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Taking Dylan Down

Painted Hearts Publishing

Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 47,133
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Wealthy businessman, Jared Corbin always gets what he wants, both in his personal and business life. When his stepbrother, Timothy, takes his own life, Jared feels guilty for not taking his problems more seriously. His brother was in love with a gorgeous male prostitute, who broke things off, devastating him.

Friends tell Jared the young man, Dylan Sinclair, is a heartless gold-digger, who dumped Timothy when his money ran out. Vowing revenge, Jared decides to hire Dylan and make him totally dependent on him for everything. The handsome Dom plans to dump him then and leave him as devastated as his brother had been, but when Jared falls in love with Dylan, all bets are off.

Somehow he must keep this beautiful man as his own, stay loyal to his brother’s memory, and not ruin the real love building between them.


The young man walked past him slowly, slightly twitching his hips as he made his way across the room with an unstudied grace. Jared didn’t think he was even aware of how sensuous he was in his every move or maybe every move was the result of a well-practiced, professional prostitute. Even knowing what Dylan was, Jared was shocked at his own strong attraction to him. From the first moment he laid eyes on him, he felt an instant, almost overpowering physical reaction settle in his groin.
He consciously tamped it down, hardened his resolve, and followed Dylan into the room. Dylan was a predator. He had to remember that. Jared gestured toward the sofa near the open fire. “Won’t you sit down?”
Dylan sat, leaning back against the sofa with graceful ease. His gaze met Jared’s steadily, and he smiled again, waiting for Jared to speak. Jared walked over to stand a few feet from him, and Dylan turned his angelic face up to him.
“Would you like a drink?”
“Sure. Scotch, if you have it.”
Jared nodded and went to fix the drinks, giving himself a little time to get his immediate and intense libido under control. Obviously he had underestimated how he would respond to this treacherous young man. Jared couldn’t allow his growing erection make him lose control of the situation. Taking the drink over to Dylan, Jared sank down in the chair opposite him, surveying him over his glass.
Dylan drank quickly, knocking it back. When he finished, he smiled at Jared. “What can I do for you, Mr. Corbin? You have me for the evening. Would you like to play out a scene?”
Even his voice was sexy, almost musical and well-modulated. Everything about him was enticing. Jared’s crotch tightened.
“No scenes.” Jared smiled seductively at him. “I’m going to fuck you.” Jared took another sip of his drink as Dylan’s eyes smoldered. “Possibly several times.”
Dylan tilted his head to the side. “Really? Sounds interesting.” He raised one eyebrow. “When do we start?”
“Right now. Take off your clothes so I can inspect the goods.”
Dylan’s head dropped, and he looked up at Jared from under sultry, dark lashes. A flash in his blue eyes before he carefully hooded them told Jared he might be excited by the idea—or irritated at its brusqueness. Maybe he liked getting naked or he got off on taking orders. Either way was just fine with Jared. He wondered if there was a God after all, and Dylan would turn out to be a submissive. If so, it would play into his plans perfectly. Jared liked being Dominant, though he hadn’t had a real relationship, and had little time lately to even visit the clubs he used to frequent for quick, uncomplicated sex.
“Why not?” Dylan said quietly, responding to his order. He stood up and pulled his sweater over his head. He slipped off his loafers, unsnapped his jeans, pushing them down, and stepping out of them. Jared saw two things at once. Dylan didn’t bother with underwear, obviously preferring to go commando, and his pretty cock was rigid with need. Jared’s own cock hardened to a throbbing degree. Good. If Dylan liked what he saw, seducing him was going to be that much easier.
Jared’s face grew warm as he surveyed the body on display. Dylan was perfection. Lean and muscular, his alabaster skin took on a golden glow in the firelight. Even his cock was perfect, long and thick with a gorgeous erection curving back toward his stomach.
“Do I pass inspection?” Dylan’s tone mocked, as he pirouetted in place for Jared to see, arrogant in knowing how his body and movements enticed.
“Oh, yes,” Jared said, smiling. “Come here.”

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