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Moonlight Hero (MF) by Jessica Coulter Smith (Published by: JCS Books )
Categories: Rubenesque, Romantic Suspense, Vampires/Werewolves

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This book had a good plot.. it's just the author WAY over-described everything little mundane thing that the character did. I swear the author was going to end up telling me how many sugars in the coffee, which teaspoon was used, which direction the coffee was stirred in & of course, which hand held the spoon! If it wasn't for the over-describing, I would have really loved this book, but I found myself skipping the excess descriptions to the next paragraph. If you like over-descriptions then go for it, but I think I'll be putting this book back to the bottom of the pile & leaving it there!

Reviewed by: AussieGirl (Date: 02/23/2012)
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