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This may be my least favorite book in this entire series. First, the reader doesn’t really know the primary characters from previous books. The men, Peter and Charlie, were only mentioned in passing and Jennifer was entirely new. So one would think there would be some introductory story on how they came to be in Lusty, how the men became so close, and some type of encounter of attraction but this was entirely glossed over. I had trouble caring about the characters in the first third of the book because I didn’t know them. I also couldn’t understand what the dream thing meant until almost the end of the book. It was not well explained early on. The initial trespassing scene seemed implausible as well. In most of the Lusty books, the reader understands and cares about the characters from the beginning. This story felt disjointed. I ended up liking the characters but it took way too long to get there. Lastly, please leave out the COVID minutiae like telling us when they are masked and they had to remove them to eat. It doesn’t add to the story at all and after a while, it just seems preachy.

Reviewed by: E-book Junkie (Date: 05/29/2021)
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