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Notorious Tramps (FMMM) by Marc Alice, Destiny Blaine (Published by: Painted Hearts Publishing )
Categories: BDSM, Multiple Partners, Shape-shifter

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I didn't read the beginning books in the series as I did not know there was any. Until after I read this one. I gave it an average rating because it was just average. That could be because I didn't read the beginning of the series but I think the books are stand alone but go along with the plot. Anyways, what really turned be off or just didn't sit right with me was how her mates, Brice, Duke, and Levi have hot core porn sex with their ex-lovers/pack slut as she watched on camera and forgives them. I know her punishment as she sees it. Is to let her mates watch her get spanked by another female. That's it. Oh and maybe a kiss. Nothing else. She forgave them just cause she was super horny. As was read throughout the book. And then her mates gave into the other females because they weren't officially mated yet. So no mate marked means free sex for the males. But if the females lose their virginity they lose their mates. Shitty double standards. In my opinion. As I am used reading that once mates meet that it for them. I do not know if I will continue to read the rest of this series. I just lost interest after reading this book. But you may like it better then I did.

Reviewed by: BlueEyesRule (Date: 09/09/2014)
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