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Zeke Connor 

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Zeke is an English girl who started writing at an early age, but never quite got into the habit of finishing a story. She tends towards the darker side of fiction, and can generally be found lurking in a dimly lit corner, scribbling away whenever her writing muse decides to pounce upon her. She spends much of her writing time being assisted by her two kittens, who dont know many words yet but are very enthusiastic about helping to type anyway. You can find out more about Zeke as she types it at

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Zeke Connor (Published by: excessica publishing)

Formats: pdf - html - prc - pdb - lit

Suzanne never believed that she was the type of woman who would allow herself to be dominated by a man, even if he was as strong-willed and intense as she was herself. So as she dangled naked in a dimly-lit roo MORE...

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