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Beautiful Heat (MF) by Morgan Fox (Published by: Siren-BookStrand, Inc. )
Categories: Contemporary

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The one thing that drew me in at first was this cover. I loved the colors and the couple on the cover. It is super hot and just draws the eye and made me want to caress it. Plus with a title like Beautiful Heat it had me thinking of sultry nights and fiery passion. Zerina is one kick-ass woman. She is beautiful and unique with very little filter. She speaks her mind and has no problem telling people where to go if they get on her nerves. The one thing she seemed most scared of was the gorgeous firefighter Jeremy. I liked the fact that he doesn't seem to be turned off at all by Zerina's tattoos or piercings or prickly attitude. If anything he seemed more determined to get himself lodged under her skin and into her heart to find out why she seemed so reluctant and almost menacing around him. The fact that we had such a surly heroine and a dedicated, sweet guy was refreshing to me. You don't find a heroine like Zerina often so when I find one that can be both an ass-kicker and a sweetheart, I found myself really rooting for her. She is feisty, tough, and yet super sweet with a heart of gold. Jeremy is a real hero too. He sets out to win her heart and to show her that not all pretty men are asses. I thought Unbridled Heat was good, but I found Beautiful Heat to be even better. I think Morgan Fox is onto something with her Men of Iron Horse series. Its compelling, dangerous in a sexy and intriguing way, with men that know how to ride a motorcycle and to treat a woman, inside and outside the bedroom! I give Beautiful Heat an OUTSTANDING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! If I could give this an Eight, I would. I loved the story and characters and I hope to see MANY MANY stories in the Men of Iron Horse series.

Reviewed by: Marie Brown (Date: 05/20/2015)
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