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Never Left Behind (MM) by Casper Graham (Published by: JMS Books LLC )
Categories: Contemporary, Alternative (M/M, Gay), May-December

This reviewer's rating: 5 - Outstanding

💖 A great fast paced romance for these guys. Calvin and his friends certainly are close for the past years so yah Cal can call them a bunch of busybodies.  Includes age gap, affectionate Mc, fast attractions, ex mysteriously turns up, clueless Cal lol, 🔥🔥 hot sexy scenes damm, yummy foods, funny humour and twist that I didn't even see. Gorgeously written as I love this author's books. Calvin 28 yrs was on a first date with Turner 45 yrs after his friends sweet talked Turner to date with Calvin. An extremely successful restaurants businesses man wouldn't be interested in Cal.

Reviewed by: Faye K (Date: 10/21/2019)
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