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Raul intrigued me from the very first book in this series, I was confident that his story was going to seriously hook me right from the very first, and I wasn’t wrong. Raul is the alpha of the Shadow Creek pack and he is basically everything that is superhot about an alpha werewolf. His mate is Victor, son of Mallouch the vampire king, but because of a pact Raul made with Mallouch twenty years ago, Raul has never claimed Victor and, in fact, stays as far away from him as possible. Victor is a bit of an enigma and the author seemed to enjoy dragging out the mystery of his abilities for as long as possible, only giving me teasers that simply had me on the edge of my seat during the entire read. Needless to say, I was seriously invested in their story and romance, to the point where I stayed up way too late and ended up incredibly sleep-deprived the following day. Victor has spent the past twenty years believing his mate wants nothing to do with him and it’s only recently that he has discovered his father has lied to him about some very important details regarding this pact. The pact was made after Victor was kidnapped and Raul was able to rescue him (not knowing at the time they were mates) and Raul was given a firsthand look at some of Victor’s powerful abilities – abilities which Mallouch doesn’t want anyone to know about. Mallouch also suffers from something many millennium age vampires do – speciesism – believing his son is far too valuable to mate with a werewolf, a creature far beneath the vampires. Raul has spent twenty years in overwhelming misery due to Mallouch’s deviousness which caused Raul to sign the pact in blood and magic when Raul was at his most vulnerable mindset having just met his mate. At that time, a shifter’s mind is very confused and focused only on their mate and getting back to them, which Mallouch knew very well and used it against Raul. Raul has managed to stay away with the help of a magical amulet and distance, but with his poisoning and having to ingest Victor’s blood to help him heal, Raul is slowly going mad not being able to claim his mate. The story and intrigue were very well done and I was kept guessing more than once – something I love to have happen! I really liked that Raul and Victor didn’t get an insta-fix to their mating issues and, instead, the author made them work for it with both of them being equal in this mating. I hesitate to believe that Mallouch has truly been defeated and, if so, I know the creatures he created (nope, not telling) have been let loose to kill. Knowing this, I anticipate the fourth book in the series to be filled with more suspense and excitement, and I look forward to it.

Reviewed by: Christy Duke (Date: 03/18/2019)
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