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Questful Journey (MMF) by Grace Lynn (Published by: Siren-BookStrand, Inc. )
Categories: Fantasy, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal, Shape-shifter

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This was an interesting story. I think the author has definite promise, but I can only give this book 2 stars because I really didn't know what the hech was going on. The story begins with Quest flaking on a date with a princess, then joining Rydar's team as a scout for his year long "Journey" (the backstory of which, was never fully explained). I was intrigued by Quest, Rydan and Obsidian. But with no world building, no explanation of what and why the characters were doing what they were doing, I was left dumbfounded. The attraction the threesone had was hot, but the storyline was unclear, with no real purpose. From what I could glean, the team's mission was to explore a new territory of the kingdom (?). There was some mystery about templesand shape shifters, culminating in finding a bunch of dragons.....and then the book was over! Um...what? Is there going to be a continuation? The dragons seemed like they had secrets but that wasn't explained. Quest was a prince but later revealed as a halfling dragon. Again, what?! I don't think me revealing the halfling status is a spoiler b/c no one in the story seemed to care/treat it as one so...? The whole thing was confusing. They explored, found their mates, encountered dragons and that was it. The book ended---what felt like...in the middle of the story! Why was the alpha dragon uneasy despite his hospitality? What was up with those spooky temples in the beginning of the story? Would Quest's family allow/accept his mating? Why didn't the other teammates react to the threesome's mating? Why was it so easy for the threesone to accept their mating, given that apparently a mating of 3 was so rare (although why wasn't clearly explained by the author)? So many questions left hanging! As I said, I do this the author has potential--I like of liked her voice--but the characters and the story needed much more development.

Reviewed by: SoCalReader (Date: 06/18/2017)
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