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Combat Barbie by Heather Long (Published by: Decadent Publishing Company )
Categories: Anthology, Contemporary, Interracial

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What a nice change of pace! The title peeked my initial interest and the cover isn’t bad either. Even though this is the 11th installment in the ‘Always a Marine’ series, I didn’t feel as if I was missing out on anything by not reading the first few books. In fact, this was a very satisfying read but make no mistake – I do want more. Marine, Mary ‘Stormer’ Phillips is home on leave. It’s been ten years since high school and while she loves her parents and wants to be the good daughter, she takes a break to go for a run. During her run she sees her favorite Coffee Shop, so an interlude is a must. While in line Mary runs into an old school friend, Kyle Stewart. Kyle is all grown up and has shed the nerd-look he had going on in high school. Never having the nerve to ask Mary out while in high school, Kyle is bound and determined to not let her get away this time around. I absolutely enjoyed both Mary and Kyle. Mary’s past as a beauty queen is truly fascinating and at first glance seems so contradictory to her military career. Though a short story the reasons behind Mary’s decisions are well conveyed. She’s career military and until she’s unable to do that she will continue to improve lives and make real changes where she can. There’s a scene where she’s talking with Kyle about her part of her time overseas and the dialogue is so clear and heartfelt I couldn’t help but be moved. Kyle is a guy who’s has done very well for himself. You can always tell a lot about a man by the way he treats his mother, and Kyle is good man. He’s a good foil for Mary -- not overly aggressive and not in any way passive. I liked these two a lot and I’m hoping I read more of this couple in future stories. I’m off to find more of this series. Happy Reading folks! Rating: B

Reviewed by: KinkConnoisseur (Date: 03/23/2013)
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