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Restitution from His Mate by Charlie Richards (Published by: eXtasy Books )
Categories: Shape-shifter, Alternative (M/M, Gay), Erotica Fiction

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Logan goes out to help one of his friends, when the coyotes were attacking his animals. Zander had needed help, so Logan knows he has to help. He also want to get away from Geoffrey and they way he is. While helping Zander look for the coyote, he see one of teh wolf shifter. Logan and Zander fight over the gun and Jimmy is shot, he tells Logan that he is his mate. When Jimmy alpha finds out, he tells Logan that Jimmy must ask for restitution. Even knowing that Logan might not have been the one to shoot him, he ask that Logan stay with him till he is healed. It also helped Logan decide if he wants to be mated of not. Jimmy uses this time to get to know his mate. Logan tells the Alpha that there is medicine out their for shifters that will help with the pain, but their current healer soes not believe in this. So jimmy is been in more pain then he should. Logan see that Jimmy is for him and gives his mate a chance. To fully understand the story, make sure you read the series in order. A must read series and can't wait to see what happens next OVERALL IMPRESSION OF THE BOOK: A must read series, the books just keep getting better. A MUST READ MY RATING: 5 Hearts *****

Reviewed by: virginia lee (Date: 02/09/2015)
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