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Handsome Slave Seeks Horny Hero (MM) by James Cox (Published by: Evernight Publishing )
Categories: Science Fiction, Alternative (M/M, Gay), Futuristic

This reviewer's rating: 5 - Outstanding

I absolutely adore this series by James Cox! And why not? It has everything, action, adventure, different species, love connections and smoking hot sex! Rykna is searching for his sister Nyka who was taken into slavery with him when their home planet was attacked. They were seperated and he had been trying to break free to search for her. When King Malvern sets him free and gives him a ship, this is his chance. He comes across a classified ad and realizes his beloved baby sister is being offered up as one of the prizes for the winner of a space race. Easy right? Except he is not a good pilot. Lucky for him, smoking hot Ever, and I do mean HOT, needs off the planet and is an excellent pilot! Through a series of mishaps during the race, and sparks flying around them, will their chemistry keep them together? Or will Ryknakeep his carefully constructed walls up and never be able to trust after the life he has lived as a slave? My all time fave part of the book is one of the obstacles they encountered on the ship! I am still giggling! "They lay dormant until they're in extreme heat. Then they awaken..." "They ...hump their prey and their....juice is acidic." "Are you f**king kidding me?" Okay, so I may have shouted a bit. But seriously, acidic humping space creatures. Only James Cox can come up with that! Classic! He is brilliant and hysterical!

Reviewed by: Shirley W. (Date: 10/18/2014)
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