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I read book 1 and despite having some issues with the series, I wanted to see where it would go. I must admit, I'm fairly disappointed. The story was more of a comedy than a drama, which was very jolting. Max and his men were in such a serious predicament, I wanted to learn more about it. I wanted the men to take it and themselves seriously and they just....didn't. Lots of jokes and quips as if they hardly had a care in the world. There were a couple of moments of real, intense emotion and I loved it! But those were rare. Most of the time it was back to the jokes. I don't mind a bit of levity here and there but ...I'm just not sure what tone the author was was going for. As I said, this read more like a comedy to me and I was looking for something more suspenseful and dramatic.

Reviewed by: SoCalReader (Date: 06/07/2015)
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