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Gabe's Second Chance (MF) by Lee Rose (Published by: Siren-BookStrand, Inc. )
Categories: Contemporary, Romantic Suspense

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Gabe’s Second Chance started out to be amazing with the rescue and subsequent car chase. I was impressed with Karissa and her ability to stay calm for Toby was realistic and amazing. From there it went into how Gabe broke Karissa’s young heart to the point I was wondering if the author was brow beating that fact into Gabe or the reader. I didn’t mind the romantic mushy stuff since a lot of it was actually really sweet. I was slowing getting bummed out as the story progressed because everything after the car chase scene was pretty anticlimactic even with the near run ins with the bad guys. I am wondering if my first reaction to this book is because I started with book 3 instead of book 1 and so I have decided that I am going to obtain the first 2 books in the series and go from there, maybe it will change my thoughts on Gabe’s Second Chance. This review posting contains the body of the review, which is only a portion of the original review which was originally posted here https://lauralusbookreviews.blogspot.com/2018/10/gabes-second-chance-appledale-3-by-lee.html

Reviewed by: laurasbookbinge (Date: 10/14/2018)
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