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Dr. Blumfield's Breeding Slave (medical bdsm) by Francis Ashe (Published by: excessica publishing )
Categories: BDSM, Older H/h, Erotica Fiction

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Wow, this book is hot, hot, hot. Wonderful short story - it has a few errors that editing could easily fix, but nothing to detract from the story. It's roughly 20 pages with additional pages being excerpts from the author's other books. This is very well written, has good dialogue and imagery, and is very explicit. I don't think I'll ever look at my doctor without remembering this story. Definitely going to be a favorite author and definitely going to re-read to get me hot and bothered. Good reading for both men and women! Thank you Francis for such an erotic story, and the fact that it's also medical is whipping cream in a strategic place ; )

Reviewed by: JustMe (Date: 01/01/2013)
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