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Yay! A hatchling arrived! Which was one of the few happy things in this book, actually. Conner and Aris and their son turned out to be fine. The shape shifter doppelgänger was one of the lowly servants, Ailiwin, and he kidnapped Conner and Kendrick. Aris and Roman managed to get Conner back, but in his fury, Ailiwin threw Kendrick off the mountain, killing him, since he'd already cut off his wings. I definitely had a few tears there, although much like every soap opera known to man, I'm fairly certain I'll see Kendrick again, even though Roman burned his body on a funeral pyre. So, now, Roman and Clacher (a dragon warrior who has always had a crush on Roman) are out trying to track Ailiwin down. I'd like to see Roman kill that POS myself! Something tells me there is still much to come!

Reviewed by: Christy Duke (Date: 03/30/2016)
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