male/female)
*Bareback on the Beach (male/male)
Beach Bound (male/male)

User Reviews
How can you go wrong with a title like Sex on the Beach? This story was both hot and humorous at first. Then things get serious and the hero, Harry is forced to confront the darkness in his soul, caus...

- bealarocks


Sex on the Beach

If he hadn’t seen the tiny strap at the top of her waist, he’d have thought she was nude.
Before he could say a word, she lifted her face and smiled up at him. Harry’s guts tied into a knot. She knocked the good sense right out of him. He smiled and cleared his throat. “Um…Uh,” he stuttered.
“Hello,” she said and his knees buckled.
He took a step forward and fell face first into a large, deep, rocky tidal pool. He panicked as he tried to stand up too quickly. Water sprayed her and he lost his footing again before his face went under. He rolled and tumbled before coming to the surface quickly, spluttering. God, what an ass. Could he be more of a dork?
Way to make a good first impression…
Her tinkling laughter rang in his ears.
“What’s so funny?” he asked before spitting dirty water on the sand.
She covered her mouth to stifle another giggle, “You have seaweed on your head. Makes you look like you have puppy ears.”
Harry reached up and removed the piece of seaweed but soon completely forgot about his accident. The tie on her top seemed to have become unraveled as she ran to help him.
Sally’s bikini top had fallen halfway off leaving her breasts completely exposed. “Holy mackerel.”

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