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Fulfillment by Jennifer Campbell (Published by: excessica publishing )
Categories: BDSM, Erotica Fiction

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This book was so confusing, not only was it poorly written, the author felt the need to add "Authors Notes" into the paragraphs - what!?!?! If it was written properly & explained, then the Author wouldn't have had to put an authors note into a fiction book! AND... it was so confusing... so there is one scene & you've gotten the hang of it, then the next paragraph talks in the first person but with completely different people in completely different circumstances.. so, so, so confusing. NOT to mention the fact that this book is part of a series that you would have had to read in order for this book to make sense... no, but you have to find this out at the near end of the book - you think they would have put that bit of key information in the description. Don't read this book, you'll end up confused & frustrated with yourself for buying it in the first place.

Reviewed by: AussieGirl (Date: 09/24/2012)
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