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Handsome Men Blow (MMMM) by James Cox (Published by: Evernight Publishing )
Categories: Multiple Partners, Science Fiction, Alternative (M/M, Gay)

This reviewer's rating: 5 - Outstanding

This book is absolutely the most entertaining book I have ever read! I laughed so many times. Malvern and some of the things he says are classic. He definitely had much love for himself! My two favorite lines from the book Oh yea, I also have rainbow cum and was the sexiest bi**h anyone will ever meet. See, I wasn't that bad of a guy and an awesome thief. Oh, and a big d*ck in case anyone's takng notes. Oh my gosh there were so many more! So Malvern escapes from a holding cell and manages to take over a king's identity and is transported off to "his" planet where he meets his harem, Shay, Rykna, and Norcon. All with slave collars on. Each has their own unique personality. Malvern has a way of drawing each man out of their shell, and their pants. Between getting spanked by his tail and his rainbow sperm, what more could you ask for in a king??? Things go awry when the real king returns. Will the mercy and compassion Malvern has shown his villagers pay off? Has he done enough for his harem and sacrificed enough for his new found love? James Cox has yet another hit on his hands! So in love with this author right now!!!

Reviewed by: Shirley W. (Date: 09/28/2014)
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